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Samizdata massive understatement quote of the day

“Meeting people is part of the education. Online is great but not for everything.”

– Academic and writer Tyler Cowen, going out on a limb.

3 comments to Samizdata massive understatement quote of the day

  • Paul Marks

    I am torn. On the one had – “remote” or “on-line” education for children has not worked. But on the other hand – a lot of modern “education” is leftist lies and propaganda.

    Still socialisation and basic knowledge and skills are essential – so parents will have to work this out. In an American context – clearly taxes for schools that are not even open can NOT be justified.

  • Natalie Solent (Essex)

    I wonder whether universities in the US and to a lesser extent here are inadvertently teaching their students to consider other options than university. If a young person is not going to get the chance to network or the adventure of living away from home for the first time from going to university, then why bother? The actual teaching could be had for much less expense.

  • Paul Marks

    Naralie – American parents send their children to “elite” universities such as Harvard and Yale for NETWORKING reasons.

    Networking to get good jobs in the government and corporate bureaucracy.

    Someone seriously interested in knowledge for its own sake would not go to such absurdly expensive places – and not just because of the cost, but also because they are indeed not really about the pursuit of truth any more (and have not been for a long time now).

    To gain useful skills you are right – there are other routes (better roads to those skills).

    And for those who seek knowledge for its own sake, what used to be called a “Liberal Education”, the “Woke” American universities are the last place anyone should go to. One can not even speak freely in such places.

    Indeed this was the deliberate policy of the Obama Administration – to crush the last dissent in higher education, using the excuse that dissent was “harmful” to “marginalised groups”. As Herbert Marcuse put it decades ago – Freedom of Speech is “repressive tolerance”.

    Most (although not all) American universities now hold to this doctrine – so people who seek truth should indeed avoid such places.