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Fascism is the organised attempt to introduce socialist planning with the consent of big business

– Edward Conze (1934)

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  • Paul Marks

    Or without the consent of Big Business – although modern Big Business (addicted to funny money from the government and the Credit Bubble banks, who are no longer are in the business of Real Savings) says YES to planning – to “Stakeholder Capitalism” and “Sustainable Development” – i.e. the crushing of free competition and reducing customers to NOTHING, taking away the choices of ordinary people.

    They have been going to Davos every year for decades and saying (basically) this – yet no one really took them seriously.

    I remember only a year ago President Trump going to Davos and mocking them all – mocking them to their faces, telling them they would never have the totalitarian world system they crave.

    I thought at the time that President Trump was taking a bit of a risk in mocking these very powerful people – both government and Corporate. And they are taking their revenge – Donald John Trump, his family and his supporters (all 75 MILLION plus of them) are to be humiliated and degraded. Sadly the world is to learn who its real rulers are – and that what is left of freedom is to be destroyed. It is unfortunate.

    Control of the education system and the mainstream media (which is basically a group-think bubble) has allowed to international establishment to do this. It was the dream of Saint-Simon a century before it was the dream of Mussolini.

    Their ruthlessness is total – after all, for example, they knew perfectly well that there are Early Treatments for Covid 19 – yet they (the international establishment) smeared Early Treatment, thus allowing hundreds of thousands of people to die.

    They also pushed vast riots all over the United States – looting, burning and killing. And then complained about a riot in January 6th which was tiny in comparison (and which their own servants may well have stirred up – so they could blame “Trump”).

    They also rigged the November 3rd election – and they were not even subtle about it, they picked the worst candidate they could find (Joseph Biden – a person who found it hard to get a dozen people to attend his events) and they put him in office with vast numbers of fake mail-in ballots.

    It was all to make a point – we can do ANYTHING to you, and there is NOTHING you can do about it.

    And now they will “plan society” (“Build Back Better!”) “sustainable development”, “stakeholder capitalism” (Stakeholder Capitalism is indeed FASCISM – Mussolini updated by Klaus Schwab in 1971), “Social Justice” and all the rest of the Collectivist evil – whilst the media dance and laugh. And whilst Agenda 21 – Agenda 2030 are a “conspiracy theory” if you oppose it, but real if you support it.

    And as they say to the people now killing themselves in despair (or before the FBI come for them) – resistance is futile, for our control of education means that we have your children already.

    “When an opponent says “I will not come over to your side” I reply – it does not matter, for we have your children already”.

  • Paul Marks

    Remember when President Trump complained of the massive corruption of the Biden family a couple of years ago – the response of the American system was to impeach HIM (President Trump). Mr Biden was not put on trial – President Trump was put on trial.

    And the “Justice” Department (led by the “Republican” Attorney General William Barr) systematically COVERED UP the crimes of Mr Biden and his associates for YEARS. Just as they have covered up the crimes committed against (yes against) President Trump personally – after two years still no Durham Report.

    Even before Covid 19 (essentially MASS MURDER – because Early Treatment was known, and was systematically smeared) and the rigging of the election of November 3rd, it was clear that the American situation was hopeless – the system utterly corrupt.

    And without the United States, the rest of the Western world can not stand.

  • JohnK


    I would like to say that you are being unduly pessimistic. Sadly, at this point, I cannot.

  • staghounds

    No, Fascism is a name to call something the speaker doesn’t like.

  • llamas

    Just some random responses @ Paul Marks:

    “They also pushed vast riots all over the United States – looting, burning and killing”.

    Well, actually – no. They pushed riots and general unrest in a few very-well-defined-and-limited places – almost-all being cities where they already overwhelmingly control local politics anyway. In that sense, the riots were a vast own-goal – they only succeeded in completely coitus-ing up their own strongholds. Most people in outstate Minnesota could literally not give one single f**k that parts of downtown Minneapolis were destroyed. It’s entirely their own loss.

