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The most dangerous thing to do, at this point, would be to vaccinate children. The virus is not a threat to them, and if they are infected by the new forms of SARS-2 that are sure to emerge every winter, we will begin to establish – through them and the as yet unvaccinated – the layered immunity that is the only way of coming to terms with SARS-2 in the longer term. As long as the vaccinators are permitted to continue their radical and increasingly insane campaign, though, nothing will improve. Indeed, their policies threaten to bring about a semi-permanent pandemic state for generations to come.


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  • Ferox

    Indeed, their policies threaten to bring about a semi-permanent pandemic state for generations to come.

    As if that wasn’t the idea

  • Shlomo Maistre

    Only conspiracy theorists object to getting a fourth shot of the same vaccine in one year.


    The total wealth of American billionaires from 3/18/20 through 10/15/21 has increased by SEVENTY PERCENT, rising from $3 trillion to $5 trillion.


    Meanwhile, the middle class is being eradicated, apace.

    In other words, this has been a highly successful pandemic for our ruling class. Rejoice everyone!

    You conspiracy theorists ought to especially rejoice and be grateful. You are lucky that Biden & Co. are protecting you from yourself.

  • Shlomo Maistre

    The third jab also started first with only the immunocompromised…

    Indeed, their policies threaten to bring about a semi-permanent pandemic state for generations to come.

    As if that wasn’t the idea …

    Yes that’s part of the idea. There are other parts. For example, multiple mandatory boosters every year until you die. And if you don’t have the latest booster? No air travel, employment, trains, banks, bars, restaurants, movie theaters, churches, stores, hospitals for you.

    Until you go the latest booster injected into our body. I mean, “your” body.

    What’s that about bodily autonomy, privacy, personal medical decisions, liberty, freedom of contract, freedom of movement? You sound like a bigoted white supremacist conspiracy theorist. Keep complaining and we will shut off your digital money.

  • Paul Marks

    One must be careful of sweeping statements – a few children may be vulnerable to Covid 19. However, using that as a excuse for a general vaccination campaign for children would be quite wrong – especially as it is accepted that the vaccines do NOT prevent people getting and passing on the disease. In short “we have got to vaccinate this child in order to protect grannie” is NOT true, “grannie” is NOT protected by the vaccination of children.

    Natural immunity among the young, built up by not just by antibody response, but also by T. Cell “memory” (for want of a better term) is the way forward. That is FOLLOWING THE SCIENCE – the international campaign has got nothing to do with science, and everything to do with an international political agenda of governmental bodies and allied corporations.

    The way to protect “grannie” from March 2020 would have been Early Treatment (long before any need to go to hospital) with a combination of existing (and inexpensive) medications.

    Early Treatment was SMEARED (lied about) by the international establishment – the chant of TINET (there is no early treatment) was always a LIE, and it is a lie that is responsible for a vast number of deaths in many countries.

    Why was Early Treatment smeared? Why were these people, who could have been saved, allowed to die? Why is this political agenda (Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, “Sustainable Development” – whatever you want to call the agenda) worth so many human lives?

    When will such people as Tony Fauci and Peter Daszak (Eco Health Alliance and World Health Organisation) be prosecuted for what they have done?

    I fear the answer to the last question is “never” – as people such as Tony Fauci and Peter Daszak serve an international establishment that is far more likely to put us on trial than we are to put it on trial – indeed to punish us (punish us for resistance to their agenda) without any trial.

    The governments of the Western world now serve this agenda (as we will see next week). Liberty, individual rights AGAINST the state, has no friends among the powerful.

    There is no one like Chief Justice Sir John Holt (personally speaking for the accused in treason trials – and STRIKING DOWN Acts of Parliament that attacked the liberty of the subject), we now live in the world of Sir William Blackstone – no limits on state power, none.

  • APL

    Shlomo Maistre: “And if you don’t have the latest booster? No air travel, employment, trains, banks, bars, restaurants, movie theaters, churches, stores, hospitals for you.”

    [Tin hat on]

    I’ve just applied to renew my passport. A day later my partner likewise applies to renew passport.

    Partner is vaccinated, I am not.

    Passport for partner has been processed and turned up two days ago.

    My application, according to the online tracking system has been received ( and they’ve taken my money ).

    [Removes Tin Hat]

  • Shlomo Maistre


    NYPD top cop urges COVID vaccinations before Friday deadline that could send quarter of force home without pay


    A common conspiracy theory at Monday’s protest was that people with underlying health conditions are at risk of severe side effects from the vaccine. City Health Commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi shot that misinformation during a press conference alongside de Blasio.

    “People with underlying health conditions are those that will benefit the most from vaccination. And so we strongly encourage anyone with a chronic condition to get vaccinated. And that is not grounds for a medical exemption,” Chokshi said.

    “Look, I’m believer in vaccine mandates. I’ve said this for public sector, private sector. I think every mayor in America, every governor in America should adopt vaccine mandates. I think every CEO in America should adopt vaccine mandates. They work,” de Blasio said.


    Illinois should end moral, religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccination and testing. Legislators should hammer out the details and take this step, for the sake of ending this pandemic as quickly as possible.

  • Exasperated

    Note that this is a very crude attempt to illustrate how disproportionate the USA response is to the unvaccinated, regardless of whether or not they are immune. They are willing to kill the economy and destroy lives over this.
    I could be wrong so check my Math. I’m not going to factor in children, though I could. The government says 190 million people have been fully vaccinated. We know that 45 million are on record confirmed to have had the disease, but wait, there are also vast numbers of people who had covid either prior to the availability of testing or who weren’t ill enough to go for testing or knew they had covid based on a family member testingd positive. Luckily, the government has ways of guesstimating the actual numbers of people who have had covid. Some have said the actual figure of covid survivors is as high as 110 million, Senator Rand Paul uses the number 100 million. Let’s be conservative and say 80 million since we know there is bound to be overlap among these cohorts. 190M vaxxed+80M naturally immune is 270 million people who are functionally immune.
    330M (US total pop)-270M (immune) leaves 60 million people, mostly children……ERGO, in the USA, there are not vast numbers of ADULTs walking around with totally naive immune systems, maybe 6% of the total population. So it seems to me that all this hand ringing, and histrionic media obsession is really a demand that Adults(60 million, roughly 20 % of the total population), who had covid and are already highly likely to be immune, get vaxxed to fulfill some bureaucrat’s agenda. Anyone?

  • Shlomo Maistre


    The government says 190 million people have been fully vaccinated.

    Does the government say that this includes illegal immigrants or excludes illegal immigrants?

  • Exasperated

    The government doesn’t say so I am going with illegals aren’t counted.

  • Shlomo Maistre

    The government doesn’t say so I am going with illegals aren’t counted.

    Why would illegals not be counted?

    There are tens of millions of illegal immigrants in the United States. None of these illegals have received the COVID-19 jab?

    I know someone who is a nurse who regularly administers the COVID-19 magic jab. She says that they do not check for any identification.

    According to multiple doctors I have spoken to, illegal immigrants are included in the counts of those who have received the COVID-19 magic jab. However, the media never mentions this. The percentage of Americans that the media say are vaccinated is much higher than the reality because illegal immigrants are not in the denominator but are in the numerator.

  • Exasperated

    Sorry Shlomo, I jumped to conclusions. I thought you were referencing the the current surge of migrants, the ones, who are being dispersed around the country under cover of darkness. You are likely correct that the illegals, who have lived here for awhile, are getting the shot.