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Yarvin hilariously beleives that “mandatory covid tracking apps” are the way out of this, because “the state needs a precise, high-frequency idea of everyone’s location … to know who is infecting whom.” You shouldn’t worry about this, unless “your government is … a nest of perverts, clowns, thieves and rascals,” which our governments very clearly are. Yarvin writes that “A regime which is unnecessarily intrusive for perverse or nefarious reasons will do other bad things for perverse or nefarious reasons,” and we know this is true, because our governments are already doing perverse and nefarious things under the pretence of containment. In Germany, Corona hysteria has been a means of driving stodgy conservative boomers into the arms of lunatic socialist parties, of enforcing ever greater reliance on culturally destructive technology and making the smart phone a mandatory daily accessory, of pouring billions of Euros into the coffers of scamming manipulative pharmaceutical enterprises, of stifling not only political but cultural expression, and of turning our cities into drab humourless work camps. We aren’t in charge, our enemies are. I don’t care if it means dying of the bubonic plague—these people and their dumb hygiene house arrests are to be opposed now and forever.


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  • Paul Marks

    In Germany the main party opposing Covid Fascism is the Alternative for Germany, ironically the very party the “mainstream” accuse of being “Fascists”.

    As for the United Kingdom – it is now horribly clear that Mr Johnson has embraced the forces of Collectivism, and his private defence of “I am only obeying orders” is not acceptable. Conservative Members of the House of Commons must remove Mr Johnson.

  • As I said yesterday and in line with (Paul) Marksist doctrine 🙂

    What really needs to happen is for the Tories to do what they have always done best, a bit of self-interested Regicide enabled by the 1922 committee.

    Get someone elected PM on the basis of “enough is enough” no more masks, lockdowns, COVID passports or any of this nonsense and kick BoJo to the curb. As long as it’s not Treason May (who seems to have found a spine that she never demonstrated in office), many contenders, even the repulsive Gove would be better than BoJo’s ongoing clown show.

    Then a formal inquiry into this whole shit show with the aim being to prevent this expensive draconian nonsense from ever being inflicted upon the UK public again.

  • Mr Ecks

    The entire farce has been an attempt to create a CCP-style social credit tyranny worldwide. No one is going to step up against Johnson with such a platform as proposed and it has been obvious all along that only we the British people can stop his antics. We can and we will by taking zero notice of the fat bastard and fighting back against any costumed thugs he sends. This CAN only be stopped by the British people. One third are fools who will cut their dicks off on govt orders. But the rest of us have had enough and are hitting back daily.

    No masks, no passports , no fucking nothing.

  • Albion's Blue Front Door

    Imagine voting for someone who isn’t anything like you thought they were.

    In this, one presumes both Britain and the United States share the same pain.

  • Monoi

    @ Paul Marks,

    If only there were any conservative MPs left….

  • Phil B

    If the Australians are using the army to collect people and put them in quarantine camps, can this be far behind?


  • Paul Marks

    Monoi – there are real Conservative M.P.s (they do speak in the House of Commons – although only nerds like me seem to watch the Parliament station) the question is “are there enough of them?”

    But there no need to be enough real Conservatives in the House of Commons – as everyone knows that under Mr Johnson we (yes I am a Conservative) will LOSE. So the “middle of the road” types, fearing for their seats, should move against Mr Johnson (fingers crossed).

    Albion Blue Front Door – the people who voted for Mr Biden knew exactly what this vile creature was. There were not 80 million of such voters (the voter fraud was massive), but there were millions of them – and that is disturbing. He is doing what was on his website during the campaign – I read it (although I doubt Mr Biden did), so I knew that whoever was controlling Mr Biden was far left. But Mr Biden himself, even when he was not senile, had a left voting record in the United States Senate (the “moderate Biden” thing can only have been believed by people who did not look at his voting record).

    Mr Ecks and John Galt – we all agree that Mr Johnson has to go. Now it is up to the Members of Parliament to do their job.

  • Paul Marks

    Phil B. – yes it stinks. And I would not have believed it.

    It goes everything I thought I knew about Australians – but, clearly, I did not really know anything about them. Still once people give up their firearms, which Australians did years ago, what can they do?

    That point about the Australian military reminds me about the Collectivist indoctrination of the AMERICAN military, and the purging of American military people who believe in “subversive” and “insurrectionist” documents – such as the Bill of Rights.

    Governor of DeSantis of Florida (ex military himself – there days he would be purged) sees the writing on the wall.

  • Paul Marks

    Mr Joseph Biden made it clear that he did not support the Bill of Rights – the people who voted for him (however many there really were), do not believe in it either. Ask them about “Hate Speech” or “Gun Control”. We do not need to go to the 10th Amendment – Democrats do not support the 1st Amendment or the 2nd Amendment, the education system and the “mainstream” (Corporate) media, teaches them to hate such things.

  • bobby b

    Yarvin believes that Covid is a yucky, lousy flu, which will have some deleterious consequences primarily among the old and infirm. Eugyppius ridicules this, telling us that Covid will have mortality consequences for all parts of society.

    The rest of his essay was strange, as Eugyppius then goes on to ridicule Yarvin for being too protective (through enhanced governmental control).

    I think we can all accept – and have already accepted – that Yarvin ain’t no libertarian. But, aside from this complaint, I’m not sure what Eugyppius was promoting. He thinks lots of people are going to die, and there’s nothing we can or should do about it, maybe? It just seemed muddled to me.

  • NickM

    Rosie Kay.

    Note, that is a link to The Times so is partly pay-walled. Note also she made these evil remarks in her own home.

    That is horrific.

  • Stonyground

    “…Covid will have mortality consequences for all parts of society.”

    This is actually true. I personally knew a guy in his early twenties who died from it. It is difficult to explain to people who don’t understand numbers just how rare this is and consequently how unlikely. Even more difficult with my immediate circle who also knew him.