    Just because you saw non-stop all-riots-all-the-time coverage on all the major media outlets – doesn’t mean that they were widespread. In most places – even here in Detroit, which is about as far-Left as you can imagine – the local authorities took a strong line and that sort of nonsense was simply not permitted to start, even though there were protests a-plenty. It’s also worth noting that most of the places where serious rioting broke out, the rioters were overwhelmingly, almost-laughably-excessively white.

    “Control of the education system and the mainstream media (which is basically a group-think bubble) has allowed to international establishment to do this.”

    But that control is dissolving – in the US at least. Every day that the school teachers unions insist that teachers stay home, while still collecting a paycheck, another whole raft of parents say to themselves ‘hold on a minute . . . .?’ and walk away from the public school system – which is where this rot is rooted. Same with mainstream media, including ‘social’ media – look at what’s happening to Twitter. They just announced that CNN will no longer be the monopoly broadcaster in US airports – a thing I could not have ever imagined happening. Mainstream and “social” media are dead men walking, a self-supporting and self-referential bubble that’s shrinking rapidly and will soon collapse in on itself entirely. Stop paying attention to them. Simply stop. They already consist for the most part of Leftists talking at each other. Fine. Let them keep talking. The only value that they have right now is to broadcast exactly what is scaring the Left the most, because that’s all they talk about.

    In a week, President Trump will leave office. The Left is already clearly signalling that what they fear more than anything is that he will run in 2024 – hence this mad, crazed obsession with impeachment, which is their only path to prevent him from being President again. But in a week and a day, when President Trump is gone – then what? Then they own it. All of it. And all of Joey Babblegroper’s witless vapourings – his sole output to this point – will suddenly have to face the cold winds of reality. He’s been playing at being President for a couple of months, with his laughable self-created backdrops and his blabbering platitudes. Next week, the playing stops, and now everything that happens is on him. And we’ll see what we already suspect – he’s not only not up to the job, but all of his grand promises and the Leftist fever dreams of his party will vanish like a f**t in the wind.

    The Democrats are already splintering like a tree hit by lightning. Once they start trying to impose all of the madness they’ve been blathering about on Twitter on the population as a whole, the response is just going to be epic. They really think that their Twitter universe represents reality, and that because a few tens of thousands of people are talking about the same things on the Twitter and the Facebook, that this somehow represents the nation as a whole. It does not.

    Be of good cheer. You’re simply seeing the Left going through a rictus of self-pleasuring at their ‘win’, but in a few weeks, they’re going to learn just what they ‘won’. It’s going to be fun to watch. The only value in watching mainstream and ‘social’ media is to learn what the Left is babbling about today, on the basis that ‘when the flak is heaviest – that’s when you know you are directly over the target.’ They are happy to tell us just exactly what scares them the most, what they are most afraid of – all we have to do is use the information that they so-freely provide.

    I freely admit that I was 97.875% wrong about Trump when he was elected. One of the things he showed us was that he understood just exactly where the Left is most vulnerable, and he would relentlessly attack them on just those things. Once he is out of office, he will be able to keep doing that, and far-more of it. That’s why this crazed, seemingly-irrational pursuit of him, which makes no sense if he’s just the loser of the election. Who cares what Hillary Clinton says or does today? They are showing clearly that they are totally terrified of Trump, and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Trying to keep him in check is going to take all their efforts, what will they have left over to run the country?

    Relax. Take a deep breath. Drink some good bourbon. Come back to this in a month or two. Unless I miss my guess, the whole landscape will be fundamentally different.



  • Snorri Godhi

    While i am not quite as optimistic as llamas seems to be, i do think that these are chaotic times and outcomes are highly uncertain.

    (I also think that BLM/antifa riots are going to resume next summer — not that they have stopped. And now they have learned that the Capitol is vulnerable.)

    I view politics as a cold war between the individual and the State. In war, it is important not to lose nerve.

  • JohnK


    You have cheered me up. Paul is a pessimist, and I must confess I have come round to his point of view.

    It is clear that the Left are out to destroy President Trump. The impeachment is a farce. I would argue that it is unconstitutional. The president broke no laws, and it is becoming clear that Antifa agents provocateurs were present at the Capitol. The Leftists who shed crocodile tears at the sight of citizens in the Capitol had no problems when protesters got into the building during the confirmation hearings of Justice Kavanaugh.

