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Halleluyah! Antiviral drugs are coming (and remember, Don’t mention Ivermectin!)

Now the UK has approved an anti-viral drug, early treatment is on the official agenda (on this side of the pond at least). Also on this side of the pond is a Dr John Campbell, whose amiable video manner (like his bedside manner, I expect) avoids overawing his audience with the impression that he already knows everything, so need never be told anything. It’s a manner he seems to think some ‘fact-checkers’ could use. ‘Alternative Facts’ is the title of his video response to Facebook’s putting a…

Missing Context

Independent fact-checkers say this could mislead people.

…warning on the video he made last week about similarities between the pharmacodynamic mechanism of Ivermectin and that of the new Pfizer antiviral.

He learned of the ‘misleading’ fact-check (the misleading ‘fact-check’) from some followers who tried to share his earlier video on Facebook. After reviewing how, uh, ‘well’ qualified the fact-checkers were, he follows Natalie’s wise advice to brief his side properly, giving the fact-checkers a tick or half-mark wherever he can, before moving good-humouredly to reasons why it was nevertheless a bit arrogant of them to call it a fact-check.

To see the video, click this link and then the ‘Alternative Facts’ icon (second along in the list as of today). You can turn on auto-generated subtitles if you prefer reading to hearing, but if you like mild dry English humour you may be happy enough to listen to him.

19 comments to Halleluyah! Antiviral drugs are coming (and remember, Don’t mention Ivermectin!)

  • Fawlty Towers reference FTW

  • llamas

    Dr. Campbell (he’s not an MD, his doctorate is AFAIK in nursing) is a national treasure, who should be snapped up and put in charge of COVID response, but won’t be. He is among that very-small group of people whose input I take in 100% even though I often disagree with some of his opinions – he’s that good. The data is just top-notch, his analysis uniformly reasoned and insightful.

    Naturally, it’s only a matter of time before his work is de-platformed by YouTube – he’s publishing more and more material which draws more and more questions upon the recieved wisdom. His latest episodes addressing the energence of more and more really-effective treatments for COVID may be the final straw.

  • Lee Moore

    When presenting his argument that Ivermectin works similarly to the new Pfizer drug, he brought up a June 2021 article from some people with Indian names (boo hiss !)

    However I did notice, which he didn’t mention, that that article had a little Editor’s note saying the conclusions of the article were disputed and they were looking into it.

  • Jim

    “However I did notice, which he didn’t mention, that that article had a little Editor’s note saying the conclusions of the article were disputed and they were looking into it.”

    Thats code for ‘The Mob have been in touch and said what a nice Scientific Journal we have here and it would be a shame if anything happened to it…….so we’ve agreed to get rid of any ‘unhelpful’ papers’

  • APL

    Given the choice between Dr John Campbell and Dr Vernon Coleman, which I have been. I choose Coleman every time.

    Campbell doesn’t miss an opportunity to schill for the establishment, with his little puppet wearing a mask on the window sill, or his advocacy of the mRNA vaccines.

    If you follow the link to Coleman’s site, and further, select the ‘Health’ button the first article:

    How Many People Are The Covid Vaccines Killing?

    Might give you an idea of his stance on the mRNA vaccines.

    Facebook at the very begining of this charade put up a “COVID vaccines are not an attempt to reduce the population of the World”, note against one of my status updates.

    Talk about ‘Confession through Projection’.

    By the way, any one else noticed an upsurge of athletes falling down dead on the pitch this year ?

  • Phil B

    If you look at the World Heath Organisation Model List of Essential Medicines (the 22nd list) Ivermectin is mentioned twice as:

    6. ANTI-INFECTIVE MEDICINES – 6.1 Anthelminthics – 6.1.1 Intestinal anthelminthics

    Medicines for the treatment of 2nd stage African trypanosomiasis – 6.6 Medicines for ectoparasitic infections

    So much for “it is only a horse deworming drug” and incidentally, they don’t award Nobel Prizes for veterinary medicines.

