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Meanwhile back in the EU

Old rules die, new ones are born.

Belarus border crisis: EU suspends asylum rules to speed up deportations

Omicron variant: EU should encourage compulsory vaccines, says Ursula von der Leyen

Both Times reports are behind a paywall, but the headlines make the point well enough.

As the late Brian Micklethwait – I still cannot quite believe that I am writing that – said in a post called “On the future of photography in public (and on what I think of the EU)”:

The way the EU works is that at any one time EU-ers propose a million laws, and the winning laws are the ones that nobody objects to. If anyone at all persuasive does object to any particular law, then the plan is dropped, with a charming smile, and put to one side for another go in a few years time. No no no, you misunderstood entirely what we were talking about. We never had any intention of doing what we previously did intend to do if nobody had complained! Fuss about nothing! Europhobic scaremongering! Why do you hate foreigners?

14 comments to Meanwhile back in the EU

  • The Pedant-General

    “and the winning laws are the ones that nobody objects to.”

    And sometimes even that’s not enough. When GDPR was going through, there was a particular pernicious extra section (details escape me), which passed by a wafer thin margin of 1 or 2 “votes”. Turned out that a couple of Swedes who opposed it vociferously had actually hit the wrong button and voted in favour. There was no remedy…

  • Paul Marks

    The Pendant-General – if GDPR (or some other thing) had LOST by such a margin – there would have been a “remedy”. As with democracy in general – the “liberal” (which is not really liberal at all) of it is “of course you can vote – and if you vote against what the elite want, then you can vote again-and-again-and-again till we educate you to vote in favour”.

    Endless vaccinations are coming to Britain as well – and the international plans for this go back well BEFORE Covid. After all it is a good way to get people dependent on government and the pet corporations – the international “agendas” were quite open about this.

    The unvaccinated will be persecuted till they comply – but persecution may not be needed. After all if the “leaky” vaccines breed more resistant viruses (the “new variants”) the unvaccinated may be killed off. And governments and the pet corporations will be able to say “it was their own fault – we offered them vaccines and they turned us down”.

    I am told there was a similar thing with chickens – first there was a disease that killed only a few chickens, then a “leaky vaccine” was introduced which bred a more vicious disease, which killed off chickens who had not been vaccinated (again and again).

    Sounds like a trial run.

    Remember the European Union is just part of the “educated” “international community” – the British bureaucracy is much the same, indeed everywhere (including Russia – Mr Putin is NOT coming to save us) is much the same.

  • Paul Marks

    Still would it be even worse if were still in the E.U. – yes it would.

    Presently Prime Minister Johnson can still say NO to the international agenda, he rarely does (only yesterday it was made clear to me that the international Environment and Social Governance “ESG” system was now influencing local government pension funds – this is the Western version of the Chinese Social Credit system), but he could say NO – and so could a future Prime Minister.

    Under the E.U. the thing becomes Euro law – and there is nothing we could do.

  • You might be interested to find out who Ursula von der Leyen’s husband is. And who he works for, and in what capacity. And what they make. Go look it up.

  • APL

    Hector Drummond: “And who he works for, and in what capacity. And what they make.”

    Since December 2020, he is Medical Director of the US biotech company Orgenesis which is specialized in cell and gene therapies. Orgenesis Inc. is a pioneering global biotech company committed to accelerating commercialization and transforming the delivery of cell and gene therapies (CGTs) while lowering costs. Orgenesis has a cell-based vaccine platform targeting severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the virus that causes COVID-19, as well as other viral diseases such as Zika, West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever, MERS, HCV and Cytomegalovirus infection (CMV).

    Isn’t that a coincidence ?

  • Roué le Jour

    I do challege the propaganda that the unvaccinated are unexploded virus bombs. Many of them have recovered from covid and see no reason to tamper with a functioning immune system, and others are young, heathy people who can see from the stats they have little to fear. Many in the emergency serices are opposed and are not swivel eyed loonies. It seems to me the unvaccinated are the “hoarders and wreckers” used to explain the failures of the vaccine.

  • APL

    Roué le Jour: “I do challege the propaganda that the unvaccinated are unexploded virus bombs.”

    Even that converged rag the Lancet conceeds that that narrative line can’t be held.

    Don’t be too hard on Mr Marks, he like the rest of us was terrorized by our own government, and his particular health considerations may have made the terror campaign even more terrifying. He has even said on this blog, that he had to get the vaccine because otherwise he couldn’t get any work.

    The very defination of coercion.

    I have no doubt Paul Marks is familiar with the Nuremberg code, but I’ll link to it as a handy reference.

  • Roué le Jour

    interesting link, thanks.

