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To call it “Project Cassandra” was hubris

As soon as I saw it I thought of psychohistory. I was not alone, judging from the most recommended comment to this fascinating Guardian article:

‘At first I thought, this is crazy’: the real-life plan to use novels to predict the next war

An extract:

In one of his last reports to the defence ministry, towards the end of 2019, Wertheimer had drawn attention to an interesting development in the Caucasus. The culture ministry of Azerbaijan had recently supplied libraries in Georgia with books carrying explicit anti-Armenian messages, such as the works of poet Khalil Rza Uluturk. There were signs, he warned, that Azerbaijan was ramping up propaganda efforts in the brewing territorial conflict with its neighbouring former Soviet republic.

War broke out a year later: 6,000 soldiers and civilians died in a six-week battle over Nagorno-Karabakh, an enclave of Azerbaijan populated by ethnic Armenians. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan used the war to bolster his strongman image, hailing Armenia’s defeat in December as a “glorious victory”. Russia, traditionally allied with Armenia, successfully leveraged the conflict to consolidate its influence in the region. Germany and the EU, meanwhile, looked on and stayed silent: being able to predict the future is one thing, knowing what to do with the information is another.

3 comments to To call it “Project Cassandra” was hubris

  • John Lewis

    Now that the Mule has been removed from office the globalist plan, having been temporarily suspended, is proceeding to its inexorable conclusion.

  • Allen

    In the colonies we have CRT.

  • Paul Marks

    Allen – Critical Race Theory, and Frankfurt School Marxism generally, dominate the modern West – the nearest countries to me where there is some real resistance to Frankfurt School Marxism are Poland and Hungary – and it is hard to see how they can hold out.

    It is a excellent post – one can know what one’s opponent is going to do and still have no reply – especially if one has no real allies. If one’s allies do not actually turn up and help.

    For example, Denmark did not think it was doomed in 1864 – it thought it had allies if Prussia and Austria attacked. But then they attacked – and its allies, such as Sweden, did nothing.

    It is still known in Denmark as “The War That Broke A Nation’s Heart”.