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Yep, Deliveroo must be banned because consumers like it. That’s The Guardian we know and love, right?

Tim Worstall

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  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    I, an Australian, rarely read the Guardian, so who whnows what that says!!

  • Mr Ecks

    Takeaway is relatively expensive compared to cook it yourself.

    It illustrates a wider point.

    Sunak’s funny money is all that is keeping the entire UK covid circus going. And funny money world wide.

    If the maskie mugs out there had been forced to endure the real costs of LD shite in real time–ie lost their jobs and gone straight on to 94 a week UC, this load of bollocks would have been over last year.

    Instead the mugs have been on a dole of 80% pay. A fucking long holiday.

    The real key to ending this is the funny money collapse. We know it happens. We know printing money is a time-limited scam or Venezuela and Zimbabwe would be garden spots of the planet.

    How much longer can the UK funny money keep flowing?

  • Ferox

    How much longer can the UK funny money keep flowing?

    Just remember, when it does collapse it will be because of the evil 1%, racism, and Trump (or I guess UKIP on your side of the water).

    And nobody could have seen it coming.

  • pete

    Many consumers like lots of things if they offer great value for money and they don’t care much about if other people are exploited in the process.

    Regulation, via the decisions of an elected parliament, is a legitimate way to try to protect exploited people.

    Regulation for the people, by the people.

  • Lee Moore

    The problem, as always, with this “exploited” riff is that it glosses over what is unfair about the “exploiter’s” exploiting of the “exploited.” In some circumstances – eg where you work in a slave labour camp in China to produce goods for sale to the Western consumer – you’re certainly being exploited. But the problem seems to lie more with, er excessive regulation at the Chinese end.

    More often, exploitation in the West is the deliberate consequence of the regulators and the lobbyists egging them on – eg politicians helping unions to prevent poor folk getting jobs, so as to keep up the wages of their members.

    The folk who see the need for regulation in every case of apparent unfairness always overlook the fact that the Oppressor-in-Chief is Mother Nature. It is Mother Nature who drives you on with a whip to find food and shelter, who inflicts illness on you and your children, who sends fire and flood to ruin the labours of years.

    It is Mother Nature who lashes the poor. It is the free market which offers them a helping hand.
    When you are a subsistence farmer, the multinational that offers you a pittance for sewing up trashy teen fashion for the children of the Western bourgeoisie represents not oppression but bounty. For Mother Nature is offering you but half a pittance for your brutal toil on the land.

    Very little of regulation is anything but a conspiracy against the poor.

  • Paul Marks

    I have never ordered a takeaway meal in my life – but I respect the freedom of other people to do so. The Guardian does not.

  • Fraser Orr

    Many consumers like lots of things if they offer great value for money and they don’t care much about if other people are exploited in the process.

    By “exploited” you mean “choose an option that you don’t approve of”. Of course the poor and uneducated have limited options, but how terrible that people like you want to take away some of the few options they have because you don’t approve of their choices.

    And why, in this amazing world built by the enlightenment and free markets, are people poor at all? Ultimately it usually comes down to the fact that they have had terrible education or grew up in crime ridden neighborhoods without a father. Two, and to some extent three, of these problems are caused pretty directly by the same government who want to regulate everything you do. So kind of like if I stab someone in the gut and then drove them to the hospital, and then expecting the victim to thank and worship me for saving their life.

  • Novus

    Lee Moore, well said; I am reminded of another excellent post from some years ago:


  • Lee Moore

    Blimey, Novus. You don’t happen to have a really long flexible nose and loose fitting grey skin do you ?

  • Schrodinger's Dog

    Ferox (April 3rd, 8:40am) you forgot to mention climate change. 🙂