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Preventing the truth

prevent, (verb) from latin prevene (pre vene): (literal meaning) to go before; (in modern usage) to hinder, to obstruct, to block, …

If you count yet again a stack of ballots, some valid but others not, what number do you get? The same as before, of course.

I foresaw from the moment the Arizona audit was scheduled that the first trivial task of the auditors would be merely to count all the ballots and observe the same 10,000-odd lead for Biden as before – after all, they could hardly count the votes that went missing before reaching the count in the first place*. The point of the audit was to see whether any of the ballots that were counted were demonstrably unsafe.

The media likewise foresaw these things. And both I and the media foresaw that even after all the vigorous non-cooperation of Maricopa county election officials and others, the auditors might still find more than 10,000 unsafe ballots (several times more in the event). So I foresaw the media would have a story prepared for dismissing this. (As David Burge remarked, modern journalism is about covering important stories – “with a pillow; till they stop moving”.)

What I did not foresee with quite the crystal clarity that it has this morning, is that their prepared story would be to treat the utterly predictable fact of the combined safe and unsafe ballots totalling to the same numbers as before as news. And I feel slow for not foreseeing how inevitably they would do that. After all, if your long-prepared headline is “Arizona audit confirms Biden win”, what else could you write beneath it?

The modern meaning of prevent makes amusingly unfortunate the over-literal translation of the old prayer, “O Lord, prevent us in all our doings”, as if Jesus’ job, like that of a modern mask Karen, was to rush around spotting anyone planning to have fun, so as to stop them before fun could even start. When it comes to our joyless media, however, I think we need to be better at preventing them (old sense – and then modern if, as so often, their plan is to lie, cheat and steal their way into power over us).

P.S. (FYI, Internet Health Warning)
* Within a short time of the asterisked link above first appearing a couple of weeks ago, attempts to reach it became apt to raise a maximum severity “This website appears to be trying to steal your data” warning. I feel sure the ‘Behind the Black’ website itself was not – but who knows, it could be some behind-the-scenes black-op was trying to steal the data of those who linked to that post, or someone wanted to discourage people from reading it. The warning no longer appears, so the black-op is over, or has improved its ability to run silently, or it was just another of those never-to-be-explained events the web throws up from time-to-time.

All the other links in my post above have always behaved normally for me.

22 comments to Preventing the truth

  • Rudolph Hucker

    Looks like one must step outside the MSM to find different accounts of what has been found.


    The Maricopa County forensic audit results have been leaked, and if the draft documents are correct, they already show over 54,000 fraudulent, faked and otherwise invalid ballots — more than five times the margin of “victory” for Joe Biden. And this is from just one county alone: Maricopa. If the same holds true across other counties in Arizona, the fraud vastly exceeds 100,000 ballots. (Pima, Pinal, Cochise, etc., haven’t even been audited yet.)


  • bobby b

    The Arizona audit was lame. Not because the effort was lame, though. It was lame because, as you say, it could not go back and audit the pre-vote fraud that made the fraud possible.

    Thus, it was preordained that the result was going to enable the progs to proclaim truth and justice in all things election-related.

    This is directly related to why the courts declined to address the problem. All of the fraud was accomplished before the actual voting began, and we waited far too long to address it.

    We got played, and played well.

  • michael freeman

    I think not. Anyone with half a brain will see a huge chunk of votes that were counted for one or other of the candidates, that should not have been counted at all. So if I was an Arizona voter I would be in doubt as to who won, making the election null & void. It could be that Biden won by in excess of 50k votes if all the dodgy votes were for Trump. Or, Trump won by a big margin. We cannot know who won. So the media will try to move on, but they cannot ignore the elephant in the room, 50-100k of votes that should never have been totalled. That will sink into even the most simple minds eventually.

  • michael freeman

    I imagine the auditors knew this…they could never prove ‘Trump won’ but they could prove the election should never have been certified…

  • michael freeman

    My point being I imagine the auditors knew this from the start – they cannot prove ‘Trump won’ but they can prove that the there was enough dodgy votes to swing it to either candidate & hence the result cannot be trusted.
    That becomes a talking point eventually regardless of how the media try to shut it down.

  • bobby b

    “That becomes a talking point eventually regardless of how the media try to shut it down.”

    We’ve had nothing but talking points since election day. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one of our talking points.

    What we lacked was proof supporting those points, and we’re no closer today.

  • Shlomo Maistre

    Niall “Narrative Destroyer” Kilmartin strikes again.

    Timely. Apt. Succinct. Logical.


  • Michael Freeman (September 25, 2021 at 10:54 pm) notes, for fairness, that “it could be that Biden won by in excess of 50k votes if all the dodgy votes were for Trump”.

