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Manufacturing the grass roots…

“And the propaganda continues. Implausible figures and bogus narratives actively staged by human bots. Who is behind for this? The same happened with CCP promotion of lockdown.”

Nick Hudson

This has been a recurring theme over the last last few years but has gone into overdrive as of late.

6 comments to Manufacturing the grass roots…

  • Stonyground

    Claiming to speak for all UK citizens is rather presumptuous. I’m a UK citizen and you don’t speak for me. When I do my big shop roughly half the shoppers aren’t wearing masks. Are we to believe that these people believe that masks should be compulsory? It seems unlikely.

  • Flubber

    This is the 77th Brigade manufacturing consent.

  • Flubber (July 29, 2021 at 10:30 am), if the 77th brigade can do no better than this then we’re hopeless at ‘non-lethal warfare’. (I also note the folly of a UK authority ordering the 77th brigade to do it and not thinking it could leak.)

    I suspect rather the 50 yen army. The sheer crassness of “I speak for all UK citizens” and the unlikeliness of that phrase being repeatedly used sounds more like them.

    But of course

    “Who knows? Who will say that he knoweth?

  • Comes back to the argument that between censorship, bots and NPC’s both Twitter and Facebook have simply platforms for mass propaganda.

    Not using either I sometimes forget how bad it is.

  • Paul Marks

    The People’s Republic of Chinas has indeed paid for a lot of “tweets” from the start of this – as part of their policy of pushing lockdowns and masks in the West. This was pointed out in Australia – when a lot of the “support” for the demented policies in Victoria was shown to be fake (i.e. to be from China – but pretending to be from people in Australia). I remember thinking that at least New South Wales was not following the same totalitarian policies as Victoria – but they did (Sydney going down the same dark path as Melbourne).

    This policy of the People’s Republic of China and their servants in the West (such as Mr Biden) is not meant to do us good – it is meant to destroy us.

    However, I do not think they need have bothered. The left are, essentially, a hive-mind – even without being paid, the left would have all said whatever would do the West the most harm. And they would have copied each other’s words.

    I suspect they would use the exact same words even if they were not copying – as I have already said, the left are a hive-mind. And the purpose of the hive or swarm is to destroy.

  • just sayin

    l will believe the pandemic is real when they find those pesky WMD’s in Iraq, or Bush, Blair and Howard are jailed for war crimes.
    it is sad that now l have found my government repeatedly has been caught out lieing, l can never believe a word they utter again.