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When people see those anti-lockdown memes being spread, it forces them to recognize that the world isn’t quite as monolithic as their approved media lulls them into thinking it is. The more they encounter, the more often they must recognize that their paradigms aren’t universal.

In a healthy society, it would be apparent that there were dissenting views. In a society that quashes “disinformation”, you need illicit memes to remind people that there are other views.

Bobby B

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  • Paul Marks

    The latest gambit is to say that the new variants of Covid (the Brazilian and the South African) are hitting people who already have an immune response to Covid 19 – thus, according to Sky News (Comcast and Disney), justifying Emergency Powers for government to enforce lockdowns and so on FOR EVER.

    I think we have reached a stage when we no longer have to explain “Conspiracy Theories” we just have to look at the mainstream (i.e. Corporate) media, where they openly present their international (world) “Build Back Better”, “Great Reset” Collectivism. Their totalitarian desire for Collectivist control of all aspects of human life (including speech – no more “Repressive Tolerance” Freedom of Speech) for ever. Even if all “variants” of Covid vanished right now, the Collectivist establishment would use the “Climate Chance Emergency” for the same purpose.

    True the end goal may not be Marxism – it may be a Saint-Simon style Corporate Totalitarianism. But that is really just the colour of the boot on our faces, it is still a boot stamping down on a human face – for ever.

    That is the goal of the Progressive establishment – and they are not hiding it now, they are quite open about it.

  • Paul Marks

    When I first went into politics one of the great enemies of “Reactionaries” like me was the Marxist dictator of Nicaragua – Daniel Ortega.

    He is still in power now – just as he was in 1979. But Dictator Ortega (who only pays lip service to Marxism these days – a private business is fine as long as it is owned by a member of his family or pays him bribes) did NOT order a lockdown. No one paid him to do anything – so, basically, he did not do anything.

    “And their are piles of dead people in the streets” – no there are not.

    It is the same story in very poor Belarus – where the local dictator (basically) did not do anything either. No piles of dead people.

    Indeed this is true of ALL the countries that did not lockdown.

    “But India…..” – India did lockdown, although I seem to be the only person on the planet (apart from all the people in India who lost their employment and could not feed their families) who remembers this.

    Indeed there are lockdowns in India right now.

    “Ah but it is not a “hard national lockdown” as Sky News demands”.

    Perhaps not – but if India followed the policies of Sky News (i.e. of the Comcast Corporation) hundreds of million of Indians (hundreds of millions of human beings) would starve to death – with a “hard national lockdown” (the Sky News description of the policy they want).

    I think that hundreds of millions of people starving to death in India would be bad thing – according to Comcast, Disney and the other “Woke” Corporations, this makes me a reactionary-running-dog.

  • Ferox

    they are quite open about it.

    At least in the United States, the forces of Progressivism believe that they have won the war. The era of actual elections is over. They now control the election process, and have in place the means and the will to ensure that there will never be another fair national election in the United States ever again.

    Their problem, of course, is that their policies are not sustainable. Eventually, as the great lady said, you run out of other people’s money.

    But that is what gulags and execution trenches are for, I suppose.

  • Paul Marks

    Ferox – yes.

    After all, as the Disney Corporation (Sky Television documentaries) reports – Western people are totally evil. The new series “Exterminate All The Brutes” (basically Dr Goebbels style extreme propaganda – but directed at all white people, not just Jews) pushes the line that the crimes of Western people are extreme and over centuries of evil – Western people DESERVE the Gulags and Execution Trenches, for their past crimes against “people of colour”.

    If Walt Disney was still alive he would not recognise his company – which is now fanatically Marxist (technically Frankfurt School Marxist – rather than Classical Marxist). But it is not just Disney – it is most of the Corporations.

    They do not care about customers – as money will come from government and the Credit Bubble banks.

    Sort of Karl Marx crossed with Saint-Simon. It will not work – it will collapse, and the collapse will be truly terrible.

  • Paul Marks

    Sorry not just “past crimes” – as the Dr Goebbels “Exterminate All The Brutes” agitprop series is to make clear, the crimes of Westerners against people of colour “continue to this day”.

    This is why Westerners DESERVE the Gulags and Execution Trenches. The “Justice” Department agrees.

    The Jews, sorry I mean white people, exploit and oppress other people (people of colour) – this is why they are wealthy. The education system has taught the Disney executives (and the thugs of the “Justice” Department and FBI) that this is so.

    The radical “liberal” Hobson made a similar case more than a century ago – the British Empire was the tool of Jewish “capitalists”.

    Jeremy Corbyn (then leader of the Labour Party) wrote an introduction for a new edition of Hobson’s book – only a couple of years ago.

    Mr Corbyn made the point that it was not Jewish capitalists – it was ALL capitalists who should be crushed, for their crimes against people of colour and so on.

    Disney agrees (“kill us! kill us!” they chant “we deserve it!”) although the “Justice” Department has yet to hire Mr Corbyn as the new Director of the FBI – which is to be renamed the NKVD.

  • Paul Marks

    “The FBI is not the NKVD yet” – “yet” is the key word, for that is where the FBI and the “Justice” system are going.