    Like many other medicines, it will have properties that are effective for other ailments beyond its original published purpose.

  • Bruce

    So, now we appear to have “Pfizermectin” in play.

    I suspect the novelty of these “new” brews is going wear off faster than their “efficacy”, but not as fast as the patience and tolerance of what is left of the “thinking” population.

    Or, am I being too optimistic?

  • APL

    Bruce: “So, now we appear to have “Pfizermectin” in play.”

    The objection to ‘Pfizermectin’ is exactly the same as the objection to the Pfizer anti COVID vaccine.

    It’s just been cobbled together and no longitudinal trials have been conducted. Cannot have been conducted in the timeframe we’re discussing.

    Therefor we don’t know how effective it is against it’s target disease, nor do we know how lethal or otherwise it is in the long term.

    I’ll stick with Ivermectin, a fifty year old drug with billions of instances of its use, and nearly no adverse effects if you stick to the correct dosage.

    Phil B: “If you look at the World Heath Organisation Model List of Essential Medicines (the 22nd list) Ivermectin is mentioned twice”

    Exactly, taken in the correct dosage, Ivermectin is safer than most drugs. PS. Just like hydroxocloroquine. They’ve been handing them both out like candy up until last year.

  • Hugh

    Old news. The Babylon Bee was there first: “Pfivermectin”.
    “Totally not the same thing as Ivermectin. Also works on horses”

  • Sigivald

    “Someone could take the wrong message from this if they were dumb or tried really hard” is true of pretty much all communications.

    “Fact checkers” have almost instantly ruined the very idea of “fact checks”, by immediately weaponizing what counts as “facts” (and what interpretations to allow or deny) for political purposes.

    Surprising no one at all except the fact-checkers and the social media people who use them.

  • Skeptical Antagonist

    On the pages for Astrazeneca’s complications, did anyone else notice there was a fatal case of deafness?

  • Paul Marks

    First of all, as David Davis MP has often pointed out in the House of Commons (citing many medical experts) keeping up vitamin levels is vital – especially vitamin D. Personal fitness is also vital – do not be a fat lump like ME.

    As for Early Treatment – from the start many medical doctors (and academic health experts) have explained there are two broad routes.

    Hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc (other drugs are also used – both to deal with the effects of the virus and to deal with other infections that might hit the lungs in their weakened state) is one road. And Ivermectin is part of the other main road.

    I repeat many medical doctors and academic health experts have pointed this out – from the start of the Covid 19 pandemic.

    So why was Early Treatment SMEARED? Why were there fake studies (for example in the Lancet) trying to discredit hydroxychloroquine (not prescribing it EARLY in the correct dosage and with azithromycin, or an alternative, and zinc) as “fish bowl clearer” and trying to smear ivermectin as “horse dewormer”?

    Some people talk about the drug companies – and how they did not want their profits from potential vaccines to be undermined by Early Treatment with off patent medicines.

    But it is hard to escape the believe that there has been an international effort to discredit Early Treatment in order to maximise casualties in order to “justify” the political agenda of control, the lockdowns, the vaccine passports and the rest of the “Bio Security State” pushed for by the World Economic Forum and, basically, every other international body (public and Corporate).

    One must also understand the concept of “flood” (discussed in various conferences in 2019 – just before Covid 19 was releases, by accident or whatever).

    “Flood” means a flood of propaganda – designed to overwhelm the majority of people.

    It is not necessary to put a bullet in the back of the head of a dissenter – because dissenters (such as the people on this site) only reach a small minority of people. Most people are so overwhelmed by the “flood” of official “information” that it does not matter that a few dissenters are warning about world tyranny (Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 – and so on).

    For example, look at the mass protests at such things as “Davos” (World Economic Forum) conferences, or “COP” events – they are NOT protests against tyranny. On the contrary, they are protests that the international tyranny is not coming fast enough, and is not extreme enough.

