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“The alarmism is the goal. The goal is the alarmism.”

Michael Shellenberger, as interviewed by Jordan Peterson. He is talking about the fearmongering of much of the contemporary Green movement, and what drives it. I really hope that a pushback is coming when the public fully wake up to what’s involved.

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  • Paul Marks

    Certainly with the “Davos” crowd of international government and corporate types.

    Remember, for example, that Dr Klaus Schwab’s book in support of “Stakeholder Capitalism” (the Corporate State, Fascism, a modern version of Saint-Simon’s “scientific” Collectivism of two centuries ago) came out in 1971.

    1971 – years BEFORE the human C02 emissions cause terrible Global Warming theory, How can a doctrine that came out BEFORE the theory be a “response” to that theory? Yet such Corporate State ideas are the basis of Agenda 21 (agreed back in 1991-2 – so very quick as a “response” to a theory that only came out in the late 1980s), Agenda 2030, “Sustainable Development” (i.e. government and corporate control of every aspect of life).

    If anyone really thinks this totalitarian agenda (of Dr Schwab and all the rest) is a “response to the Global Warming theory” then I have a nice bridge to sell you. The agenda came FIRST – the theory which supposedly justifies the agenda came AFTERWARDS.

    It was the same with Covid 19 – the international agenda was worked out first, the virus (which the agenda was supposedly a response to) came afterwards.

    That is not to say that these things are unimportant – on the contrary they are vital. Vital to ensuring that people are filled with fear – and thus will accept a Collectivist agenda they might otherwise resist.

    Nor must it be supposed that Dr Schwab is some sort of evil genius – he is a intelligent Collectivist, but nothing wildly special. He is just typical of the sort of “educated” totalitarians who dominate international organisations – both governmental and corporate.

    They are Legion.

  • Paul Marks

    Imagine mega cities where every aspect of life is controlled by international government and vast “pet” corporations. Human beings having no control at all over their own lives – and totally cut off from the natural world.

    I put it to you that a real “Green” (someone interested in farming the land, or in handicrafts) would be horrified by this vision – yet this agenda is precisely what their movement is being USED to justify.

  • “The alarmism is the goal. The goal is the alarmism.”

    It also helps the elite feel especially important, especially necessary – and especially deserving of our humble thanks. A politician presiding over economic growth, a researcher getting an interesting result published in their field’s leading journal, a journalist reporting a scandalous fact about a candidate – none can feel nearly as entitled to the world’s applause, the world’s awed gratitude, as those who save us from a fiery secular hell.

    So activists enjoy the alarmism. Activists are not always thinking about their “not for the public ear” goal (many in the second rank are none too aware of the goal). It’s the old Alinsky rule: a good tactic is a tactic your people enjoy. Activists enjoy thinking they are saving the world almost as much as they enjoy having an ideological excuse for despising the rest of us.

  • Rudolph Hucker

    I really hope that a pushback is coming when the public fully wake up to what’s involved.

    Any evidence that “the public” might wake up is welcome.

    From personal experience:
    1% of people make things happen
    40 to 70% of people watch things happen (bread and circuses)
    The remainder wonder what happened
    (your percentages may vary)

  • Fraser Orr

    “The alarmism is the goal. The goal is the alarmism.”

    FWIW, it is just religion, or an appeal to the religious nature that seems to be built into humans. It has all the hallmarks: apocalypse, salvation by repentance and changing ones ways, doctrine from the religious authorities that may not be questioned, being part of a special group who know the truth, contempt for the apostates, evangelism, explanation for hard to understand physical phenomena, giving people a sense of worth in the universe, a doctrine of the right way to live.

    Humans are naturally religious, and I say this as a hard core atheist. This sort of thing exploits that. And of course in the world of politics, the world of “never let a crisis go to waste” they love it because they can exploit it. The biggest fear of a politician is not rising inflation, or joblessnes or war, not the biggest fear of a politician is irrelevance. The truth is we barely need need politicians, so they constantly have to create crises to make us fearful and so in *need* of them. “Leave me the f**k alone” is the one thing a politician does not want to hear.

    Politicians have been exploiting religion since the time of the earliest hunting groups. As societies become more secular they need to move to more secular religious like movements to maintain their power and hypnotism of their consituents. Covid, Global Warming, Terrorism etc. are some of the best things that ever happened to politics and government. (Aside from War. War is always good for politics.)

  • Henry Cybulski

    This 15-minute Aussie film encapsulates the ultimate goal:


  • Bruce

    “What drives it?


    Is not the straight-up sociopathy plainly obvious?

    Totalitarian statist degenerates gotta do what they always do.

  • Paul Marks

    There will be no “pushback” to the Agenda 2030 (“Sustainable Development”) plans of the international establishment – on the contrary there will be massive protests denouncing the government for “not doing anything” (even the Queen has come out with this line) – as if the crushing “Green” taxes and regulations did not exist.

    Nor are the ordinary “Greens” really the problem – on the contrary they are being USED to create a society which is the exact opposite of what they want.

