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They continue to appear…

A couple I have not seen before…

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  • Paul Marks

    Excellent although limited. For example, “Defund the BBC” does not address the fact that the “independent” television stations are at least as bad – there is no real CHOICE of points of view in the United Kingdom, all stations must be “unbiased and objective” i.e. pump out Collectivist propaganda.

    As for Covid – the new variants (Brazilian and South African) give the officials and “scientific experts” the justification they are looking for to prolong restrictions. Unless the smearing of EARLY TREATMENT of Covid 19 stops this situation could be with us until the “Climate Change Emergency” is ready as a justification for state (and Corporate) control of everything – with the government, and a handful of “pet” Corporations, controlling all aspects of life.

    Posters against this are needed.

    As for the public – they are being subjected to endless “Green” propaganda, not just from the Green Party (which would be understandable – and I fully SUPPORT the right of the Green Party to put its case), but from the government as well.

    For example, when there was very COLD weather in Texas leftist activists said this proved their Global Warming theory (now renamed “Climate Change” – a term that can mean anything they want it to mean at any given moment), but it was not just leftist activists – it was Western GOVERNMENTS as well.

    Hot weather “proves” that the state (and pet corporations) should control all aspects of life, and cold weather also “proves” that the state (and pet corporations) should control all aspects of life. No one ever says “C02 emissions are bad – therefore we should REPEAL the regulations that hold back nuclear power and allow small companies to build small, truck sized, nuclear power generators” – no the argument is always for MORE regulation and more “Green” taxes, never LESS regulations and less taxes.

    What impact (if any) this endless propaganda has had on British voters we will see when the votes cast on Thursday are counted. But no political party in Parliament is arguing AGAINST this stuff – it is “science” a word that has come to be defined in political terms (“science” meaning anything that gives the state, and pet corporations, more power over all aspects of life).

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Just ask people if they can point to a single island which has been flooded because of climate change traffic islands don’t count). I have heard for years that the Maldives would ‘soon’ be inundated, but these prophecies were the one that became dated. You can still fly there for holidays, without flood insurance.

  • Stonyground

    When having an argument with my 24 year old daughter about this, she stated that the Maldives were already submerged. I pointed out that, no they weren’t that was just one more example of hundreds of doom laden predictions that never happened. How do we know that the climate alarmists are wrong? They are always wrong, every single time.

  • Fred Z

    Covid protest poster, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, May 1, 2021.


    They are all over the southwest part of town.

  • Paul Marks

    Stonyground – your adult daughter believed that the Maldives had been submerged.

    In short the young lady believed that thousands of people had been brutally murdered by “deniers” like me (and you). We had drowned these thousands of innocent people to serve our capitalist greed.

    And people wonder why juries refuse to convict members of Extinction Rebellion for acts of vandalism and so on.

    If I believed the propaganda that the media (and Big Business and Western governments) trot out every day – I would also refuse to convict members of “XR”.

    “The evidence is clear that these members of XR hacked Stonyground to death”.

    “Stonyground was a monster – he had already murdered the entire population of the Maldives and was actively engaged in a CO2 project to murder BILLIONS of people”.

    The thoughts “Stonyground had it coming” and “XR were engaged in SELF DEFENCE against the monster Stonyground who was engaged in the extermination of the human species – indeed of all life on Earth” would be natural thoughts to have.

    Natural thoughts to have – if one believed the statements of most Western leaders. This is a “Climate Change Emergency” the survival of life on Earth is at stake.

    Stonyground, Nicholas Gray and Paul Marks MUST BE KILLED (the fate of humanity depends upon it) – hard to see how Western leaders could argue against this, given the speeches they read out.

    After all “Earth will turn into Venus – the extinction of all life” if we are not killed. We are both evil and insane – as the C02 we breathe out (the fact that we breathe out C02 proves our inherent evil – this is SCIENCE) will kill us ourselves – when it destroys all life on this planet and turns the Earth into Venus.

