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How pausing the world leads to catastrophe

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13 comments to How pausing the world leads to catastrophe

  • Paul Marks

    The lockdowns have been a disaster – and the Gentleman is correct we have not seen the full damage yet, most of the harm is yet to make itself felt, and when it hits it will be terrible (many lives will be lost).

    Even some very poor countries, such as Belarus and Nicaragua, did not have a lockdown – and their death rate is no worse (even according to opposition estimates) than the countries that did have lockdowns. Even China itself (where the pandemic started) did not really have a national lockdown – at least not for long. Unlike Western nations the Chinese economy has not been wreaked – the People’s Republic of China position was “do as we say – NOT as we do” and most Western nations just said “Yes Master” (ditto over C02 emissions).

    Even the thousands of Chinese paid social media commenters using-the-same-words to support pro lockdown politicians, such as the Premier of Victoria Australia, did not seem to wake Westerners out of their gullible slumber. If a hostile power is telling you to follow a policy it is not really following itself – and is paying lots of people to push propaganda in support of this policy, this really should set alarm bells ringing (but, somehow, it did not).

    Lockdowns as a response to a pandemic seem to be fairly recent doctrine – pushed in recent years more for political than medical reasons (for example the World Health Organisation is not headed by a medical doctor – it is led by a Marxist Doctor of Philosophy, with a long record of obeying the PRC is everything). It is quite true that most of the top international establishment are NOT Marxist – but their own form of totalitarianism (broadly that of Saint-Simon – “Technocracy”) is also of the “do not let a crises go to waste” form. They may not have deliberately created the pandemic (it may have been an accidental release) – but they certainly took at advantage of it. Such organisations as the World Economic Forum have not even tried to hide their glee – finally their “Stakeholder Capitalism” – “Sustainable Development” (Agenda 21 – Agenda 2030) can be put into effect.

    The fact that lockdowns do not work as a way of really reducing deaths is denounced, and Early Treatment of Covid 19 has been systematically smeared. Even sworn testimony before the United States Senate in 2020 by some of the best qualified medical professionals on the planet was first sneered at and then swept under the rug (most people never even got to see it).

    It would just not do for people to NOT die – if very large numbers of people were not dying of the disease how could it be used to justify the agenda of international governments (and large “pet” corporations) controlling all aspects of life?

    At the top this is a religious impulse – one only need look at (for example) Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum making a speech, to understand that the Collectivist cause is a religious campaign for him – and for people like him. They may not believe in God – but they have put the Collective up as a new religion (and many people in the established Churches are supporting this – Collectivist “Social Justice” being their new faith).

    If some people have to die in order to bring about the prefect society, these are sacrifices that are worth making – at least to the international establishment elite. Again this does NOT mean that they deliberately released the virus – but they did rush to take advantage of it.

  • Paul Marks

    There are really two different, but linked, scandals.

    The disaster of the international lockdowns – and the damage they have done (the crushing collapse of the international monetary and financial order) has yet to really make itself felt – many people will die, and the West may well fall. And the lockdowns have NOT “saved lives” – not over the full period.

    And the systematic smearing of Early Treatment of Covid 19 with a combination of existing (and fairly cheap) medications – it was known since the middle of 2020 that Early Treatment worked, but there has been a systematic campaign to smear (and then cover up) Early Treatment.

    Sadly I do not think that anyone will be punished for any of this.

  • APL

    @10:44: ” Instead of using excess mortality, which is the only relevant measure, media for over a year, have been reporting cases of death ..”

    The MSM led by the BBC have been terrorizing the UK population over the last year.

    Paul Marks: “The lockdowns have been a disaster “

    Wait for the consequence of the mass (not) vaccination program. The correlation in the over 60s between vaccination and death seems to be about 14 times higher than their unvaccinated peers.

    Paul Marks: “And the systematic smearing of Early Treatment of Covid 19 with a combination of existing (and fairly cheap) medications”

    Until recently ( now anything goes ) an EUA for a new treatment was not available if there is an existing medical treatment for the condition. No EUA, no mass vaccination program ( with some ‘vaccine’ cobbled together over six months ) and no follow up (booster) vaccinations, thus no huge profit margin for big pharma.

  • Paul Marks

    APL – the cover up of Early Treatment has been essentially, MASS MURDER.

    As for the vaccination program – it has been made clear to us that we will not be able to get jobs (or essentially do anything) without “the jab” (actually – jabs). I have no idea if the program will kill me or not – I do not really care. But I am annoyed that the local park is not going to employ me anyway – so “the jab” was essentially pointless. Oh well perhaps it will save my life – rather than kill me. We shall see this winter. I only go as far as the evidence takes me – there is plenty of sworn testimony before the United States Senate (and other places), by well qualified medical experts, that Early Treatment works (that the studies that show it works are true – and the studies that claim to show it does not work are FRAUD), but there is much less testimony about the vaccines.

    I am not saying you are wrong APL – I am just saying that I do not know.

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  • lucklucky

    One of biggest disaster are the Fake News from authorities and “reputable” journalists and media organisations spreading disinformation that those that died WITH Covid 19 were also killed BY it.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Actually, as ‘everyone’ knows (you might be one of the few who don’t, so read on), governments around the world have been releasing all sorts of diseases in the hopes of killing off the non-productive elderly. This is because the government-run pension funds are too broke to be affordable. On the negative side, goodbye grandparents. On the positive, hello balanced budgets. Even though you’ve cottoned on to the scheme, what should you do? You want balanced budgets and healthy economies, don’t you?

  • bobby b

    I was told it was to rid the world of fatties. The beautiful people only want to see beautiful people, and flying in those narrow seats would become comfortable again.

  • APL

    Paul Marks: “I have no idea if the program will kill me or not – I do not really care.”

    The stats seem to suggest that individuals suffering from COPD may have been given some protection from COVID-19 by virtue of the exiting prescriptions, steroid inhalers have been implicated as one such.

  • Flubber

    Ironically, smokers have been less affected as well due to the damage smoking does to the ACE2 receptors in the lungs that COVID targets.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Bobby b, I think the future is a cosmetic one. Not only will you be able to have your ears given points (Vulcan or Elvan), you will be able to look like any film or TV star, and made to look younger! Also, I recently read a New Scientist article about pills that will (for real) get rid of fat. So it will be a beautiful world coming our way.

  • Paul Marks

    Interesting point APL – we shall see if I survive the winter.

    As you hint – yes I am a COPD person and I do use the medications you mention.

  • William O. B'Livion

    The perfect way to die