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Samizdata quote of the day

At this point, I’d feel more comfortable if Covid hosted a press conference on how to protect us from the government.


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  • Definitely concise, with a mild tang of truth.

  • Paul Marks

    Ellen, more than a mild tang of truth.

    Zuby is correct.

    As for the plan to get the general population dependent on government and the pet corporations for injections ever year (or perhaps every few months), this plan goes back long before Covid.

    That does NOT prove that forces of international “governance” deliberately created or deliberately released and spread Covid – but the international agendas (UN policy documents and so on) do indicate that the government and corporate forces were waiting for an opportunity to put these plans into action.

    If the general population are dependent (dependent for their very lives) on regular injections from government and the pet corporations – then dissent becomes problematic.

  • Sam Duncan

    I’m a pathetic hypochondriac. Almost two years ago, I remember sitting here every morning, reading the news of this strange new virus making its way around the world, getting ever closer, and becoming more and more scared. Following my usual practice for dealing with this phobia, I looked into the actual risks and eventually realised it wasn’t worth becoming paralysed with fear over. Then the whole world went even more mad than myself.

    I’m beginning to feel that way again, only it’s not a disease this time.

  • Shlomo Maistre

    Definitely concise, with a mild tang of truth.

    Definitely concise, with a massive amount of truth.