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His offence is “failure to condemn”

“Tory George Eustice fails to condemn Millwall fans who booed players for taking the knee”, the Mirror reports.

A Tory Cabinet minister has failed to condemn Millwall fans who booed players for taking the knee in support of black people’s rights.

George Eustice said people who express a view on fighting racism should be “respected”, but stopped short of directly condemning the outburst at Millwall’s ground The Den yesterday.

Millwall FC today said it was “dismayed and saddened” after some fans booed players who briefly took the knee at the start of a match against Derby County.

The gesture has been followed by footballers up and down the country in solidarity with black people and the Black Lives Matter movement.

But Tory minister Mr Eustice today said Black Lives Matter was “actually a political movement” which is different to “standing up for racial equality.”

The Times report on the same story is behind a paywall, but the most interesting thing about it is not the report itself but the readers’ comments. An early version of the story was posted on the Times website last night. That version contained the words,

A cabinet minister has ignored majority opinion by describing Black Lives Matter as a “political movement”

Of the twenty most popular comments, ten questioned that now-vanished statement and all twenty supported Eustice. In fact one would have to scroll past a lot more than twenty before finding anyone who did not agree with Eustice. The twenty-first most popular comment was by someone going by the name of “Bogbrush” who asked, “Do all footballers now have to do this before every game, forever?”

Another commenter, “Middlesbrough Man”, said that, “Interestingly my team does not ‘take the knee’ on the recommendation of our captain, who recommends community action not political gestures”. Middlesbrough’s captain is Britt Assombalonga, who also plays for the national team of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

29 comments to His offence is “failure to condemn”

  • The fans booed BLM and the clenched fist black panther salute. BLM ARE a political group with extreme policies and have no place in English football. There actions include attacking the police, defacing Churchills statue and trying to burn the Union Jack at the Cenotaph. There was no booing towards black players. In fact quite a few of the fans that booed were black

  • lucklucky

    Journalism is a neo-marxist monoculture. No diversity at all. You can see the same in Telegraph or in Portuguese, US newspapers etc.

    You can still see some difference in Opinion pages but journalism today is proselytism of Politics in every day life so effectively an advocacy of Totalitarianism.


    “The cleverest revolutions are the ones where everything looks the same from the outside, but it has been totally altered on the inside.
    People find it hard to oppose or resist changes they cannot actually see. In recent years, the police, the BBC and the National Trust, for instance, have been transformed into nests of wokeness.
    But it wasn’t obvious until it was far too late to do anything. So nobody did.
    Most do not spot these changes until it affects them personally. Even then, if there’s no actual announcement, many do not realise.
    Long ago I worked for another newspaper, a mighty daily which had once been a great defender of traditional Britain. It changed hands…”

    Peter Hitchens continues in the link.

  • John Lewis

    Sky TV, specifically Sky Sports, is making a headlong dash to out-do the bbc in alienating its audience.

    Having subjected us to endless blm and black history references in comments, editorials and captioning they have now gone all-in for something called rainbow laces (oblivious to the fact that the symbol has been usurped by the “thank you nhs” movement which for good or bad has a whole lot more public support than was previously the case outside Brighton).

    As far as not kneeling is concerned there are plenty of articles on the bbc sport and news pages condemning the Millwall 🦁 supporters but none of them allow comments.

    Yet still they persist.

  • JohnM

    It would appear that there has been a very swift reaction from Millwall FC bosses and team to the booing.

    Millwall players to link arms rather than take a knee ahead of QPR game – ITV news


  • Barry Sheridan

    If Black Lives Matter so much, then why does the black on black violence which blights so many communities never gain any focus. Raising George Floyd to the status of a martyr just because he died while in police custody might be significant, but it comes at the expense of ignoring the dreadful death toll brought about by black on black shootings in the USA. The truth is that black lives only matter as a means to a political end, this is obscene hypocritical posturing, not genuine concern.

  • Martin

    BLM are race hustling, bigotted lying crap.
    But I want to disagree. Everyone should “take the knee” when seeing a BLM activist. To his balls, nose and teeth, in that order.

  • Raising George Floyd to the status of a martyr just because he died while in police custody might be significant, but it comes at the expense of ignoring the dreadful death toll brought about by black on black shootings in the USA.

    Since the leadership of the black community (elected, unelected and spiritual) focuses on a minority of the violence against their community in the form of blue-on-black/white-on-black violence and essentially ignores black-on-black violence, I have simply come to the conclusion from their revealed and expressed preferences that black-on-black violence does not matter and is indeed to be actively ignored and denied.

    Why should I care if they clearly don’t?

  • Rob

    I will take these people seriously when I see them, personally, kneeling in front of ever black person they meet in the street. Right now they are demanding others do it.

    Interesting point about when it all ends. No reason to expect it ever will.

  • Exasperated

    Sorry to go off in a tanget but has BLM ever addressed rhe impact of fentanyl deaths on the AA community and the connection to open borders?
    China partners with the Mexican drug cartels to distribute opiods. They have reason to celebrate the election along wirh human traffickers.