    If you are doubt any of the above you are heretic against SCIENCE.

    When, some years ago, I first became aware of the leftist slogan “I love science” or “I live fu..ing science” I was a bit confused as to why the left should like science – I only gradually became aware that the word “science” had changed its meaning (and had done so over a long period of time).

    After all the Collectivist fanatics who make up “SAGE” in this country (whose “advice” the government carries out) are all “leading scientists” – by the new definition of the words “science” and “scientists” that have become accepted in the universities and the world generally.

    Science is no longer anything to do with free enquiry or open debate – and objective truth has no value to the new “scientists” (hence they do such things as change historic temperature data). What matters is “the cause” (the totalitarian cause) – this is what the word “science” now means, and it is why the leftist slogan is “I love fu..ing science!”.

    The late Robert Conquest and John O’Sullivan (the latter first) – any institution that is not explicitly “right wing” will eventually be taken over by the left (and institutions that are explicitly “right wing” may also be taken over by the left – it just is not inevitable in this case).

    This is certainly true with “scientific” institutions and “scientific” journals – they have become propaganda outlets for “Social Justice”, “Equity” and all the rest of it. Whether it is Covid 19 or the “Climate Change Emergency” everything will be used as a justification for ever greater Collectivism.

  • llamas

    I find it instructive that almost every one of the anti-hysteria posters that have been linked show some evidence of somebody trying to peel them off or otherwise deface them. That suggest to me that there’s a significant part of the population that’s so invested in the Covid panic and all that goes with it that they feel they must destroy any contrary message. Not sure what this portends but somehow I think it is is not good.



  • Paul Marks

    No llamas it is not good – and it is much the same sort of people who put Green Party (or Labour Party) posters up in their windows.

    Some people tell me that Mr Johnson and co do not really believe in all this stuff – I do not know whether that is true or not (I have never met Mr Johnson). But many people devoutly believe in the totalitarianism – with all their hearts.

    They believe – and they believe hard.

    I respect that – I respect them.

    One should always respect enemies far more than false friends.

  • Paul Marks

    I used to think that STD (Star Trek Discovery) was the worst television series ever made. That was before I encountered “Exterminate All The Brutes” – shown by Sky, Disney, television but made by HBO AT&T – the anti Western, anti white, propaganda of “Exterminate All The Brutes” makes the propaganda of the former Soviet Union, or even the propaganda of National Socialist Germany, look subtle and understated by comparison.

    However, STD is still a very bad television series (if CBS Viacom had been deliberately trying to produce a show as entertaining as watching paint dry, whilst having your testicles fried, this is what they would have produced) – but sometimes instructive.

    Every now and then an STD character will say “I love science” – which may appear odd considering that nothing on the show has anything to do with science, as this word was traditionally understood.

    But when one understands that he word “science” (like the word “liberalism” a century ago) has been redefined (essentially had its meaning reversed) – it all becomes clear.

    The Frankfurt School, and French Post Modernism, has won – science as it was traditionally understood in the West (free enquiry, open debate, respect for objective truth – and honest data) is dead. It has been replaced by “Woke” dogma that has taken the name “science” for itself.

    Hence the left are quite sincere when the say “I love science” – they mean they love their dogma.

  • Paul Marks

    The rich establishment are hard to understand – they seem blind to open threats to their lives. Hence they back all of this stuff.

    I remember Prince Charles trying to make friends with the author of the “Horrible Histories” series (first made as books – later a television series to try make children hate Western Civilisation), Prince Charles kept saying how good the books were and how they got children interested in history, and asked how he could help……

    The writer was, quite understandably, baffled – after all he wants to exterminate Prince Charles, his entire family, and all the comfortably off establishment (who are, in his eyes, exploiters and oppressors).

    The Duke of Orleans financed the French Revolution, declared himself “Citizen Equality” and even voted for the murder of his kinsman the well meaning (although absurdly weak) Louis XVI.

