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Of course, we may say that it’s ok because the Green Party hasn’t a hope in hell of being elected anywhere – but that’s where you’d be wrong. As Peter Lloyd pointed out recently on TCW, it’s the minorities who rule the roost. Their green agenda is firmly in the hands of a government who are lapping it all up, and who hold power for the foreseeable future. If not them, then Labour, and they feel exactly the same way as the Tories on this issue. Never mind that renewable energy will impoverish us all and be affordable only to the wealthy.

Make no mistake, people. This will be a system of change but not for the better. Everything about the future looks uniform, including our income. No individual thought, no freedom of expression. No enterprise – not for the masses, anyway. A global structure where we all speak the same, think the same and align behind the same goals. Where we have been freed from ourselves.

Michael Fahey

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  • John B

    Particularly since the Great Resetters will have their puppet in the White House next year so the carefully oiled machine Trump dropped a spanner into, can get back up to speed.

  • lucklucky

    Should be called Totalitarian Democracy.

  • staghounds

    And yet, it is perhaps more democratic than ever. We have more access to more information about what government does, and how it works, than ever before.

    And alternative agenda candidates have probably a better chance than ever of reaching voters.

    Maybe some populations just like it this way.

  • lucklucky

    “And yet, it is perhaps more democratic than ever. We have more access to more information about what government does, and how it works, than ever before.”

    Democracy is a tool to peaceful decide who uses violence. More democratic than ever means more and more subjects are under majority or -biggest minority – rule ergo violence. More Democratic than ever at this level is Totalitarian. At limit they can vote to eliminate you.

  • Ideally, democratic elections show which side has more adherents, so the minorities know they are outnumbered. But with identity politics, everybody is in a minority, and quite a few of them are pissed about it. And they will Start Something to show they cannot be safely ignored.

    This is not good for society, as last summer showed. There’s nothing worse than a surfeit of educated but useless males, though educated but useless females are trying to match. Such people are dangerous: they think too much, and have time on their hands. The details are irrelevant — green, global warming, inequality, capitalism. Any philosophy gives them something to scream as they torch buildings.

    And the spineless elites listen to them, echo them, and try to do what they want. But there are a lot of “theys”. They don’t all agree, nor will any of them be satisfied.

  • Plamus

    “The people flatter themselves that they have the sovereign power. These are, in fact, words without meaning. It is true they elected governors; but how are these elections brought about? In every instance of election by the mass of a people—through the influence of those governors themselves, and by means the most opposite to a free and disinterested choice, by the basest corruption and bribery. But those governors once selected, where is the boasted freedom of the people? They must submit to their rule and control, with the same abandonment of their natural liberty, the freedom of their will, and the command of their actions, as if they were under the rule of a monarch” – Tytler

  • bobby b

    “Ideally, democratic elections show which side has more adherents, so the minorities know they are outnumbered. But with identity politics, everybody is in a minority, and quite a few of them are pissed about it.”

    Hasn’t all coalitional politics been this way forever? I know the cons side has never been monolithic in anything, and there have always been great big swaths of people who I vote WITH but whom I cannot stand, and they presumably feel the same way about me, but we band together to win. I’ve always known I was outnumbered, even when my side wins.

    (For fun, watch as the coalition that elected Biden now starts to fracture. He’s hiring the centrists who helped him run in the primaries as a centrist, and not the lefties who helped him win the election as a far-progressive.

  • Paul Marks

    bobby b – you have a horrible shock coming if Mr Biden does become President (and he was “elected” by Election Fraud). Even if Mr Biden was not a puppet (which he now is) he was never the person you think was – ever. Yes he was always corrupt – but there was a core of belief there (and his belief is in government – from the cradle to the grave).

    The left (which includes the education system, the mainstream media, and most large Corporations) is essentially a hive mind – that is their strength. They may tear each other to pieces – but they always unite to destroy the non left. They are like the “Orcs” of JRR Tolkien – indeed that is what I and my associates used to call the leftists in my youth.

    For example, many conservatives think the left coordinate more than they actually do – because the left use the same words, in internet comments and so on.

    They do not need to coordinate that much – they use the same words, because they think the same thoughts (the thoughts they are trained to think by the education system and the media – and by their Corporate employers, government or commercial).

    Such things as Freedom of Speech and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms will be chipped away – taxed, regulated, and “interpreted” out of existence.

    I am not a nice person – I admit that.