    Now I read that Mad Nancy has chosen Eric Swalwell to be one of the impeachment managers, a man famous hitherto only for having a girlfriend who was a Red Chinese agent. What an eloquent F you to middle America from the botoxed hag.

    I like the idea that the Democrats now own the mess. Normally that would mean pain for them in two years. But now they have found out how to steal elections at the push of a button. The MSM will still be in the bag for them, and it seems conservative voices will have been driven from the internet. So yes, I’d like to be optimistic, but…

  • Snorri Godhi

    But now they have found out how to steal elections at the push of a button.

    Cheer up a bit, JohnK.
    “They” always knew how to steal elections. (That’s how “they” largely controlled Congress from 1931 to 1995, innit? When a party or coalition dominates politics in a country, you must assume a lack of democracy unless there is proof to the contrary.)

    It’s just that it was not always worth the trouble, for whatever reason.

    Also, don’t forget that elections are run by the States, and Republicans have consolidated their dominance in State governance.

  • John Lewis

    Brian Kemp has demonstrated in both November and January that a Republican Governor can mean very little. I’m unable to share Snorri’s optimism.

  • bobby b

    Yay, llamas! Voice of sanity. All is not lost. Everything cycles.

    To use a word that I resisted when it first became popular, but now understand, they cannot gaslight everyone all the time.

  • James Strong

    Today I read President Trump’s speech given in DC on January 6th.

    He quite clearly called for peaceful and patriotic protests.

    It is impossible to claim in good faith that he incited insurrection.

    I have sent the link to the transcript to a few friends, and have also pointed out that I have never heard Jon Sopel of the BBC or Matt Frei of Channel 4 quote the words of the President.

    ‘We have come to demand that Congress do the right thing and count only the electors who have been lawfully slated, lawfully slated. I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.’

    The President also forcefully made the point about the biased media. His point was then reinforced by the actions of Twitter and others.

    The impeachment is absurd, and dangerous for the Republic.And it has nothing to do with ‘high crimes and misdemeanours’ at all.

    In many, perhaps most, of the countries of the world the political class views the people as the enemy. It seems that is now true of the United States.

    I would like to side with llamas and his interpretation of events and the likely outcome, but at the moment I can’t.

  • llamas

    Well, look at me, all popular an’ stuff.

    Regarding “gaslighting”, I think we’ve moved beyond that. ‘Gaslighting” is when your oppressor tells you things that aren’t true and persuades you to believe them in the face of your better judgement. But the great majority of Americans aren’t being “gaslighted”, becaus either a) they’re not listening or b) they don’t believe, what they’re being asked to believe.

    Nobody I know – nobody – and I know a fair few folks – is buying into any of this attempted coup – insurrection – impeachment nonsense. Nobody. Not one. It’s a small self-selected and self-referential group, all yelling the same things at each other.

    Regarding “impeachment” – forget the idea that this is some sort of trial of the facts. It’s a popularity contest. Doesn’t matter what Trump said, or didn’t say, or meant, or didn’t mean. The impeachment vote is a simple measure of who supports Trump – and who doesn’t. The only thing that really matters is to take note of which Republicans vote for the articles, and then make sure that they all get the most profound ass-kicking in the midterms. Any Republican who votes against Trump in this simple popularity contest, is implicitly voting for the Democrats. In the sense of washing out Republicans who really with they were Democrats, it’s a useful tool (and yes, I’m looking squarely at YOU, Mitch McConnell. Shame on you, you pusillanimous prick.) If the RNC had any stones at all, they’d toss these clowns out of the party – better to get along without their votes, than to have them turn traitor whenever it suits them.

    Watching Trump in opposition is going to be epic – more fun than watching him in power. Just pour yourself another Woodford Reserve, and daydream about the most outrageous response you could possibly imagine to some piece of Democrat idiocy or other – and then tell yourself – now, it could actually happen!