    The future is to be vast cities with every aspect of life controlled by governments and pet corporations – does anyone seriously think that is what ordinary Greens want?

    And this was planned out BEFORE the Global Warming theory – just as the international “reaction” to Covid 19 was planned out BEFORE the virus. There is no “conspiracy” – everything has been out in the open, conferences, agendas (such as the United Nations Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030) and-so-on.

    The international establishment said what they were going to do and they are doing it. And the only “push back” will be “you are not going fast enough” (or even “they are not doing anything” – the ultimate absurdity).

    In the end it will collapse – ECONOMIC LAW will destroy the vast governments, the pet corporations and the Credit Bubble bankers.

    The end will be terrible – but at least it will be the end.

    Then people will have the bone-hard job of rebuilding.

  • Paul Marks

    As for the big international conference in Glasgow (one of many international conferences) – the People’s Republic of China, the largest emitter of C02, will continue to emit vast amounts of C02.

    If C02 was the issue – then the conference would be held via the internet, 30 thousand people would not be flying into Glasgow. And reducing the C02 emissions of China (vastly the biggest emitter of C02) would be the big issue of the conference. Not China reducing C02 emissions in some future year – but RIGHT NOW – after all it is supposed to be a “Climate Change Emergency”.

    This conference is not really about Global C02 emissions (see above). And notice how the COVID regulations do not apply to the thousands upon thousands of people who are flying in for the conference.

    Remember we are “in a pandemic” and the regulations are “vital” especially in Scotland, the SNP regime being particularly extreme on this matter (as it is on all matters). Yet the thousands upon thousands coming in for the conference events are not subject to these regulations.

    Because the regulations are NOT REALLY ABOUT COVID AT ALL – if they were they would be applied to the conference people, and they are not applied to them. No more than they were applied to the Marxist “Black Lives Matter” events of 2020 – not just in the United States, but also in the United Kingdom and other countries.

    And if the borders are under strict control (“Covid”) how did the fentanyl which killed Mr George Floyd get into the country? Why is the United States saturated with opiates (most of them manufactured now – so vastly more harmful than ordinary opium)? This is killing thousands of people – yet instead of asking what is going on, the media (and the education system) just chants “racism” – as if Minneapolis Minnesota was a place of “institutional racism” or “systematic racism” (or whatever other nonsense term the Frankfurt School Marxists can come up with).

    “Let us ignore the artificial drugs that killed this man (and thousands of other people) and pretend a racist cop killed him” – why? Who benefits from such a lie campaign?

    All of this is about power-and-control – it always was. Going right back to the publication of “Stakeholder Capitalism” in 1971 – indeed long before this.

    Governments and allied (pet) Corporations controlling every aspect of life – with free competition (indeed all freedom) utterly crushed.

    The Marxists and “Capitalist Big Business” are supposed to be on opposite sides – so why does it turn out that Big Business (especially the banks) actually funds such Marxist campaigns as “Black Lives Matter”?

    There is no mystery – as two centuries ago Saint Simon (French Collectivist) explained how Big Business (especially Credit Bubble bankers) could be used to actually help create a Collectivist society – where everyone would be controlled from the cradle to the grave, in the name of “science”.

  • Shlomo Maistre

    In the end it will collapse – ECONOMIC LAW will destroy the vast governments, the pet corporations and the Credit Bubble bankers.

    Part of me really wants to hash this out with you, Paul. As depressing as this is to discuss.

    For many years I strongly believed the same thing: that in the long run economic law is on our side and that economic law will help end the current system eventually.

    I still do think that economic law is on our side, certainly.

    However, over the last year or two I increasingly have come to the opinion that maybe having economic law being on our side is not AS MUCH of an ironclad ace-in-the-hole benefit to the side of human liberty as I used to think.

    I am seeing how society functions now (the drivers, causes, and methods being used) and it is beyond terrifying. I think the powerful forces can violate economic law for a long fucking time and not deal with consequences. They already have.

    I do believe that it’s true that economic law is on our side, and it’s good that economic law is on our side, and I do think it’s a major pressure causing a lot of difficulty on the enemies of liberty even right now as we speak.

    I am just not sure that economic law really will be as much of a help to us as I used to think.

    Consider this example: slavery has existed throughout most of human history. Large-scale, real slavery with chains and whips. This may be coming back, perhaps in a different form.

    What we definitely do have on our side is what any movement has on its side: nothing lasts forever. Nothing.

    But economic law can be violated for a long time. And using the force of law to violate the moral law and, thereby, violate the economic law has been done many times in history.

    This is all very depressing. I just no longer am so convinced that having the economic law on our side is AS MUCH of an advantage for the side of individual liberty, human rights, and freedoms, as I used to believe.

  • Paul Marks

    Shlomo Maistre – you may correct. We both hope you are not correct – but you may be.

    If one large country is free then the COMPARISON between it and the “Woke” Collectivism of other countries would be obvious – and telling.

    However, what large country is going to be free?