  • Fraser Orr

    What I don’t understand is what does this have to do with England? Not only are BLM a political movement, but they are an AMERICAN political movement, explicitly about an AMERICAN political problem. It makes no sense that English people should be involved.

  • Flubber

    What you guys are missing is that BLM is a mask for “hate whitey” and the NWO wants to hate whitey anywhere whitey may be.

    For another example, see TV advertising. Count and compare how many adverts have a black fella and a white woman, versus an all white couple. Then compare to reality.

  • Sigivald

    A cabinet minister has ignored majority opinion by describing Black Lives Matter as a “political movement”

    Do people think BLM is anything BUT a political movement?

    The entire point of it is to achieve political/governmental changes. How could it be anything but a political movement?

    What does this alleged majority opinion claim BLM is? What do they think it wants, to the extent it’s any coherent thing and not just a hashtag?

  • James Hargrave

    Fraser Orr

    Exactly, though we are force-fed far too much about the USA, from a rather narrow perspective, by media types who are utterly obsessed with it.

    Yes re TV advertising. A parallel universe, except in Islington and similar places.

  • Fraser Orr

    @James, I actually think it is a bit different than that. I think it is really a combination of two things: on the one hand it is a counter revolution against the growing raise of nationalism as characterized most obviously in Trump and Brexit, but apparent everywhere else. And secondly it is the result of locking people up for a year with no end in sight. People’s frustrations and anger have to come out, and we have all been brainwashed into agreeing that we can’t complain about the ACTUAL cause, namely the fact that the government has turned the country into a prison camp. So feelings of rage and frustration are transferred elsewhere. Minneapolis really was an excuse and an outet for that rage, and people are feeling it everywhere, so they all join in. I think a lot of them have no idea what they are raging about, just that they are mad and don’t want to take it anymore. And of course the usual slimeball politicians have used that justifiable rage, and manipulated it to make get them elected and grab to themselves unprecedented power and money.

    The events for the past year have been utterly surreal. You told anyone that that is what was in store for us even in January 2020 and they’d have told you you were a tinfoil hat wearing moron.

  • John Lewis

    In tonight’s football QPR took the lead against Millwall. Several players “celebrated” by kneeling and making shush gestures to the crowd.

    In any other context this would be viewed as taunting, the players would be fined and possibly suspended.

  • Flubber

    In any other context this would be viewed as taunting, the players would be fined and possibly suspended.

    State sanctioned anti-white hate.

    Perpetrated in this case, by a bunch of morons.

  • Zerren Yeoville

    Flubber is quite correct to refer to the over-representation of black males and mixed-race couples in television commercials relative to their proportion of the population, but there are also a couple of other nuances to consider:

    1. Why is it invariably the male half of the couple that is black? Consider: how many commercials can you recall depicting a mixed-race couple where the man was white and the woman was black?

    2. People from an Asian background outnumber black people in the British population by more than two-to-one (“people from Asian ethnic groups made up the second largest percentage of the population at 7.5%, followed by Black ethnic groups at 3.3%”) but do not have anything like as much representation in TV commercials as their black counterparts, tending to be confined to promoting products with an obvious Asian background. Why over-represent the one group and under-represent the other?

  • bobby b

    Interesting dynamic out in California concerning the rejection of Proposition 16 (which would have returned affirmative action in school admittance and hiring decisions.)

    Here’s California – the apotheosis of racial pandering – asking its voters to bring back a program that specifically helps black people. The asians don’t need the help, the hispanics are doing quite well in school admissions and government employment, and the eskimos don’t care – it was a completely black-oriented measure.

    And it lost badly. The state cast aside its blacks.

    Someone in one of the big conservative rags wrote a good article about this last week, and I’ll be darned if I can remember who it was. But their point – and I tend to agree with it – was that, with black athletes kneeling on every field you can find to show their love for themselves, and cops kneeling all over in obeisance to them, and BLM commanding that we ignore 99.99% of black deaths and become hysterical and penitent over the remaining 0.01% or they’re going to burn out their fellow blacks, the rest of the country is just sick to death of current black culture.

    So, “ignored majority opinion” my butt. Majority opinion right now is decidedly not pro-BLM. If California can do this, everyone can.

  • Subotai Bahadur

    I don’t come here as often as I used to, but I am in the US. American football is in deep financial trouble and has lost a lot of its fan base because of similar actions by players offending fans. Ticket sales are way down, but the biggest impact will come in the next couple of years when both player contracts and TV broadcast contracts are renegotiated.

    TV networks pay based on how many people the ratings services say are watching. They charge advertisers based on those ratings. The ratings are way down, which means fewer eyeballs on each game, which means advertisers pay less for each commercial. Network fees make up about 50% of the income of each team. If they lose that much money, they cannot afford the outrageous pay for the players. Which means that the players will be screaming “racism” at contract negotiation time. It will be amusing.

