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The BBC isn’t part of a free and pluralistic media, unafraid of questioning power. It is part of a State policy communication strategy which aims to convince the public to accept the authorised reality. Among these propagandist outlets the BBC is perhaps the most servile by virtue of its Charter and its reliance upon State funding.

The commercial broadcasters are also limited by Ofcom regulation and their dependence upon government advertising. The alleged pandemic saw the State become the UK’s leading advertiser.

When we consider that their second-biggest source of advertising revenue are the pharmaceutical corporations, the notion of an “independent” mainstream broadcast media in the UK is laughable.

Iain Davis

5 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Agnieszka Roberts

    Soviet ‘joke’ (accurate observation really): There is no truth in Pravda & no news in Izvestia

    British media is no less of a joke when push comes to shove and it really matters.

  • Shlomo Maistre

    Personally, I watch CNN for comedy and Tim Dillon for the news.

  • Lee Moore

    It is part of a State policy communication strategy which aims to convince the public to accept the authorised reality.

    True, but we must not mistake what “State” means in this sentence. It means the nomenklatura, the “Blob”, the “Swamp”, the permanent government. It does not mean the jokers in Parliament.

    Only at rare moments, during the full moon, when a Tory government starts to murmur about the licence fee, does the BBC, through gritted teeth, pay any attention to the politicians.

  • Paul Marks

    With the exception of GBNews – the other television stations in the United Kingdom are at least as bad as the BBC.

    In the United States ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN (which has now turned on Mr Biden – because he is no longer useful to the establishment) all serve “Corporate Socialism” – they are privately owned (by “capitalist” corporations), but push ever more state control over everything. And they push the destruction of traditional society by “Woke” (Frankfurt School) doctrine.

    Saint-Simon and his followers (two centuries ago) would not have astonished – as this is what they wanted. Socialism brought to the world by Big Business – the lives of ordinary people planned out “from the cradle to the grave”.

    The education system teaches these Corporate Managers – just as it teaches BBC people and Civil Servants.

    They believe the same things – because they are TAUGHT the same things.

    As Plato explained some two and half thousand years ago – if you want Collectivism, then teach people to be Collectivists when they are still children. At least teach the important people to be Collectivists.

  • Kim du Toit

    What Paul said.