    His friends responded by robbing and murdering the Duke of Orleans (the richest man in France).

    When the Corporate Elite of Britain and the United States are robbed and murdered by their friends the Marxists (who will put up statues of Mr George Floyd on the ashes and dried blood of their “friends” the rich “liberal” elite) – will it not be exactly what they deserve?

    Perhaps the statues will have one hand putting fentanyl capsules down the throat, and the other hand holding a knife to a pregnant woman’s throat.

  • JohnK


    As you say, “global warming” and “climate change” are now old hat. Instead we have the “climate emergency” or “climate catastrophe”. As the climate stubbornly refuses to change or warm, so the terms must become more hyperbolic to justify the massive societal and economic changes they herald.

    If the whole mass of the state, academia and business buy into this “climate emergency” doctrine, then it is hardly surprising if ordinary people do too. I am told that the Greens may win the German elections. If they do, why not? There is a “climate emergency” after all.

    The German government passed a do-gooding law “promising” to become “carbon neutral” at some point a few decades hence. Now the constitutional court has told them that they are not doing enough to tackle the “climate emergency”, and must shut down German industry and society much more quickly (they do not use those terms exactly, but the outcome will be the same). Why should the constitutional court not do this? There is a “climate emergency” and the German government passed laws acknowledging this “fact”. The court was only passing judgment on laws the government had passed.

    Where will it end? Sleepy Joe wants to spend $2 trillion on “infrastructure”, 95% of which will go on green stuff, ie be wasted. You would think it has to end at some point, but by then maybe the boot will be so firmly implanted on our faces that it won’t matter.

  • Thank you very much, Fred Z! I encourage people to post others like it wherever they are.

  • Jon Eds

    Since most of the media is closed to us, or we are ignored, stickers and leaflets are the way forward.

    You can get the stickers on Telegram:


    A special sticker printing printer is required. You can buy one on Amazon for about £100. Even if you don’t fancy putting them up yourself, printing them and mailing them to others could be appreciated (or so it says on the group). Not done it myself mind, as it’s tough to get this kind of expenditure signed off by the household CFO, who whilst sympathetic doesn’t share my ‘the end of the world is nigh’ mindset.

    Maybe we could do a Samizdata set with Paul Marks quotes.

    “Not sure what this portends but somehow I think it is is not good.”

    I wouldn’t read too much into this. I’ve been known to scrape off communist stickers etc.,

    “Stonyground was a monster – he had already murdered the entire population of the Maldives”

    Paul Marks put a smile on my face with this one.

  • Flubber

    James Delingpoles latest podcast is with Naomi Klein, and is enlightening.

    NK was one of the first lefties to express Buyers remorse over Biden and has some interesting things to say about the Davos crowd.

  • Rich Rostrom

    This is verging on outright denialism.

    COVID is only one of many contagious diseases which are asymptomatic (or very mild) in many infectees, and severe to lethal in others.

    Poliomyelitis is asymptomatic in infants. “Typhoid Mary” had no symptoms.

    Other diseases are contagious long before becoming noticeable to the infectee. HIV, for instance. Syphilis can be practically asymptomatic for many years, even as it inflicts horrific damage. Testing and tracing of potential carriers has been a routine public health procedure for over a century,

    COVID can be lethal; it has put tens of millions of people in hospitals, many of them in intensive care, killed millions, and left millions of others with permanent lung damage.

    Does this mean that all the lockdowns and masking are entirely justified? No. But the threat is real. Claiming otherwise is not only wrong, it destroys the credibility of any associated criticism.

  • mongoose

    It’s “the science” not just “science”. (This is a tactic previously used by Blair. He used to prattle about “the investment”, meaning the extra revenue expenditure he was putting into things – or saying he was anyway.) Both are/were used to differentiate between science and investment that they want to talk about and same that they do not want to even acknowledge.

