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This might be the most polite ‘fuck you’ I have ever watched


35 comments to This might be the most polite ‘fuck you’ I have ever watched

  • Paul Marks

    It is very strange – the more people scream hatred of hydrocarbons, the more they depend on them.

    When I was young most shoes where leather – now nearly all shoes are plastic (trainers or boots soles).

    Most clothing was wool, cotton or linen – now it is various materials made from oil (as the man says in the film).

    Food was either sold loose or in paper bags – now it is all packed in plastic (oil).

    Bottles were glass – and you got money back if you returned them. Now bottles are plastic.

    Just be consistent people – either say you love oil, or wear leather shoes (leather soles and heals), clothing made of wool (not much cotton grown in Britain – but there is linen for your underpants), and buy food loose or in paper bags, and have glass bottles – and watch out if you drop them because they smash.

    As for ENERGY – before oil, gas and coal there was WOOD.

    Sorry people but wood is also hydrocarbon – in your beloved “pre industrial age” people were still burning hydrocarbons (wood) to keep warm.

    You can not live as far north as Britain if you not using hydrocarbons – you will die in the winter.

    In the United States people in the rural areas used to spend every spare minute cutting wood and storing it so it would be dry.

    If they did not do that they would freeze to death in winter.

    There you go people – have fun.

  • Paul Marks

    “But Paul there was peat in Ireland” – that is hydrocarbons as well, so grow up.

  • Stonyground

    The anti fossil fuel lobby is forever bleating that nothing is being done to combat climate change*. They seem to be unaware that western governments are busy wasting colossal amounts of other people’s money on windmills, solar panels and subsidies on electric cars. Part of the problem seems to be that they tend to prefer ‘solutions’ that don’t actually work, if those ludicrous amounts of money had been spent on nuclear power and electrified railways it might have made at least a small difference. Why do these people always insist that the government or industry or other people in general take the necessary action? They could bankrupt the evil doers just by not buying anything that has been produced or distributed using fossil fuels. Then after they have starved or frozen to death the rest of us can get on with our lives.

    *After forty years of failed doomsday predictions, now known to be an entirely imaginary problem.

  • Tim the Coder

    And if you want lubricants, or lamp oil, do what they did before Petroleum and make it out of whales.
    Why not? A natural, biodegradable, renewable resource: the Greens will love it.

  • pete

    Mr Wright is a businessman.

    He should realise that North Face is virtue signalling to an ignorant customer base because that’s the way to get their money.

    It’s probably wise of North Face to reject his logo on their jackets.

    Surely Mr Wright understands that keeping customers sweet is of paramount importance whether hypocrisy is involved or not.

  • Martin

    @Paul Marks: Completely true. Btw. there are estimates, that about 450k people die every year due to the pollution generated by burning solid fuels, like wood, coal, peat for cooking. Mostly obviously in underdeveloped countries.

    Btw: Burning Greens might be THE renewable energy source of the future. You know, there is a sucker born every minute….
    Although….the smoke might *not* kill you – but it might make kill your brain.

  • Bell Curve

    It’s probably wise of North Face to reject his logo on their jackets.

    You really are hard-of-thinking. The logos were for jackets to be given out by an oil industry company to their customers (so obviously not people who have a problem with the oil industry), there were not going to be sold to the general public in shops with those logos FFS 🤣

    Surely Mr Wright understands that keeping customers sweet is of paramount importance whether hypocrisy is involved or not.

    Surely you understand that Chris Wright is defending *his* business (& his industry). Do you find that hard to understand?

  • bobby b

    “It’s probably wise of North Face to reject his logo on their jackets.”

    Its user base – a devotedly woke ecological group, generally – now has more awareness of the hydrocarbon essence of North Face than it ever had before, thanks to that decision.

    So, maybe not a marketing coup for NF.

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  • Snorri Godhi

    My clothing contains little in the way of fossil hydrocarbons:

    Cotton socks (with a little fossil content);
    Leather shoes/boots/sandals (with rubber soles);
    Cotton trousers and underpants;
    Cotton shirts, wool sweaters, and mixed wool/silk undershirts;
    Leather or tweed coats/jackets;
    Sheepskins in extreme weather (not unusual up here);
    Cotton, leather, wool, or fur hats.

