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Then do we give them back their freedom? Not at all. Then we move the goalposts, making freedom conditional on more and more people getting the vaccine. Until we make it to so-called ‘Freedom Day’, a month later than originally planned, and Boris Johnson chooses then to tell young people that their freedom to do the things they enjoy will be dependent on receiving a vaccine.

A vaccine that uses experimental technology and was rushed through trials without waiting for the full safety data (trials which will never now conclude as the control groups have been vaccinated). A vaccine, or rather vaccines, which the authorities now acknowledge increase the risk of dangerous blood clotting and heart conditions, particularly in younger people. Vaccines for which there are now more reports of fatalities in the U.S. than all other vaccines put together for the past 30 years.

– Will Jones writing about The Great Betrayal

7 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • The Wobbly Guy

    I suspect pre-existing underlying health conditions may have adverse interactions with the vaccine. It’s similar to the cases of healthy runners suddenly collapsing for no apparent reason.

    From my own anecdotal observations, nobody has been killed yet due to the vaccine, and despite my country’s lousy media, there’s no way a death due to the vaccine would be covered up (the opposition is just ready to pounce). And since my wife’s a pharmacist in THE major hospital in Singapore, she’s always in the know.

    Covid has been overblown. The response of the anti-vaxxers has also been overblown. Sheesh, everybody’s response has been overblown beyond proportion.

    My take: just open up. As for the people who choose not to take vaccines, it’s up to private businesses to decide, and declare it so people can take some personal responsibility and decide for themselves:
    1. open to all
    2. open to only vaccinated people
    3. open to only un-vaccinated people (wouldn’t that be interesting?)

    But c’mon, if you’re vaccinated, you should not have much to fear from getting covid, right?

  • Roué le Jour

    I suspect that the government is going to join the eu vaccine passport system whether we like it or not.

  • Stonyground

    Since this vaccine doesn’t work in the same way that more conventional vaccines do, any restrictions on those who declined to take it can’t be justified by any logical argument. The unvaccinated are putting no one at risk other than themselves. In the case of younger people there are sound arguments for not being vaccinated, their risks from Covid are minimal and need to be weighed against the risks of the vaccine. By trying to coerce people the government is behaving in a very sinister manner.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    As I have mentioned before, a lot of government-run pension schemes are short of funds. If more and more viruses (viri?) help to thin the herd, then the economies of the world can recover! After Covid, maybe Ebola from Africa will come back. You love your parents and grandparents, but how about your kids?

  • But c’mon, if you’re vaccinated, you should not have much to fear from getting covid, right?

    Same is true for the unvaccinated, which is why the ‘anti-vaxxers’, far from being overblown, are actually the sensible ones for once. Given the vast majority of people getting vaccinated have no good (medical) reason to get vaccinated, anyone who still thinks this is controlling disease is looking a bit comical to me.

  • The Wobbly Guy


    Not quite true. Depends on whether they have pre-existing conditions. But then again, having pre-existing conditions is also a risk when taking the vaccine, if my suspicions are correct.

    Different countries have different obesity and diabetic rates, and that has got to be factors in how severe the effect of covid has on the healthcare system, especially in terms of number of critical care cases. Our neighbour Malaysia, for example, is getting hit hard due to their high obesity and diabetic rate. Coupled with their low rate of vaccinations, their healthcare system is breaking down.

    And the number of excess deaths may not be trivial either.

    If your population is relatively young and healthy, I don’t see a big problem. A minor problem, but not a big one. But from everything I’ve seen, that’s not true for a lot of countries. The US’ obesity rate is something around 30%, which is crazy IMO. Let’s not even talk about covid – even a wave of the common flu would drive up the death rate. Covid just exacerbates this.

  • Paul Marks

    Effective Early Treatment for Covid 19 has always existed.

    Early Treatment was systematically smeared – internationally, And that smearing has cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

    This is the worst scandal in the Western World in our time.