    Even in the 1930s the New York Times covered up the deaths of MILLIONS of people in the Soviet Union – and it later ran “Old China Hands” propaganda for the Marxist Mao in China, and backed the Marxist takeover of Cuba at the end of the 1950s – and the mass killing there.

    But the dream of the “liberals” (as they falsely call themselves) has always been to do these things in the UNITED STATES.

    Make no mistake – the “Justice” system is now dominated by “Critical Theory” types. Conservatives who backed the vast powers given to the FBI and other alphabet agencies made a terrible mistake – those powers are not going to be used to fight Collectivism, they are going to be used to enforce Collectivism.

    Give vast powers to government and then expect it to defend liberty with those powers? What suicidal stupidity.

    And not just in the United States – all over the Western World.

  • John Lewis

    Only slightly O/T there is currently an excellent interview with rapper and record-breaking female dead-lifter Zuby on the Babylon Bee most of which is available to non-subscribers.

  • Only slightly O/T there is currently an excellent interview with rapper and record-breaking female dead-lifter Zuby on the Babylon Bee most of which is available to non-subscribers.

    …but clearly it would be far too much effort for you to provide a link.


  • One of the evil effects of a lockdown is to empower media at the expense of gossip – to empower agendas at the expense of discussions.

    Normal people do not rush into talking politics the moment they meet their friends, or strangers – nor would those friends and chance-met strangers like them better if they did. In groups and/or in one-on-ones, from time to time as conversations progress, a joke (e.g. one of Perry’s slogans in his post below) or a remark does what bobby b said – makes people aware there are more views than on the mainstream channels.

    Lockdown cuts down on the space for this under-the-radar communication. You spend your scarce time close friends and fewer strangers, spend more time on phone or video and less person to person, make more of that scarce time about the purpose of that conversation with less spare for chit-chat.

  • I have quite a high opinion of Zuby. A very splendid chap.

  • staghounds

    This current corona nonsense is so self evidently stupid that all one can do is gaze in slack jawed amazement.

    It’s been out in the environment for a year, it’s killed* half a million** people, but we’re going to keep it out of the Hamilton County courthouse with a temperature zapper.

    *In my country, the U. S.
    ** So it’s infected one out of every seven people.

  • Phil B

    @Paul Marks re “Kill white people”.

    You mean something like this?


    In the USA, black people are so poorly educated that they don’t understand that 13% (their percentage of the population) is outnumbered by 60% (the white percentage) and/or 75% (which is the white and Hispanic population combined and the Hispanics despise the blacks as much as the blacks despise the whites).

    They may, just may, realise what they have triggered when the race war kicks off (but somehow I doubt that).

  • Paul Marks

    Phil B – nearly all the leading Collectivists have been white.

    And someone can have black skin and still be guilty of “whiteness” – it is just another way of saying “being a reactionary capitalist running dog”.

    Antifa and the rest of the Marxists could not give a toss about ordinary black people – they just USE them.

    As for Hispanics – Florida seems to be doing O.K.

    If a future Hispanic American turned out to be a very large Florida, politically, I would be very pleased indeed.

    What matters is the beliefs of a person – not their ethnic group. Someone like the late Walter Williams is kin of my own heart – someone like Joseph Biden is alien to me.

    Sadly the people who go to California, or even Texas, do not seem to have the same BELIEFS as the people who choose to go to Florida.

  • Paul Marks

    Phil B.

    Who do you think is really behind such television Dr Goebbels style propaganda as “Exterminate the Brutes” a television series designed to show white people as monsters, monsters who must be themselves exterminated?

    Certainly a few black people will be used to front the show – but the people behind such Marxist propaganda are normally WHITE.

    Set various groups of people against each other – have them burn everything and kill each other.

    And, somehow, a new wonderful society is supposed to appear from the ashes and dried blood.

    Welcome to the Frankfurt School – an interpretation of Marxist thought that even Joseph Stalin thought was insane.

    And the Frankfurt School dominates just about all the major institutions of the West – from the education system to the entertainment Corporations.

  • Paul Marks

    Time marches on – and, as this is a Covid thread, I should point out that Hungary has now overtaken the Czech Republic as the number one Covid death rate country.

    Hungary has tried everything – closing the borders, internal lockdowns, masks, vaccines (lots of vaccines).

    The only thing Hungary has NOT really tried is Early Treatment – in a better world Dr Zelenko (and others) would be greatly honoured. In this world he just sneered at as a fat old Jew.

    Now the “fat old Jew” Paul Marks must go for a walk.

  • Paul Marks

    Correction – although it is broadcast on Sky (i.e. Disney) television “Exterminate All The Brutes” is made by HBO – i.e. TimeWarner (AT&T), these “Woke” Mega Corporations are all much the same – all run by “educated” types, imbued with a deep hatred of Western Civilisation.

  • bobby b

    This is undoubtedly OT to this post, but it was on topic to several past posts and I’m too lazy to go find them, so . . .

    I indicated that I was pessimistic about the chances for Officer Chauvin in the appeal of his conviction for murder.

    I have now upgraded that to “mildly optimistic.”

    Turns out one of the jurors, who had told the judge he had no preconceived notions of the case and knew little about what had happened, had a facebook post up from pre-trial times with pro-Floyd, anti-cop sentiments on it. He’s now pushing to continue his pre-trial efforts to effect change.

    In a just world, he’ll serve time.