    I feel good about this, although i must check the fossil content of a few other items.

  • Sam Duncan

    You really are hard-of-thinking. The logos were for jackets to be given out by an oil industry company to their customers (so obviously not people who have a problem with the oil industry), there were not going to be sold to the general public in shops with those logos FFS

    Um. The public might have found out?

  • Dave R

    North Face is a cheap knockoff of Moose Knuckle anyway. Get the good stuff.

  • Gene

    Dave R., I wouldn’t use “cheap” to describe North Face.

  • Alexander Tertius Harvey

    We must hope for ‘global warming’ to counter our coming inability to heat our homes properly.

  • Stonyground

    Yes and there was that video of the poor little turtle with a straw up its nose. Before we had plastic we used to make stuff out of turtles.

  • Paul Marks

    No Pete – “North Face” is NOT making a good business decision, for the reasons that bobby b states and other reasons to.

    If a man behaves in a dishonourable way he undermines his own company in the long run (because he has undermined himself)- as a modern person you may laugh at that Pete, but it is true.

    It is not just a matter of “Go Woke and Go Broke” – it is a matter of “Wokeness” leading to spiritual and physical death.

    As for reducing C02 emissions – if people wish to do that they can, by the radical deregulation of nuclear power. This would both make nuclear power cheaper AND SAFER. For the regulations both increase costs and add to complexity – which undermines safety.

  • Schrodinger's Dog

    What a man! We desperately needs more CEOs like him, rather than the ones who grovel to the woke crowd. Perhaps this video might inspire a few of them to grow a backbone.

  • It is not just a matter of “Go Woke and Go Broke” – it is a matter of “Wokeness” leading to spiritual and physical death.

    Hyperbole aside, the sooner the end stage is achieved, the better.

  • Buzz Lightbeer

    Um. The public might have found out?

    ‘The Public’ doesn’t give a damn, just a shrill group of gormless NPCs. But North Face having made this an issue, it’s Wright’s contribution to this story that’ll be long remembered because like the title says, this really is the most masterful & polite public fuck you ever 😎

  • Nemesis

    @ Paul Marks,
    “When I was young most shoes where leather – now nearly all shoes are plastic (trainers or boots soles).”

    Careful now, you dont want the vegans and the climate change alarmists after you for utilizing farty cows.

  • GregWA

    I know that most here know the following, but some posts on this topic seem to ignore this: just because something doesn’t have a fossil fuel derived material in it doesn’t mean its production hasn’t consumed fossil fuels. We run on energy. The factory where your vegan clothing was made runs on electricity unless you’re really around the bend and only buy from clothing makers who use no electricity (if such exist?)

    No one thinks cradle-to-grave about anything that’s made or consumed, from “electric” cars to “organic” produce to “non-fossil containing apparel” to “environmentally friendly” energy to basically everything the Left pushes as better.

    It’s actually breathtaking how any political system of thought can so consistently get so many things exactly wrong. A coin flip is 50-50 but these morons are more like 99:1.

    I truly believe the Laws of Physics are governing what Lefties decide to do: the laws are involved properly as they must be, leading to correct solutions floating in the ether before them, but the Leftie sussing things out has an innate ability to go in the exact opposite direction. I guess they are driven by the Anti-Laws of Physics?

  • Paul Marks

    The idea that Big Business goes “Woke” to please customers is false.

    For example, it is well known that STD (“Star Trek Discovery”), Batwoman and many other television series and films are incredibly bad and hardly anyone wants to watch them, yet they get renewed (season after season) – they cost a fortune, hardly anyone wants to watch them, yet they get made and renewed.

    The “Woke” Corporations, such as Disney, could not give a damn what customers wants – indeed they DENOUNCE customers as “toxic” (“toxic fandom”) – not gong along with Frankfurt School Marxism (and it is Frankfurt School Marxism) means you “toxic” and the Corporations who control films, television programmes, comics, video games (and so on) do-not-want-your-money, because you are not a Marxist you are an “ist” and a “phobe”.