  • Flubber

    “Brian Kemp has demonstrated in both November and January that a Republican Governor can mean very little. I’m unable to share Snorri’s optimism.”

    Well the thing to realise is that Dominion offered guaranteed results to the purchasers of their systems. Didn’t matter if they were Dem or Rep.

    Thats why Kemp stonewalled.

  • Flubber

    Today I read President Trump’s speech given in DC on January 6th.

    He quite clearly called for peaceful and patriotic protests.

    It is impossible to claim in good faith that he incited insurrection.

    Its the second time Trump has been impeached where a public transcript exists that proves his innocence.

  • lucklucky

    “the rioters were overwhelmingly, almost-laughably-excessively white.”

    You forgot male. Noticed that The Guardian, Daily Telegraph did not talked about violent patriarchy that destroyed women property? Noticed how NYT did not talked about inequality of aggression ?

    Overall i disagree with your post. If the right does not produce culture(movies, animation, technology) it will not exist.

  • Clovis Sangrail

    Well I’ll join the chorus of people thanking @llamas for cheering me up, with a small dose of lucklucky’s warning about producing the culture.

  • Philip Scott Thomas

    If the right does not produce culture(movies, animation, technology) it will not exist.

    I agree. So do Ben Shapiro and the guys at Daily Wire. Following their move from LA to Nashville, they’re expanding the type of work they do. Instead of just kvetching about lefty culture they’re starting to produce their own. This week they are releasing their first feature-length film, “Run Hide Fight”. It’s not the sort of family-friendly, schmaltzy pap that “conservative” films usually are. In fact, it has an ‘R’ rating. Early reports are that it’s good, even very good.

    If the trailer is anything to go by, it’s one worth watching out for.

  • llamas

    @ luckylucky – your point about the right needing to dominate in culture is well-taken. I’ve long been seized of Andrew Breitbart’s maxim (MHRIP) that ‘all politics is downstream of culture’.

    But I’d contend – in the US at least – that the dominant cultures of the great majority of the population already are well in the right side of the spectrum, and most attempts by the left to move the needle tend to be miserable failures. In the area of culture, ‘get woke, go broke’ is no longer funny but a watchword of warning. I care nothing for ‘Star Wars’, but I hear from those that do that they consider the entire franchise completely ruined by its emphasis on being ‘woke’. Same for the latest ‘Wonder Woman’ movie, so I’m told, and the ‘Ghostbusters’ remake. Every time producers try and push left-wing themes into their content, the public stays away in droves. ‘Gamergate’ (insofar as an old f**t like me understood it) showed that even a very young demographic would vigourously resist attempts to impose leftist thinking. The only places where Leftwing opinions get wide exposure are in the dying media – newspapers, broadcast TV, Twitter. The only media segments that are growing strongly – talk radio, talk podcasts and the 101 other purely Web-based outlets – are dominated by right-wing content. And you can see just how much the Left is scared of them (= because they are working) in the endless game of whack-a-mole that they are playing to try and suppress them.

    Most people, I think, recognize most left-wing messaging as being more-or-less virtue-signalling anyway, and either ignore it or make fun of it – or both. It’s only in relatively-small and self-referential enclaves that this nonsense has any traction at all. Even then, the inevitable hypocrisy and/or meaningless virtue-signalling of those on the Left leads most people to recognize very quickly how insincere and worthless their message is. Comedy governing, like multi-millionaire Nancy Pelosi draping herself in kente cloth and kneeling on the floor for a photo-op, before flying in a luxury Gulfstream paid for by the taxpayers back to her SubZero full of $25-a-pint ice-cream, sends clear messages that only the most-brainwashed tongue-bathers can overlook.

    I read yesterday where the Chicago teacher’s union, which has repeatedly insisted that any attempt whatever to get them to go back to work and stop collecting paychecks for doing nothing is grounded in racism, patriarchy and white supremacy, just got told that they’d better get ready to show up for work Monday or they’ll stop being paid. Their incandescent outrage at the existential threat of actually having to work for a living, contrasts nicely with the well-expressed sentiments of the (majority-minority) parents groups, who express themselves tired of paying teachers to do nothing. In this manner are the idiocies of the Left nicely exposed.

