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“There is a growing Covid industry of companies selling security interventions. Some vaccine manufacturers are enthusiastically promoting repeated boosters. The private gains from PPE sales are so notorious that the Treasury should be considering a war profits tax. There is a burgeoning trade in ventilation and air-filtration equipment. Behind the push for vaccine passports are software companies with digital ID pages in search of customers.”

Robert Dingwall, Daily Telegraph.

The commentary made me think of President Eisenhower’s farewell address about the “Military-Industrial Complex.”

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  • Paul Marks

    With Israel now pushing the FORTH injection things are clearly becoming insane.

    First there was the research which modified the virus – research that made it MORE dangerous for humans, research financed by Tony Fauci and Peter Daszak (of the “Eco Health Alliance” and the “World Health Organisation” – the latter United Nations organisation being a tool of the People’s Republic of China and headed by a Marxist Doctor of Philosophy who the “mainstream” media treat as a doctor of medicine).

    Then this modified virus “escaped” from the Wuhan Institute in 2019 (roughly at the time that there was a massive international games and conference in Wuhan) – but the World Health Organisation, and Tony Fauci in the United States, said there was no threat to the world – they kept saying this for months (later blaming President Trump for what they had said). Wuham was cut off from the rest of China – but people were (oddly enough) encouraged to go from Wuhan all over the world.

    Then effective Early Treatment for the virus, with a combination of existing medications, was systematically smeared – “Fish Bowl Cleaner or Horse Dewormer, IT WILL KILL YOU”. With many countries (although NOT all) actively trying to STOP people getting the Early Treatment that would have saved their lives.

    Then even the dictionaries start to change the meaning of words and terms (as they have done with such words as “racism” in the past – to try and make it impossible, in their new definition of the word, for anyone to be racist against white people), with “herd immunity” now being redefined as VACCINE immunity (not natural immunity) and even the word “vaccine” itself being redefined.

    Now we have these endless injections.

  • Paul Marks

    As for the lockdowns – they clearly did NOT “save lives” (as shown by a look at the countries that did not lockdown compared to those that did, or a comparison of those American States, such as Nebraska, that did not lockdown – compared to those States that did), yet people keep pushing these restrictions. Even though they are leading to economic breakdown – which will lead to many deaths.


    What is going on?

    And why is the experience of those countries that allowed Early Treatment with long standing medications, systematically ignored?

    Some Indian states allowed Early Treatment – and with great success.

    Other countries, such as the very poor Dominican Republic and Honduras, allowed some Early Treatment – but again they were ignored.

  • Paul Marks

    President Eisenhower did indeed warn about the dangers of government science – or science becoming dependent on government.

    There is the well known danger of corrupt “scientific” Big Business getting into bed with government and even having the laws changed so they can not be sued for the harm their products do – the drug companies in the United States have actually done this. And they partly fund the very agencies, and people, who are supposed to police them.

    But there are also other dangers.

    The danger to science of being corrupted by political agendas – see Tony Heller (“oh Paul, Tony Heller is an old contrarian Jew” – and what is wrong with that?) on how scientists even twist basic temperature data to fit the “Climate Change Emergency” agenda – assuming that people will not look back at the old temperature records.

    And most people do NOT check the old temperature records – they see numbers and graphs on official websites and ASSUME that they are true.

    And the danger of government being corrupted by a “scientific” elite.

    Plato’s “Guardians” of the book we call the Republic (the earliest blueprint for totalitarianism).

    Sir Francis Bacon and the “New Atlantis” (1610) with a “scientific” elite controlling society – and his follower Sir William Petty (the founder of econometrics) actually suggesting that Ireland be “scientifically” planed in real life.

    The French socialist Saint-Simon and his followers – with their idea of “scientific” socialism not shooting big business types and the bankers, but actually BEING CONTROLLED BY big business types and the bankers – but with “scientists” also involved, to plan society.

    And, lastly, to the United Nations and the rest of the international establishment today – with their Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 (the legally “nonbinding” stuff that goes back all the way to the time of Prime Minister John Major and President George Herbert Walker Bush – not that they had any clear understanding of it, or anything else).

    “Stakeholder Capitalism” (read FASCISM) as Dr Klaus Schwab and his “World Economic Forum” call it.

    Not a “conspiracy” – as it is all out in the open.

    As they say themselves – it is not a conspiracy if we openly tell you what we are going to do.

    “You will own nothing – and you will be happy”.

    “You” (the ordinary people) will “be happy” OR ELSE – that is what the Social Credit system (known in the West as “Cancel Culture” and the “Economic and Social Governance”, ESG, system) is for.

    It is the OR ELSE.

    You will obey – and you will express support. Or you will have no job, no home, no anything. As you will “own nothing” and be totally dependent on a vast government and a few vast pet corporations (the lockdowns were very useful for helping get rid of small business enterprises in California and elsewhere – as are other policies).

    And fleeing will not help – as this is all to be international.

    They (the “educated”) have told us what they intend to do – and they are doing it.

  • Paul Marks

    My apologies – ESG refers to “Environmental and Social Governance”, NOT “Economic and Social Governance”.

    One must try to accurately cite the terminology of the Collectivist Totalitarians. I certainly meant no offence by my slip.

    And it is not just in the United States – I heard a reference to the ESG system in relation to local government pension schemes in the United Kingdom, only a few weeks ago. No doubt it would be called “Ethical Investing” or some-such.

    And people who reject these “environmental and social governance” doctrines?

    Professor Noam Chomsky (the admirer of the Marxist Pol Pot – who wiped out 1 in 3 of the population of his country) has made it rather clear that we are to have no place in this world.

    I would hope that someone such as Dr Schwab would be more humane than Professor Chomsky – more into “Nudging” rather than extermination.

    At least at first.

  • Plamus

    I have to grudgingly tip my hat to these scammers – well played.

    Quote: “As mandates spread, anti-vaccine groups have been trafficking in pseudoscience treatments meant to remove or counteract the vaccines.”

  • Shlomo Maistre

    With Israel now pushing the FORTH injection things are clearly becoming insane.

    Insane is the correct term.

    Dr Vladimir Zelenko is one to watch.

  • The same people who ensured we all know about Eisenhower’s “military-industrial complex” remark also worked hard to avoid our knowing that he warned about something else in that same speech.

    “Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity. … The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present … public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.”

    For a modern example, consider how Fauci’s ability to quieten the Great Barrington Declaration was aided by his ability to give or withhold some $41.5 billion (IIRC) of tax money (raw politics also helped). As Fauci demonstrated when he funded gain of function work at Wuhan, he is free to exercise this ability in a pretty arbitrary fashion.

    [FYI, at some point in the pathway from Eisenhower’s original speech to the OP linked page, character encoding lost the separator between ‘scientific’ and ‘technological’. Following the usual rendition as a dash in “military-industrial complex”, I have rendered it as a dash in “scientific-technological elite” in my excerpts above. I have vague memories of having seen it as a forward-slash – “scientific/technological elite”. (Niall-pedant-Kilmartin signing off. 🙂 ]

  • Albion's Blue Front Door

    There was an old Wild West saying: “There’s money in them thar hills.”

    I would think the modern version is: “There’s money in them thar ills.”

  • Paul Marks

    Yes indeed Niall.

  • APL

    Albion’s Blue Front Door: ” would think the modern version is: “There’s money in them thar ills.””

    You don’t make a lot of money by healing someone. You need that person to come back again and again. How to do that?

    How about some sort of vaccine that needs frequent boosters, which we tell the population is free, but we bill governments an arm and a leg?