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I fear that, having once been sacrificed on the altar of the NHS and its limited capacity, our freedoms are no longer safe from the utilitarian knife. The same people telling us to shop alone, drink alone, and be in bed by eleven, to save lives from Coronavirus, will continue to make the same arguments over lesser risks.

If we accept pubs serving no alcohol, or alcohol only with a meal, or closing at ten, on the shaky ground that it reduces the spread of a virus, why not accept similar measures to take the strain of drunkenness off A&E departments every weekend? It can’t be coincidence that those rules fit so well with public health campaigners’ longstanding desire to wean us off our boozy nights out.

Timadra Harkness

There are some questionable assumption in the linked article but the points above are an absolute certainty. People need to push back and not be too concerned with being polite.

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  • Flubber

    The same risks apply to a BoE central digital currency.

    For example benefits could be issued, but alcohol for example could be limited / excluded from spending options. Hell they could limit anyone’s spending on booze if they so felt.

    All the things the government are working on in the build back better agenda are catastrophic for our freedoms.

  • GL

    Pub closing time? Melbourne, Victoria, Australia has just ended a 9pm-5am (I think those were the hours; should be close anyway) CURFEW that was part of our nonsensical lockdown.

    Bring back the six o’clock swill?


  • Jon Eds

    Central Bank Digital Currency is an incredibly sinister development. Imagine:

    – Not being able to spend money at certain shops that weren’t approved by the authorities. This need not be because the goods the shop sold were illegal. Maybe the owner of the shop hadn’t had his booster shot.
    – Having tax taken at source when you spend money (no need for seller to submit VAT receipts)
    – Having tax taken at source when you are paid (no need for employer to collect income tax)
    – Not being able to purchase alcohol because you had already spent your monthly allowance on that item. Ditto sugar etc.
    – Not being able to buy certain books
    – Having your movements tracked whenever you spend money
    – All non govt issued digital currency banned
    – Being prevented from spending money unless you had done a certain amount of steps that week
    – Being prevented from spending money unless you had your booster shot


    It’s important that people are educated on this topic, as it is a technical topic for the vast majority of people, and it will be introduced by stealth.

    If you can, consider obtaining private cryptocurrencies before they get banned (which could either lead to the price of such currencies soaring on the black market, or collapsing).

    As always, do what you can to become as self sufficient as possible. Easier said than done I know. At least pay off your mortgage.

  • John B

    Already radio ads are promoting PPE for protection against coughs and Colds; and not only must teens be vaxxed to prevent them dying from CoVid but also must now get ‘flu jabs to keep them safe.

    At least the latter makes sense, ‘flu is dangerous to young people and a significant risk, whereas the risk from CoVid is approaching zero. Also side-effects and contraindication to ‘flu vaccines well studied and known, CoVid Bebe therapy not.

  • Paul Marks

    It should be pointed out that Corporate medicine, for example in the United States, was not better.

    Doctors who tried Early Treatment for patients with Covid 19, were ruthlessly persecuted. Not just by the government bureaucracy – but by their Corporate employers (working with that bureaucracy – as they are both bodies-corporate).

    Not because Early Treatment did not work – but because it often did work.

    Please let that sink in.

    Vast numbers of people did not have to die – most of them could have been saved by Early Treatment with a combination of fairly inexpensive medications.

    In some countries that was done – but some other countries (such as the United Kingdom and the United States) that was not done.

    And I do NOT think the three letters “NHS” explains why there was not Early Treatment for people with Covid 19 in many “advanced Western countries”.

  • Paul Marks

    Almost, but not quite, needless to say….

    Anyone who thinks that the United States has free market health care is utterly wrong.

  • Paul Marks

    Jon Eds – I suspect you already know about the totalitarian ESG (Environment and Social Governance) system that is being imposed in the United States, via the banks and financial services enterprises.