    Today I happened to be in town – there in Waterstones bookshop (the largest book chain in Britain) they were STILL pushing books such as “Becoming” by (or supposedly by) Michelle Obama, and “Dreams From My Father” (supposedly written by Barack Obama many years ago – although most likely at least partly written by his terrorist friend Bill Ayers).

    A real history of Michelle Obama might be quite interesting – the daughter of a Ward Captain in the Corrupt Chicago Democrat Machine, goes to Princeton to fill a racist quota (not on ability or hard work ), writes a thesis filled with hatred (real or assumed) for white people, goes back to Chicago, marries Barack Obama (a political and financial move), has years of corruption as outlined in Michelle Malkin’s “The Culture of Corruption”, then…..

    Almost needless to say none of this is in “Becoming” which presents the corrupt Michelle Obama as a some sort of saint.

    As for “Dreams From My Father” – boiler plate Marxist Agitprop, see (for example) its treatment of events in Indonesia in 1966 – the CIA is blamed for the mass killing of Marxists (who are presented as not Marxists), in reality the Communist Party of Indonesia launched a coup and were defeated by the Indonesian Army, the army and the peasants (Indonesian peasant farmers knowing that the Marxists would still their land and murder millions of them) cut up the Marxists (literally).

    In 2008 Big Business nearly all supported Barack Obama – in spite of it being easy to find out about his Marxist background. The Herbert Marcuse style attack on Freedom of Speech in universities by the Obama Administration (Freedom of Speech being “Repressive Tolerance” which “harms” members of certain “disadvantaged groups”) was quite predictable, it would have been shocking if the Obama regime had NOT launched a campaign against Freedom of Speech. Of course they would misuse Title Nine of the Civil Rights Act this way.

    On private property of land – the Obama EPA set about trying to undermine that by declaring that any land with water on it was open to government regulation (control) down to the smallest thing – had this continued (as it may well under Biden-Harris) private property in land would have become a legal fiction in the United States.

    Again it would have been shocking if someone with the Marxist background of Barack Obama had NOT behaved in this way – yet Big Business supported him, just as they support STD (Star Trek Discovery) and “Batwoman” (which no one wants to watch).

    Would Waterstones sell more books if it pushed books by, for example, TOMMY ROBINSON rather than Barack and Michelle Obama (or whoever really writes these books)?

    Of course Waterstones would sell more books if it sold books by boo-hiss authors. But it does not care about selling books – that is not what the managers of Waterstones care about. Anymore than the makers of STD care that people do not want to watch it.

    The serve “the cause” and that is vastly more important to the Corporations than making money (making money is nasty – “vulgar”) and, in any case, the Corporate employees got paid whether or not they make money – and there are always government bailouts if the Corporations looks in danger of going bust.

    I am told that Hollywood got another bailout just the other day.

    Big Business is partly Frankfurt School and partly Technocracy (Klaus Schwab looking back to Saint-Simon and his banker friends – with their dreams of a totalitarian Collectivist society, “You will own nothing – and you will be happy” OR ELSE).

    Does it matter what the brand of a boot is – when it is stamping on your neck?

    The thing that Big Business hates about all else is Free Enterprise – because Free Enterprise is nasty and vulgar, Plato said it nasty and vulgar – so that must be true.

    Big Business going Woke because of customers? No that is false.

  • Paul Marks

    In 2008 I was still shocked how “liberal” Big Business, such as the Economist magazine, supported Barack Obama – I assumed it was because they did not know of his background.

    Slowly I was forced to admit to myself that they did know – both about his background and what he intended to do, and they did-not-care, or actually supported the agenda.

    That was in 2008 – anyone who still, in 2021, thinks that Big Business is not fine with the idea of totalitarianism has not been paying attention.

    I remind readers that almost all of Big Business supported Biden-Harris – and Biden-Harris made no secret of their agenda.

    The creator of Facebook alone spent half a Billion (BILLION) Dollars gaining control of key areas of vote counting – and he was the norm rather than the exception,

    Whether they are Marxists or Technocracy supporters does not matter – as both support totalitarianism.

    Joseph Biden (a senile nonentity who could hardly get a dozen people to attend his events) supposedly got “80 million votes” – they do not even try to make their fraud seem plausible.

