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Whether it is Nigeria’s government brutalising its citizens, China herding Uighur Muslims into “re-education camps” or Libyan slave markets actually auctioning black people like cattle in the 21st-century, injustices elsewhere often provoke muted responses from Western progressives — certainly, nowhere near the outrage that accompanies even much lesser injustices in the West. This from the same people who profess to care about all of humanity, not just those living within their borders.

Remi Adekoya

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  • Paul Marks

    There is no mystery here – “Woke” doctrine is Frankfurt School Marxism, its purpose is to destroy the “capitalist” West. The leaders of the “Woke” do not give a damn about black people, or women, or Muslims, or homosexuals, or trans, or any other “victim group” – they are just cannon fodder in an entirely cynical exercise.

  • Jim

    What Paul Marks said. Its all about power, and getting your hands on it. The people you use to get it are irrelevant. Ask the working classes, gays and lesbians and increasingly, women. All have been or are being thrown under the bus because their usefulness to the Left is over.

  • pete

    To be fair western ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’ do also ignore some serious injustices in the west.

    Rochdale and Rotherham for example.

    The sisterhood never bothered about those victims.

  • While i cannot speak for his white friends specifically, Dr Adekoya is mistaken if he truly thinks the whites who govern this west-hating trend

    are ashamed of their societies for its past sins, and feel it responsible for today’s global problems

    The commenters above have their measure. To add another very obvious example, the Democrats would have renamed their own party long since if there were an atom of sincerity in their belief that names with a racist past should be altered to atone for it.

    By contrast, I suspect Remi is correctly describing some of his non-white friends who

    acknowledge the West’s relative fairness in private, especially those who have experience of life elsewhere. However, they believe that as people of colour, we should refrain from acknowledging this publicly, because that could only weaken our position in the quest for racial justice.

    However I think the psychological accuracy of that portrayal could only be increased by skipping the last 6 words – and that’s before we get onto those non-whites who are conscious hangers-on of the woke white Frankfurt CRT project (to be fair, since this article if not before, any such are probably more eager to cancel Dr Adekoya than to be friends with him).

    Although Remi’s ‘acknowledging this publicly’ is admirable, the writer seems to me to have a good deal more still to learn.

    These are valid fears I share, but if we want to have an honest debate about race and the West, then it cannot be built on pretending we don’t see or know certain things.

    Who indeed could deny that people who want an honest debate cannot pretend an absurd ignorance – but, equally, who does not know that it is the absence of such honesty, not its presence, that gives rise to valid fears?

  • dougg

    i’m not a marxist but i too couldn’t give a fig about these people in other countries. we have enough problems of our own that we needn’t try controlling for everything on earth. i care more about my family, my neighbors, my region, my countrymen than about any group of people living thousands of miles away who’s culture, language, and custom are all alien to me. The control freaks who think we can or should end all oppression and injustice everywhere in the world are people who ultimately do nothing about either but often demand someone else should “do something”. It’s as though they have no recognition about the limitations of power. While their cities degrade they shed crocodile tears over people who are indifferent or culturally hostile to them.

  • Dougg… If you don’t give a fig about other countries, so what? I think you might be confused what the target article is about. It is actually about the opinions of white leftists in this (& other) first world countries. The article suggest that just as you don’t care about ending injustice elsewhere in the world, neither do the Marxists. They want to destroy the tolerant kinda sorta market economy & kinda sorta rights based civil society places like UK has & replace it with a command economy & a permission based civil society.

  • Mark

    @Perry de Havilland

    Indeed, and most of them think they can do this at no cost to themselves. It’s like believing you can release plague rats into your shared house and that the fleas will only bite people you don’t like. And when the “bad” people are all gone the fleas will then form a circus for your amusement.

  • Paul Marks

    Niall – as you know Mr Biden was a friend and colleague of the late Senator Byrd, Great Cyclops of the KKK.

    The Democrat Party has always been racialist – and for cynical vote gathering reasons. In the life time of Mr Biden (indeed during his own time in the Senate – for he started off “playing the race card” in Delaware by warning about black children taking over schools) the Democrats have gone from fanning the fears of white people about blacks, to the fanning the fears of black people about whites – but it is always GROUP politics (treating people as members of groups – rather than individuals).

    Nor is it always about biological race – Mayor Curley of Boston pushed hated of “the English” (i.e. non Irish Americans) more than a century ago, and he pushed dependency on government welfare.

    Mayor Curley did not need instruction from the Frankfurt School of Marxism (which did not exist in his time), nor did he need “Cloward and Piven” training in pushing welfare dependency as a route to POWER.

    All Mayor Curley needed to do was ask himself “how can I be the biggest shit possible?” Mr Biden is just like him.

  • dougg

    Perry….. in some ways I hope they get what they want. The state is the only thing standing in the way of the left being obliterated by people tired of their crap. In every case governments around Europe, North America, Australia will come down with maximum force on anyone Libertarian or Right, but the left is allowed to run completely out of control and successive governments of every stripe don’t just condone it, they actively seem to sponsor it. Likewise minorites, muzzies in the UK can rape thousands (or tens of thousands) of underage girls for a score of years and barely a finger is lifted. Meanwhile they’ll be knocking on you door for saying the wrong things online. So when the left howls to defund the police all I can think is…. “let them forsake the only thing protecting them”

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