    Since the so-far released results are from Maricopa county (IIUC the results for other counties will be made public later), we know how much the raw statistical odds are against Michael’s for-fairness point. (Obviously, we here have reasons, not just prejudices, to think the odds are even further against it than that. 🙂 ) We will doubtless know more in a week or two than we do now about what is legally provable, what is statistically provable beyond reasonable doubt, what is more probable than not, etc. (Which is why my current post focussed on the demonstrable fact of media deceit, and our need to be better at pre-venting our enemies.)

    As I noted before, nothing can be proved to those who have determined in advance to keep their eyes shut, but different standards of proof can be exposed. I agree with Michael that many – more than three months ago, thanks to recent events – are ready to open their eyes. “F**k Joe Biden” chanters are not the only people becoming more receptive to the idea that Biden is a usurper.

  • michael freeman

    yeah for the record my gut tells me that Trump won actually. When looking at his votes elsewhere it just doesnt make sense where he lost those vital states – Georgia for example…nothing demographicly diff from the red states around it (peeps say its the race diff but I’ve read that isnt that diff from the surrounding states). Tbh the only state I thought he might struggle in was indeed Arizona because of the McCain history & the influx from California. But it all just does not stack up to my gut.

  • Penseivat

    I had to laugh, in a cynical way, when I read that the Biden administration was accusing Putin of ‘winning’ a corrupt election. That’s like Adolf Hitler complaining that Josef Stalin was being rude to Jews.

  • Ferox

    All this uncertainty and argument is the byproduct of election innovations introduced by Progressives (no ID, mail-in ballots, electronic voting machines). My cynical self believes that undermining confidence in the election process was a feature rather than a bug to them – anything they can do to stab the country in the gut.

    My less cynical self thinks that perhaps they are just really stupid and thought nobody would mind.

  • Ian

    On the point about the asterisked link bringing up a browser warning for some period after it was initially posted, I’m seeing Google’s blacklist (which is also used by Mozilla Firefox) displaying oddly political inclinations more and more frequently. What happens is that the link gets the “red screen of death”, until (coincidentally) interest in whatever story it relates to dies down.

    I was chatting to another techie about our experiences of Google a couple of days ago, and we both had stories of running our own mailservers some years ago and finding that, despite following all the rules, some of our emails were being marked as spam by Google and other big tech companies. In the end we both threw in the towel and used Google or Microsoft to send our mail, but we both thought this was deliberate, and aimed at shutting down their competition – small mail service providers. Something similar is going on here in relation to http traffic, in my opinion – but in this case it seems government might assert its monopoly power first.

    Nevetheless, it seems that Google (at least) is already getting in some practice at blacklisting “misinformation”.

  • George Atkisson

    As an Arizonan, I’ve seen the ‘fortifying’ up close. Starting with mail-in ballots being vigorously pushed and the MSM calling AZ for *Biden when the polls had been closed for a mere 2 hours. Then the stonewalling on the audit itself, the literal hundreds of lawyers fighting to block the subpoenas for access to the records and the Dominion machines and routers. Then the mismatching of thousands of ballots to registered voters. There is simply no way to come up with an actual count of the number of valid ballots, never mind the votes on those ballots. The fact that the Left fought so hard to block any audit was itself a massive red flag.

    The most disheartening thing to me was the Republicans in Congress rolling over to certify the election results in January. At least the Dems punch you in the face while daring you to do something about it. The Repubs are on their hands and knees just behind you so that punch puts you flat on your back.

  • Paul Marks

    Since the late 19th century “Pragmatist” philosophy has had increasing influence – like the much later Frankfurt School Marxism and French Post Modernism, “Pragmatist” philosophy denies objective truth (including moral truth) and holds that anything (anything at all) is justified if it furthers Progressive Politics – Social Reform.

    Yes – there is no such thing as objective truth (including moral truth) apart-from ever more Collectivism (Progressive Social Reform).

    Rigging elections? Of course. Lying about the rigging elections? Also of course.

    Progressive Social Reform (ever more Collectivism) is the only thing that matters to the media – and to all other institutions, government and corporate.

    This is the fruit of thinking “philosophy does not matter” and, more generally, allowing Collectivists to take over the education system – both schools and universities. The teaching of history, politics, economics – even, now, the physical sciences.

    Remember “Big Business” (including the media) is, in practice, “educated” Corporate Managers – and they have been “educated” to believe that lying is morally justified if it serves the cause of Progressive Social Reform. Ever more Collectivism.

  • Paul Marks

    George Atkisson – the behaviour of the Republicans should not have shocked you, they are (after all) “Progressive Lite” educated in the same “elite” schools and universities as the Democrats.

    I cite the recent speech by George Walker Bush – who many conservatives (including myself) very STUPIDLY defended against savage leftist attacks for years.

    According to Mr Bush people who protest against blatantly rigged elections are as bad as the 9/11 terrorists – he actually said this, at length, in a formal speech (a speech to mark the 20th Anniversary of 9/11).