    So I think there’s every reason to be optimistic on the culture front. If you have reasons to think otherwise, I’d like very much to hear them.



  • llamas

    Read this and think on the implications:


    This says that one person in 30 in the US bought a firearm for the first time in 2020.

    One in 30.

    You think that those 1 in 30 new, first-time gun owners in 2020 are suddenly going to say “Oh, well, now Joe Biden’s been elected, all the good and valid reasons I had for buying a gun for the first time in 2020 are no longer good or valid, I don’t want or need that gun now, so I’m fine if the government tells me I have to turn it in.”

    Are they, heckerslike.

    That’s the sort of cultural dissonance that our friends on the left just don’t grasp. Nobody they know bought a gun for the first time in 2020 (or, at least, nobody they know is admitting to it). Watching them trying to pass gun control in 2021 is going to be some of the best TV you’ll see all year.

    That’s what I mean when I say that ‘the dominant cultures of the great majority of the population already are well in the right side of the spectrum’.



  • lucklucky

    “I care nothing for ‘Star Wars’, but I hear from those that do that they consider the entire franchise completely ruined by its emphasis on being ‘woke’. Same for the latest ‘Wonder Woman’ movie”

    But you are talking about old fans that got their formative years when first movies were released. The woke that is being educated in schools praises neo-marxist Star Wars or just don’t even care, they will be woke even not noticing. Things move and change they are not static, generations are naturally being replaced.

  • Shlomo Maistre

    But you are talking about old fans that got their formative years when first movies were released. The woke that is being educated in schools praises neo-marxist Star Wars or just don’t even care, they will be woke even not noticing. Things move and change they are not static, generations are naturally being replaced.

    Yes, and this is important point.

    This is yet another reason why the future of freedom will be built by religious people. Not people who go to Church occasionally. But the ACTUALLY SERIOUSLY religious people – Hardcore Catholics, Orthodox Jews, Religious Hindus, Fundamentalist Protestants, etc will be the loadstar of the rebirth of freedom generations in the future.

    Because they don’t fall for Woke Bullshit.

  • Exasperated

    Than you, llamas. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve posted your comment on other threads, crediting you, of course.
    It bears repeating that much of the media is mostly smoke and mirrors and that there are fewer wild eyed cranks out there than the “Woke” would have us believe.
    They parallel the concept of the “Ugly American”, a descriptor that emerged in the 60’s, arrogant, ignorant boors who imagine they are the center of the universe. Clearly, they have no concept of the Real America.

  • llamas

    @ Exasperated – what did you repost & where?



  • Paul Marks

    I would remind Llamas (and Perry) that the left will have total and absolute power from January 20th. Supreme Court? Chief Justice Roberts will rule against “President Biden” on some things (to give the illusion of a Republic), but the important things will happen – what is left of freedom will be gradually (or perhaps not so gradually) destroyed.

    There is no reason for the collectivists to ever to give up power – they control the education system and the media, and they can RIG ELECTIONS without fear of punishment.

    Contrary to what Llamas says the riots greatly benefitted the left – the more these cities are undermined the more leftist they will be, the “Curley Effect” – named after Mayor Curley of Boston a century ago, the more he INCREASED unemployment and poverty, by driving business out of Boston, the more popular he became – as more people became dependent on the city dole.

    Even the United States Armed Forces are increasingly being “educated” – the Marxist “Diversity and Inclusion” (Frankfurt School “Critical Theory”) training never really stopped, even though President Trump ordered it to stop – and after January 20th this training will go into overdrive.

    There will be no peaceful way to get the left (“President Harris”) out of power – and any armed resistance will be crushed (and crushed with relish) by the new “Woke” armed forces – I doubt they will even be needed (after all the FBI has a paramilitary wing – they should be quite enough). And, in any case, people are increasingly brainwashed by the education system and-so-on so soon it will not be necessary for the Collectivists to rig elections, they will actually win them without vast numbers of fake ballots.