    How do you know that a politician is lying? Because he says that he is just following “the science”. So it is just cheating and fibbing but it is done with remarkable diligence. It is as simple as night following day to identify “the science” as that emanating from “the (acceptable) scientists”. When that happens, of course, no science is getting done at all.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    The PC statement about science is, “The Science is Settled!”. Settled as in still, inert, dead. Perhaps science should be pronounced as ‘seance’ to convey the settled, dead, meaning.

  • Paul Marks

    John K.

    Germany is closing down their nuclear power stations – which is the exact opposite of what they should be doing if they want to reduce C02 emissions.

    But then I have just used reason – which makes me a Capitalist-Running-Dog. The CDU in Germany has rejected reason – which raises the question of why a person should not vote for the Green Party if one is going to get their policies regardless of how one votes. A question that some people ask rather closer to home than Germany.

    Flubber – some leftists really do care about Civil Liberties. I sometimes forget that – and I should not. Sadly most leftists do not care about Civil Liberties – and a lot of people “on the right” clearly do not care about them either.

    Mongoose – yes “the science”.

    Jon Eds – it is funny, at least till the daughter of Stonyground approaches them with a knife – out to avenge the murder of the entire population of the Maldives (brutally murdered, drowned, by the Capitalist greed of Paul Marks and Stonyground).

    Big Business itself insists (endlessly) that capitalism is evil and must be exterminated (watch the typical Hollywood film – or “Woke” television advertisement) – and they are capitalists. So it is only logical for the population, or at least some of them, to assume that this is true.

    When Extinction Rebellion comes to kill me, I wonder if they will cite the speeches of many “conservative” politicians from various Western countries as justification for killing me.

    After all the logical conclusion of those speeches is that “deniers” (or even people who might be deniers – remember I HAVE NEVER FORMALLY DENIED THE CO2 EMISSIONS ARE CAUSING GLOBEL WARMING THEORY) are a clear and present danger to all life on this planet – and, therefore, should be killed.

    As the Inquisition (taking their line from Augustine) often pointed out – they were not using violence out of cruelty, they had to kill heretics in case the ideas of heretics infected other people and caused them to go Hell – for eternal torment.

    Eternal torment in Hell – think about that. Heretical ideas are a DISEASE – and if killing heretics can “save even one life” from eternal torment in Hell, surely the action is justified?

    On Civid 19 – the contradictions run thick and fast.

    For example, there is the endless demand for testing – but when I tried to arrange a test today I was turned down with a lot of double-talk (a local election count is demanding that all people who enter must be tested for Covid 19, it turns out that I will have to be tested at the count – not that tests are reliable anyway).

    There is endless expressed concerns for the victims of this disease – but EARLY TREATMENT continues to be smeared.

    The majority of people who have died of Covid 19 in the Western World could have been saved – but it is heretical to say so. Just as it is heretical to point out that if you wanted to reduce C02 emissions you would not be closing down nuclear power stations as Germany is doing.

    By the way – the Greens are urging people to vote LABOUR (posters in windows and so on), at least round here they have a de facto electoral pact with both Labour and the Liberal Democrats – so Mr Johnson’s effort to charm the Greens has, sadly, not been a success (the Greens cooperate with both Labour and the Lib Dems – but they regard “Tories” as their mortal enemies, regardless of how much the government says it agrees with all Green policies). Still we shall soon see what effect, if any, all the Green propaganda in the education system and media have had.

    Why predict – when one can just wait for the count and see the truth.

    Unlike the United States, vote counts tend to be straight in the United Kingdom.

  • Jon Eds


    I think most of us would acknowledge that for a sufficiently dangerous disease some constraints on liberty could be justified. The Swedish approach seems about right to me in this case. The UK government has truly jumped the shark however and been as awful as they have been incompetent.

    Unfortunately, if you had not noticed, there appears to be little room for informed debate and the stickers are at the guerilla propaganda end of the spectrum of resistance. It serves a purpose.