    In short, when Ashley Babbitt was laying bleeding to death (which I watched – via the wonders of mobile telephone technology) Mr Bush ENJOYED it, to him the lady got exactly what she deserved. And ALL the protestors should have been killed – after all they were as a bad as the 9/11 Islamic terrorists (although Mr Bush would never say the 9/11 terrorists were Islamic – indeed he was shoulder-to-shoulder with a representative of “CAIR”, the Council on American Islamic Relations, within days of the 9/11 attacks).

    There is the Republican establishment – the people we have defended for so many years. They want us DEAD – they enjoy the shooting to death of unarmed women, because “reactionaries” do not deserve to be alive.

    Is it any wonder that, for example, George Walker Bush did not secure the border (in spite of having eight years to do so), and made no effort to reduce the size and scope of government – indeed pushed NEW government programs such as “No Child Left Behind”, and “Medicare Part D”. As well as his utterly pointless wars – which cost trillions of Dollars and vast numbers of human lives, and were based on such assumptions as the 9/11 attacks were nothing-to-do-with-Islam. The 9/11 attacks (including to the Progressive Lite – such as Mr Bush) were just the product of a few bad people who only PRETENDED to be following Islam.

    People such as George Walker Bush, and his father George Herbert “No New Taxes” Walker Bush, and his father Prescott Bush – never-were-conservatives, they are (and have always been) Progressive Lite.

    I repeat – they regard ordinary conservatives (protesting against an obviously rigged election) to be as bad as 9/11 terrorists, they want us dead (they enjoy our deaths – they make that horribly clear, observe the “mainstream” media). There is no need to speculate about any of this – as Mr George Walker Bush was very clear, and the “mainstream” media celebrated his ravings as a model of “civility”.

    Remember, to them (to the “educated”) anything is justified, anything at all, if it serves the cause of Progressive Social Reform (ever bigger and more interventionist government).

    Also remember that these are the sort of people who control the FBI and the Federal “Justice” system. They, the “educated”, also control most large Corporations – including the banks and the other Credit Bubble outfits that depend on the endless flow of funny money from the Federal Reserve.

    “And you, Paul Marks, defended all these people for many years.”

    I am very well aware of that – bitterly aware of it.

  • Jame Hargrave

    “educated” Corporate Managers. Quite. Educated corporate managers, probably at one with Nineveh and Tyre.

  • michael freeman

    Its a club, outsiders not allowed in case they pull back the curtain to reveal the Emperor has no cloths (I like a bit of mixed metaphors).
    We have the same in the UK with a certain Mr Farage….media hate him. Is he any ‘worse’ than the dozens of MPs that the media fawn over? Nah…some of our MPs make Farage look like Ghandi/MotherTerrasa/Einstein/pickyourfave….but….he isnt allowed.

  • The Wobbly Guy


    I find it strange that Trump, for all his riches, successes, and fame, wasn’t in the club. Wasn’t he a Democrat supporter (albeit lukewarm I think for business reasons) for years?

    For him to essentially betray his class of elites and insiders, but not his country, seems incredible.

    Perhaps that’s why they hate him so much. To them, he’s a traitor.

  • George Atkisson

    The Wobbly Guy –

    I believe that’s exactly it. He chose America over Globalism. He sees America as a beacon to the rest of the world, not as an impediment to the New World Order. In addition, he was both independently wealthy and scandal free. He could not be controlled or manipulated by blackmail or bribes. Can you imagine anyone else in either government or business that could have survived the minute scrutiny he endured for five years?

  • The Pedant-General

    “scandal free”

    hardly… the more important thing was that he didn’t care about his indiscretions. The blackmail didn’t work because he wasn’t ever trying to hush it up.

    On the substantive topic of the post, the really vital thing the audit has confirmed is that the ballot images and logs have been deleted. I understand that thesee must be stored for 22 months (for exactly the reason that they may be needed for an audit on the accuracy of the scanning machine itself) – so the deletion should on its own be grounds to set aside the results in their entirety.

  • Sigivald

    Such website warnings are usually either a compromised ad network (or just a bad ad on a legit one, that they rapidly remove), or the site servers themselves being compromised.

    The ones that are legitimately just deliberate traps by the owners are usually pretty obvious (in that the content is too-good-to-be-true “downloads” or is obvious scraped nonsense).

  • michael freeman

    @pedant general
    I agree….the deleted files are a massive red flag. I wasnt convinced about the Dominion/internet/adjustment stuff as it seems such a dangerous thing to try & do, if caught. But…I cannot think of a reason that the files were deleted unless it was to cover up something. I normaly try to steer away from tinfoil stuff, the old adage about incompetence rather than conspiracy. But this reslly stinks doesnt it?