  • We saw in 2019 that only an immediate threat of political disaster could move the Tory party to announce a leader and policies less contemptuous of its voters wishes when it came to asylum abuses – and that was a party which really should not have had ideological difficulties in being there anyway. As regards how swiftly they then (did not) manage to implement those changes, my post on Boris letter notes welcome but slight and very belated signs of progress.

    The EU seems similar but very much more so.

    – On the one hand Natalie is right that the EU’s incessant lies include a Eurocratic variant of the woke law of merited impossibility – not “That will never happen – and what a good thing it did” so much as “Your wicked misrepresentation of our proposal – has just become EU case law.”

    – On the other hand, their approach to the migrant crisis was May’s in spades. For years, they did far, far less retreating or denying than woke-in-your-face enforcing. So I suggest the first Times link (… EU suspends asylum rules to speed up deportations) is less a light-hearted “Drop it for now – seems we have some more prole-lulling to do” than a very slight hint that Sweden – “portal into the future” ? and Macron’s election-prepping talk in France mean the supra-national commitment of the EU’s national elites to that part of the project is actually beginning to fray just a little, here and there.

    I think they’ve shown too much determined investment in this (especially over the last 6 years, as the existence of public pushback became hard to ignore) to defer it at no political cost in the way Brian rightly describes of their other antics.

  • Paul Marks

    Roue le Jour – I hope you do not think I disagree with your, for I agree with you. If my typing has been unclear – then I apologise to you Sir.

    APL – I would like to visit Nuremberg, sadly that is unlikely to happen now (the “conservative” government in Bavaria has totally gone over to the darkness of the void). Yes I am familiar with the Nuremberg code that, for example, people must not be subjected to medical treatments without their consent. As you know this was not just directed at the National Socialists – it was so directed at American “Progressives” such as the (vicious) Supreme Court “Justice” Oliver Wendall Holmes Jr and his deluded followers – in such terrible cases as “Buck V Bell”.

    But sadly APL it is clear that governments, and the pet corporations, could not give a toss about the Nuremberg Code.

    When I was young governments, and the pet corporations, at least pretended to believe in Civil Liberties (Freedom of Speech and so on) – but that is gone now, “Wokeness” and “Public Health has given them an excuse to destroy Civil Liberties – so has the “Climate Change Emergency”.

  • Paul Marks

    Belarus is mentioned in the post – and it is one of the countries that never had a lockdown.

    As the dictator of Belarus is now dependent on Mr Putin, masks and vaccines will be pushed in Belarus as they are being pushed in Russia. But it is useful to remember that for the first year of the pandemic nothing (nothing) was done in Belarus. And nothing much happened there – deaths were not out of the ordinary range in Belarus.

    This is also true of ALL OTHER COUNTRIES that did not lockdown.

    It is a bit embarrassing – as I have been an enemy of the rulers of Belarus and Nicaragua (and so on) for many years.

    For example if Daniel Ortega (the brutal dictator of Nicaragua) was here he would be able to say “well you agree with me on Covid, and on abortion and so on – so why have you been an enemy of mine since the 1970s?”

    I suppose I would mumble something about his Marxism – but he is not really a Marxist any more, Daniel Ortega has no problem at all with private business – as long as he owns the business, or one of his (very large) family owns the business, or the business owner pays the correct level of bribes to Mr Ortega and his family.

    It is a bit like comparing Chicago under Al Capone to Chicago under Mayor Lightfoot.

    If I was tired to a lie detector and asked the question “would you rather live in Chicago when it was ruled by Al Capone or now under Mayor Lightfoot….” – well I think I would grit my teeth and not answer.

    By the way – de facto bankrupt Chicago is INCREASING its budget by 40% over 2019 levels (yes a 40% increase in local government spending in three years) – it is being financed by Federal Government subsidies (and the Federal Reserve, indirectly, supporting borrowing with its low interest rates).

    I hope that Central Office will not expel me for “racism” and “sexism” for saying that Mr Joseph Biden is a terrible head of government. After all Mr Biden is a white man – unless he now “identifies” as a camel or something.

    Start from de facto bankruptcy and then INCREASE city government spending by 40% – come back Mr Capone, all is forgiven.

  • Roué le Jour

    I used an off-hand remark of yours to hang a comment on. My intention was debate, absolutely no offence intended.

  • Paul Marks

    Roue le Jour – no offence taken, I was concerned that I might have offended you Sir. I am glad that I did not.

    As for the international plans to get the general population dependent on regular injections – as you know Sir these “governance” plans go back long before Covid.

    If the general population are dependent (dependent for their very lives), or they believe themselves to be dependent, on regular injections from the government and the pet corporations – then general dissent becomes problematic.

  • Shlomo Maistre

    come back Mr Capone, all is forgiven.