    Big Business is as straight as the Google Search Engine.

  • Fred Z

    Snorri needs to read GregWA’s comment carefully.

    The post and the comments also forget the reality that global warming would be a good thing, at least as compared to global cooling.

    The simplest upside-downside analysis of a mile of ice on top of North America, Europe, Russia, New Zealand etc. versus moving a few hundred million people and some increased flooding and high wind shows that.

    If the ice returns Billions will starve.

  • Bulldog Drummond

    The wife & I watched this and we literally looked at each other and high fived.


  • Paul Marks

    One man to listen to on the C02 theory is Tony Heller (realclimatscience.com) he tends to be either ignored or smeared – the establishment do not actually refute what he says, and he has the actual figures (the figures from the government’s own books – not the constantly changing figures they put on the websites) on his side.

    Tony Heller may be wrong – but his evidence and arguments need to be treated seriously.

    As for the Woke Corporations……

    One of the things about “Batwoman” is that after the lead actress (who played “Batwoman”) resigned, because she could not take it anymore, the studio hired a replacement – the replacement was black-female-and-lesbian (as one would expect), but the corporation also indicated something else…

    When people started to complain that the new “star” could not act – the corporation replied (if one translates their Frankfurt School language) that this was the point, that talent was “whiteness” and that was exactly what they were trying to get away from.

    Think about that – imagine you are a black actor or actress who can actually deliver lines and show conviction in your acting. The Corporation does NOT want you – because both talent and hard work are “whiteness”, which is EVIL.

    They went out and searched for the worst actors and worst script writers they could find – as a protest against capitalist society where such evil things as talent and hard work are considered important. Much like the theatre critic in Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead” who deliberately seeks out (even helps create) the WORST plays – and writes them up as wonderful, not because he likes the plays (he sees them for the garbage they are) – but because he HATES REAL ART and seeks to destroy it by praising bad art.

    This is becoming the norm in television shows and films – and much else. Think how even such things as comics and video games have come attack – with people producing the worst comics and video games they can find and then AWARDING THEM ALL THE TOP PRIZES – the worse something is, the more praise and prizes it gets.

    With television STD was an example of such thinking – it combined a very large budget with very bad actors and very bad script writers. After several series it has become clear that the very bad actors and very bad script writers are-the-point – this is intentional, they are trying to produce the worst show they possibly can.

    This is more than Marxism – even more than Frankfurt School Marxism. There is a large dose of nihilism in this – they destroy for the sake of destroying.

    I, and others, have often warned that the present policies followed by the international establishment will not lead to a wonderful new society – that they will lead to just ashes and dried blood.

    But to many powerful people that man not be a bug – it may be a feature. It may be what they actually want – even if it involves their own personal destruction.

    If so the desperate appeal “stop doing this – you are destroying YOURSELF, as well as everyone else” may be answered with a slight giggle and a smile infected by madness.

  • David Norman

    Snorri Ghodi. I am mystified as to why you don’t want to wear outdoor clothing containing fossil hydrocarbons. It is lighter and much more effective than clothing made from natural materials. Advances over the last few decades have been considerable and clothes that are warm, waterproof and breathable can now be bought for a very reasonable sum compared with the price of the sheepskins and down jackets of yore. The North Face is only one of many firms that make pretty decent stuff and like most here I could do without their rampant hypocrisy.

  • David, when I go spend a week in the countryside (Cotswolds) and SWMBO and I strike out through the vegetables in prone-to-shitty-weather-England, I am a walking advertisement for hydrocarbon based clothing (Arc’teryx).

    But in the country pub afterwards and back in the big smoke, pretty much the only hydrocarbons I am wearing are the elastic bits of my keks and the soles of my kangaroo leather R.W. Williams boots.

  • Snorri Godhi

    David Norman: I did not say that I “don’t want” to wear synthetic clothing. I said that i feel good about not wearing it. That’s because i am old-fashioned. I dislike wearing anything that a Viking would not wear. Other than rubber soles. And even that needed getting used to.

  • My reasoning is somewhat similar to Snorri on that 🤣

  • bobby b

    “I dislike wearing anything that a Viking would not wear.”