    Perhaps that is why I understand the left very well – I have looked into the void, and it has looked into me. It does that.

    So, God help me, I know what really motivates the left – only too well.

  • Paul Marks

    As for the environment….

    The detailed control of every aspect of human life (“sustainable development” or “stakeholder capitalism” – i.e. FASCISM, Big Business and Big Government coming together to totally exterminate free competition, especially from small business, and to exterminate the freedom of ordinary people generally), goes back long BEFORE the Global Warming theory – for example, Klaus Schwab (he of the World Economic Forum – now adopted by the United Nations and most Western governments and CORPORATIONS) has been pushing all this stuff since at least 1971 – long BEFORE the Global Warming theory.

    The “Club of Rome” were doing it in the 1960s.

    “The issue is never the issue” – if I invented a way of reducing C02 levels at no cost, people such as Joseph “Joe” Biden would not love me, they would HATE me.

    They would hate me because “C02 emissions” is not what they are really interested in – what they are interested in is CONTROL, POWER over every aspect of human life from the cradle to the grave.

    They want a boot to come stamping down on a human face – for ever.

    Not as a means-to-an-end – but as the end in-its-self.

    Many conservatives do not grasp this (they are BETTER people than me – so it does not enter their thoughts, they do not understand the allure of inflicting suffering and humiliation) – so they are no match for the Collectivists, because they do not understand them.

  • bobby b

    Here’s an entertaining and somewhat perceptive article about the Biden coalition tearing itself apart, and why that might happen, in (!?!?) The New Republic.


  • Chester Draws

    Except that when the power goes off, no matter how woke they talk, the politicians fire up the coal stations. Green talk is cheap. Blackouts are political death.

  • Paul Marks

    bobby b – there is no such thing as the “Biden coalition”, the establishment elite all want the same thing (totalitarianism) the only division is over timing (how long should the process of transition take) and who should be in charge at the end of the process.

    They may kill each other – but they all, in the end, want the same thing. Control of society (of people) from the cradle to the grave – the destruction of such things as the traditional family, and all independent cultural traditions. The believe in Collectivism – and “they” includes the people who control most of the largest Corporations (they are “educated” – remember that) as well as the rioters on the streets.

    “Bottom up” (chaos and crime on the streets) is supposed to lead to “top down” – Big Government and “Woke” Big Business taking over, and crushing what is left of freedom.

    If you do not yet understand that – well you are going to get yet another lesson.

  • Paul Marks

    Chester Draws – sadly you are wrong.

    The education system (children from their most early years) and the media (including all that Corporate advertising) are teaching that their is a “Climate Change Emergency” – we are all going to die (horribly) unless we do exactly what the governments (and the corporations) tell us to do.

    If the lights go off (and the heating and the power in the hospitals) we should THANK our masters – for they are doing it all to save-our-lives by saving-the-planet.

    Please note CALIFORNIA – the lights go off there quite a lot, and most people still vote DEMOCRAT.

    And even when they flee the State (because of its “problems”) the carry on voting Democrat in the places they flee to.

    Indoctrination is not some small thing, otherwise the Collectivists would not bother with it in the education system and the media – including even the entertainment shows and the advertisements for ordinary products.

    The indoctrinated population will (mostly) believe that their suffering is necessary – that it is for their own good (to save their lives – and save the planet).

    And who would they vote for if they did NOT believe this?

    In Britain ALL political parties support these polices (that was the POINT OF THE POST).

    And in the United States – President Trump is going.

    The Lincoln Project “Republicans” are totalitarians – they agree with the totalitarian Democrats.

    Future candidates of BOTH parties will be on board with the same international establishment elite agenda.

    Future elections will not have to rigged (as this 2020 election WAS RIGGED) – because the candidates will, basically, be pushing the same totalitarian “Progressive” agenda.

    It will not really matter who wins.

    “the politicians will fire up the coal stations” – NO THEY WILL NOT.

    By the way – it is NOT really about C02 emissions.

    If I produced a cheap energy source (really cheap – anyone could set
    one up anywhere, without much trouble or expense) that produced no C02 emissions at all the international establishment elite would not love me – they would HATE me.

    This is about power and control – control of people from the cradle to the grave.

    I do not believe that bobby b really understands this (the “New Republic” is not likely to tell him) – do you understand Chester Draws?

    It is not even about money – it is about CONTROL (power for its own sake).