    The security and intelligence services turned out to already be under collectivist control – President Trump asking for action against the crimes of Hillary Clinton, Joseph Biden (and so on) was wasting his time, the collectivists control the intelligence and security services (including the FBI) and the “Justice” Department (with William Barr turning out to have been on the other side all along – his whole loyal-to-the-President pose being a deception, a deception that President Trump fell for), covered up the crimes of the Democrats – and actively worked to undermine the President.

    Game, Set, and Match, to the collectivists.

  • Exasperated

    @ Exasperated – what did you repost & where?



    The 4:02 comment on MaggiesFramanotherdotcom and a Canadian site: Small Dead Animals.

  • Paul Marks

    I wonder want the new name for Fort Bragg will be – “Fort Mao”? Or perhaps “Fort Klaus Schwab” – Technocracy (Saint-Simon) rather than formal Marxism. Nations, remember, are evil – there must be “World Governance”.

    Special Forces will not be allowed to call themselves a brotherhood – and there will have to be “T….” members (although, perhaps, not eight years of age). And they will be taught that the United States is an evil racist-sexist-homophobic-transphobic-Islamophobic country and must-be-destroyed. With the children of “reactionaries” to be “educated” into more enlightened ways (such as informing on their parents to the authorities – so their parents can be dealt with).

    None of this started yesterday – it has been a gradual process over many decades. But Herbert Marcuse and the others would be pleased to learn that their dream of the destruction of the United States, and the rest of the Western World, is finally coming to pass.

    The new head of the Civil Rights Division at the “Justice” Department will fit in well – the lady (Harvard I believe) believes that black people are genetically superior to white people, physically, mentally and spiritually, and that white people are barely human (perhaps she has been talking to Joseph Biden).

    As Frankfurt School Marxism (including Webster’s dictionary now) defines racism as “power structures, exploitation……” this lady can not, by definition, be a racist – because she is black.

  • Exasperated


    Here’s the link for Maggies Farm. For some reason Small Dead Animals won’t load so I couldn’t get the link.


  • Paul Marks

    No Staghounds – the word “Fascism” does have a meaning.

    Fascism was the effort of Mussolini to update Marxism for the modern world.

    Instead of being destroyed Big Business would be co opted by the Collective (“the people” “the state” whatever you want to call it) and Corporations and State would, over time, merge – with such things as free competition and Freedom of Speech (and all other basic liberties) being exterminated.

    Corporate America thinks this is all wonderful – as does Big Business generally in the world “Chinese Social Credit system – YES PLEASE!”

    The Corporate Managers have been educated in Fascism by their “Social Responsibility” training at Business School – and managers who dissent are driven from their jobs by the “Woke”.

    I would point out that Mussolini was really just pushing the same ideas that Saint-Simon had more than a century before.

    Credit Bubble bankers and Tech lords at the very top – and all in the name of “Science”. No Real Savings or private property for ordinary people.

    Remember people such as William “Bill” Gates believe that they “own nothing” – they are merely managing the “resources of society” for the good of all of us.

    This is why Mr Gates and co are buying up vast amounts of land – not to increase their private land holdings, but to end private land ownership (at least in their own eyes).

    The vast Corporations will buy up the cities Llamas – those small business enterprises destroyed by the “lockdowns” that Amazon and Google ordered (via their pet politicians) should come very cheap.

    And what they can not buy – they will have burned (hello BLM – very well funded by Bank of America, Amazon and so on) – and then buy up the land the buildings used to be on.

    Hello to “smart cities” and to rural areas that have been depopulated and where your automated car will refuse to even go.

    Agenda 2030 – Sustainable Development, Stakeholder Capitalism.

    Stakeholder Capitalism (a book by Klaus Schwab back in 1971 – now updated as the Great Reset of Build Back Better) being the new name for Fasciam.

    I am astonished you have not noticed any of this Llamas.

    It may have been a “conspiracy” many years ago – but it is out in the open now.

    The Corporate State – Fascism. Which, as Mussolini argued, is what Marxism has to be updated into.

    Although orthodox Marxists may dissent from all this – in spite of all the money Big Business gives to the Marxists.