    The olde Vikings are all dead, mostly of hypothermia from wearing soggy non-synthetics. The new, more comfortable Vikings (hi!) live in synthetics, and Columbia, Arc’teryx, Canada Goose, and North Face all do nicely.

  • Paul Marks

    There are ways of making clothing and boots made of natural materials water proof – in the past if-you-could-pay-a-lot-of-money you could wear clothing and boots that would keep you dry even in heavy rain.

    But that is the point – if-you-could-pay-a-lot-of-money. High quality clothing and boots were not cheap.

    I have been to reenactor markets and seen people buying clothing and boots – it is all “authentic” in the sense it is all hand made and all from natural materials, but it is not all the same.

    If you want clothing that will make you look (say) Victorian on a sunny afternoon – that is one price. And if you want Victorian clothing that will actually keep you warm and dry on a 20 mile walk in winter rain and snow – you can have that to, but the price is much higher (it will be made to measure – it is not “off the shelf”).

    18th century clothing (1700s) tends to be more practical than Victorian clothing – at least for ladies (clothing for ladies from the Victorian period may look pretty – but it is not healthy at all), I also prefer the 18th century hats and so on for men – but that is just preference thing (not a health thing).

    By the way – the Middle Ages is normally shown totally wrong.

    An ordinary man on a battlefield would wear a padded long coat – a gambeson, you can march in that as well (unless it is too HOT).

    A reasonably wealthy man would be a coat-of-plates a brigandine – which is a cloth coat (worn over the padded coat) with plates of mental (hopefully tempered steel – but that was expensive) riveted to it on the inside.

    A high quality brigandine offers good protection and you can fight in it all day.

    “But Paul I have seen what Medieval warriors wore – it is in the Hollywood films….”

    A full made-to-measure suit of plate armour – yes you might (might) wear that, if you were very rich.

    Basically what wearing that is doing is shouting to the world “I am very rich – do not kill me, take me for ransom”.

    If you are just wearing a helmet and a brigandine over padding, then people on the other side are going to be trying to kill you – rather than take you prisoner. So it is offering you less protection in that sense.

    There were suits of armour made that had no gaps-at-all and were fully articulated. NASA went and examined them when designing space suits.

    They were made in London in the 16th century (yes as late as that) – and they were incredibly expensive. You could buy a farm for the price of one of those suits.

    There were also artificial limbs – including hands that were fully adjustable (again – if you had to ask the price, you could not afford it), German craftsmen made them.

    Generally speaking the German lands had the highest tech level (in terms of machinery) in the medieval and “early modern” period.

  • Patrick

    Waterproofing cotton (or indeed any natural fibre) is dead easy. I use a 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 mix of boiled linseed oil, natural turpentine, and beeswax (all available to Vikings). Melt together in a biscuit tin (do this outside), leave to set, rub it in thoroughly, and remelt with a hairdryer or heat gun so it gets fully absorbed into the fibres. Especially good for hats or Drizabone / Barbour type coats.

  • Paul Marks

    Thank you Patrick. That is informative.

    I am also told that linseed oil keeps bugs away – is that true?

  • llamas

    I’m pretty sure that it is at the John Clare cottage in Helpston where I have seen a farm worker’s coat from the early C19 – obviously made/adapted from a bespoke cutaway coat that was handed down. Sealed with tar and what looks like the coating of a Barbour coat, it actually looks very comfortable to wear, and appears 100% rain-proof.

    Incidentally, if you ever desire to really appreciate just what the last 150 years have brought us, I urge you to visit the Clare cottage, which has been set up to be as exactly-as-possible as it would have been when he and his family lived in it. It’s difficult to even begin to grasp how primitive their lives were. How he could overcome his insanity and sit down in that place and write the poetry he wrote, using a pen and ink he made himself to do it, is beyond my ability to comprehend.

    Sailors have known from time immemorial how to make their outer clothing wind- and water-proof. Some of their methods were rather unappealling, but they do work.

    Boiled linseed oil keeps wood-boring- and -consuming insects out. I have no data on its effectiveness at keeping other bugs away.