    For the record, I have not watched a football game on TV for years with one exception. I always watch the Army-Navy game rooting for Navy, but feeling proud of both teams who will defend our country. I know a lot of people who have kicked the TV football [and other sports] habit.

    Subotai Bahadur

  • Flubber

    Re: Bobby B

    David Cole at Takis wrote a great article on the rejection of prop 16:


  • bobby b

    Subotai Bahadur
    December 8, 2020 at 11:04 pm

    ” . . . the biggest impact will come in the next couple of years when both player contracts and TV broadcast contracts are renegotiated.”

    I think there’s an additional subtext that is going to be even more harmful to the pro bottom line.

    As professional sports “took a knee” – i.e., became the public sharp end of the stick for the BLM movement – many non-racialist sports fans tired of the mess and drifted away.

    At the same time, in order to support this new BLM movement within pro sports, many people who are not at heart sports fans started giving their support – watching games, proclaiming themselves fans, making up an audience which facially provided a profit motive to sponsors. They did this, not because they love baseball of football or basketball, but in order to support those kneeling teams and athletes.

    Now, the election is over. The real sports fans have wandered away and found other entertainment. How long do you think those fake sports fans who were in it solely because of pre-election political mania are going to stick around and watch and attend games?

    Pro sports gave up a committed fandom for a fashion-following one. The fashion is moving on. The next round of contract talks will come in the face of that completed movement.

  • Flubber

    Re: Zerren Yeoville

    Why is it invariably the male half of the couple that is black?

    Two reasons:

    1) To encourage miscegenation, as the globalists as far back as Kalergi in the 1920’s had dreams of a mixed race underclass.
    2) To demoralise white men in general.

  • bobby b

    Flubber – that was the article I was speaking of. Thanks.

  • lucklucky

    “Since the leadership of the black community (elected, unelected and spiritual) focuses on a minority of the violence against their community”

    After all this time still don’t understand… this has seldom anything to do with blacks, this a political fight in white world. White Modernity vs its white reaction Marxism. Blacks are a tool to use and spit it out when they aren’t useful to the Marxist narrative.

    Did you noticed how women narrative were fast thrown out by journalists when widespread violence occurred in US cities?
    The violence was done by “patriarchy” = Males, that also targeted several women business and property.
    Did you saw any journalists talking about that “genre” discrepancy about who made the violence and who received it?

    Of course not, the Guardian, Times, Telegraph and their equivalents in US don’t care about women, women are just a tool to use when convenient for the narrative.

  • Mark

    “Leadership of the black community”

    In what possible sense of that word do these amoral grifters lead?

  • They are kneeling to the murderers of Secoriea Turner.

    Not by any means the only black life taken by BLM.

    I would rather hear shouts of ‘Secoriea’ than booing, but I’ll take booing over cringing.

  • Albion's Blue Front Door

    Worth remembering, I think, that the vast majority of football fans applaud black players as well as players of any flesh colour in their team as a matter of routine. Indeed, Millwall are like every other club in the game in that they not only seek black players, they train them to improve their existing talents and pay them the best wages they can to keep them. So the fans’ (non-violent) objection to unthinking BLM posturing is both a rejection of politics in sport and a dismissing of division.

    If the team I follow, which has several very good black footballers even if the results lately are crap, could somehow sign players like Kylian Mbappe and Paul Pogba and Jaden Sancho I would be overjoyed. Not likely by a long chalk, but colour of skin is absolutely no barrier. It’s winning that football fans pay to see.

    But if the game wants to ram poiitics down my throat I will simply stop watching and find something else to do. I have that power.

  • Mark

    Football, in which I have absolutely no interest whatsoever, appears to be one of the few areas where blacks don’t need active anti-white bigotry to do well.

    Just running around kicking a ball. Hardly the pinnacle of human civilisation but good on that tiny handful who can grab the top spots.

    I think there should be active anti-white bigotry in football though. It would hardly be fair otherwise. How about “BAME” get in free and whitey pays double. That would keep all those booing racists out.

  • Paul Marks

    “Black Lives Matter” is a Marxist movement, founded by and controlled by Marxists, created in 2014 – it has nothing to do with Mr George Floyd.

    If typing that about people who “take the knee” to the Marxists gets me kicked out of the party (AGAIN) – well perhaps George Eustice will buy me a cup of coffee.

    By the way – bobby b.

    With the exception of the disaster in Arizona (doubling tax on small businesses to please Google, Amazon and the Collectivist Teacher Unions), all the proposition votes went well this year.

    You mention California – where people voted against racial preferences, and voted against higher taxes.

    Sadly “President Biden” (or rather the people who control this puppet) will impose all this anyway – but it was still a nice gesture for people to vote against racial preferences and higher taxes.

    I am NOT being sarcastic – it was a nice gesture.

    Sometimes one can not win – there is only death. But it still matters HOW one dies – one should go out fighting to the end.