    When young children (sometimes very young children) are trotted out to condemn Prime Minister Johnson (and the rest) they do NOT condemn the incredibly high levels of government spending and the endless edicts and controls – on the contrary, the young children demand even more extreme statism (they have been taught to demand this).

    The “opposition” to the international establishment is created (deliberately created) by the international establishment.

    “You are not doing enough, you are doing NOTHING, we demand totalitarian tyranny now!” – this is not “opposition” that the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, the World Health Organisation (and the rest of the “educated”) are upset about, indeed they are filled with glee at such “opposition” protests, which they carefully create.

  • Paul Marks

    The majority of people who have died from Covid 19 could have been saved by Early Treatment with a combination of long standing (and mostly off patent) medications.

    In some countries (for example the Dominican Republic) there was quite a bit of Early Treatment – but in other countries (for example the United Kingdom and the United States) there was not.

    Indeed the health officials (health bureaucrats) gloated in a mainstream television documentary how they had undermined President Trump’s efforts to get Early Treatment to people – by a regulation stating that the needed medications could only be used AFTER someone was hospitalised (i.e. when it was TOO LATE).

    Hundreds of thousands of people killed in the United States alone – and for a political purpose, not just to “get Trump out”, but also to further the international agenda (a long standing agenda – that goes back long before Covid 19).

    Evil is not some abstract threat – it is in control and is acting.

    These officials will NOT be punished – hundreds of thousands of dead (to push a political agenda) and the officials will not be punished.

    How could they be punished? Their side controls just about everything. If anyone is going to be punished – it is dissenters, such as ourselves.

  • Paul Marks

    As for Tony Fauci and Peter Daszak (Eco Health Alliance and World Health Organisation) whose “gain of function” research created the virus, and the Chinese authorities who “accidentally” realised it (about the time of the international games in Wuhan).

    If you think any of these people will be punished – I must, sadly, disagree with you.

  • Rudolph Hucker

    Meanwhile, Bill Gates has outed himself as a Vaccine-Doubter!

    A little-noticed interview from last week with a U.K. think tank saw Microsoft founder Bill Gates make some incredible statements about his most prized “solution” to the pandemic. “We didn’t have vaccines that block transmission,” said Gates, contradicting previous interviews in which he claimed the shots significantly block transmission. “We got vaccines that help you with your health, but they only slightly reduce the transmission,” he added.

    [The vast majority of the interview involves Gates demanding totalitarian solutions to bad weather, which he refers to as climate change. The part about the COVID shots comes at minute 27.]


    Surprisingly (or not) the video on YouTube doesn’t carry the usual “misinformation” warnings.


  • APL

    Sigivald: “Fact checkers” have almost instantly ruined the very idea of “fact checks”, by immediately weaponizing what counts as “facts” (and what interpretations to allow or deny) for political purposes.”

    It occurred to me recently that ‘fact checkers’ primary role, is not really fact checking* nor even ‘narrative curating’.

    If you trot along to a given fact checkers web page, and look at its declaired funding sources, you’ll often find the same culprets. Facebook, The Johnson foundation, The vaccine alliance (GAVI), Full fact, fact check etc etc, ad nausium.

    No the real job of fact checkers is nothing less than an incestious money laundering operation. One organisation is funding another orginisation with feeds funds back to the first. They’ve not been broken up and prosecuted as racketeers, because they are part of the establishment now.

    *Why any self respecting half educated individual needs his or her facts prechewed, beats me, but I know at least one lady who tried to get me to ‘sanitize’ my facts by recomending the UK Full Fact.

  • Shlomo Maistre

    The majority of people who have died from Covid 19 could have been saved by Early Treatment with a combination of long standing (and mostly off patent) medications.

    This cannot be said often enough.

    The Nuremberg Laws have been violated in so many different ways during this plandemic.

  • bobby b

    ” . . . the ‘misleading’ fact-check (the misleading ‘fact-check’) . . .”

    Nicely turned.