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Yes, yes, of course the World Economic Forum are dingbats. But the point is that if we’re forced to pay for the BBC at gunpoint – yes, try escaping from jail after you’ve not paid the licence fee and it does come down to that in the end – so that they can educate and elucidate for us could we, just possibly, see a bit more of that educating an elucidating? Like, reminding us that the WEF are dingbats?

Tim Worstall

8 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Mr Ecks

    If you don’t watch the glass toilet you don’t have to pay so there is no question of jail.

    Stop paying and bye bye Marxist scum BBC.

  • Stonyground

    I don’t watch much TV but I like to from time to time. It is perverse that I would have to give up watching everything else in order to stop paying for the BBC.

  • Paul Marks

    Mr Worstell – the World Economic Forum are not a few staff and hangers on (such as the “Sustainable Development” person who advises Prince Charles, and the journalist who has just taken over the Social Media arm of the Daily Telegraph – fresh from THREE YEARS covering the WEF in Geneva) the World Economic Forum is just that – a FORUM, a place where governments and Corporations come together to discuss policy (their ideas for “planning society” – top down).

    We may think they are “dingbats” – but most governments and Corporations think we are the “dingbats” with our absurd “market fundamentalist” belief in what scraps of human freedom are still left.

    The idea the the BBC is going to “educate” people that the economics of the WEF is wrong is not very realistic – no television station is going to do this (with the possible exception of a few people on Fox News and Sky News AUSTRALIA – neither of which is broadcast in this country).

    You really do not understand Mr Worstall – the British government and the major Corporations AGREE with the agenda of the WEF, all “educated” people do. They see their role as “educating” us – not being educated by us.

    And it is not really Marxism either – as I have tried to explain before, it is more Saint-Simon than Karl Marx.

    Big Business types and the rich are NOT going to be shot – they are going to be IN CHARGE of the Collectivist Society (with Credit Bubble Bankers, rather than honest money lenders dealing in Real Savings, at the very top) – and all in the name of “science”, SCIENCE, SCIENCE, SCIENCE (very Sir Francis Bacon “New Atlantis”).

    For example, Bernard Jenkin M.P. was today going on about the latest Climate Change conference – supposedly it is going to be the most important event ever, more important than any meeting during or after World War II, more important than Yalta and so on. “Humanity must change the way live” (I quote from Mr Jenkin), and if out of work amusement park jokes like me do not like that, well so what? Why should they even both wasting a bullet on someone so utterly irrelevant as me? Or as irrelevant as your good self Sir? For what can you do to stop them?

    That is why the “Orange Man” (President Trump) must be removed – because he is essentially the only Western leader who does not support top-down control of every aspect of society by a combination of vast government bureaucracy and the vast Corporations.

    As you know Mr Worstell – in a free market things are decided from BELOW, by the choices of ordinary people – ordinary customers. But that is NOT the world the government bureaucracies and the vast Corporations want, they want a world where everything is decided from ABOVE.

    A world where free competition and customer choice are ILLUSIONS – where the “educated” (the senior bureaucrats and Corporate Managers) make all the real decisions.

    Taxes and regulations used to “nudge” us all to serve the Collective – not in a Marxist utopia, but in a Saint-Simon style one (although I doubt they have even heard of Saint-Simon). Different, but just as Collectivist.

    “But it will not work Mr Marks – eventually it will collapse” – I quite agree with this objection Sir, but that will not help either you or me.

    We will have starved long before sanity returns – after a Dark Age, perhaps made more protracted by the perversion of science and technology in the service of a Corporate State (in the service of Fascism – for that is what all this really is).

    Presently only one man stands in the way of the totalitarians – and it is not me and it is not you (we are both unimportant), the man that still stands in their way is the President of the United States – and he is going to be defeated in a week’s time.

  • JohnK


    Don’t write Trump off yet. He is behind in the “polls”, but frankly they are easily rigged against Republicans. Pollsters can simply decide what percentage of voters who say they will vote for Trump will, in their opinion, not bother to vote for him, and voila, he is behind in the polls. It is all part of the four year campaign the left wing blob has been waging against him.

    They cannot hide the fact that enthusiastic supporters by the thousand turn up to hear Trump speak. His supporters are the most motivated voters ever, yet the pollsters decide that 20% of them will note vote. The last figures I saw were that Trump has spoken to 240,000 people, and Biden has spoken to 80. Not 80,000, but 80.

    Yesterday I saw video of Barrack Obama talking through a megaphone to about a dozen uninterested people on a street in Pennsylvania. As one commentator noted, if the Biden campaign was so sure Pennsylvania was sewn up, they would have used Obama in a more marginal state.

    Obviously, the Democrats will try to rig the vote, and may succeed. The despicable decision by the Supreme Court to allow unfranked postal “votes” to be counted up to three days after the election in Pennsylvania, despite the clear letter of the law, is just one case in point. But we will have to deal with that after November 3rd.

  • Flubber

    Spot on JohnK.

    The reason that Biden is just going through the barest of motions of campaigning, is that the Dems hopes are entirely focused on massive vote fraud.

  • Paul Marks

    JohnK and Flubber.

    I hope you are both correct and I am totally wrong.

    If I am wrong – I will say so on this blog. And everyone will have a good laugh at me – and I will be PLEASED by that.

    Rest assured that I am working every day to try and prove myself wrong – and I am sure you are both doing all you can as well.

  • APL

    Mr Ecks: “Stop paying and bye bye Marxist scum BBC.”

    Sadly, because of the ‘unique way the BBC is funded’, that simply isn’t correct.

    The BBC will continue to do what the BBC has been doing for the last 50 years. Undermining British society. If you don’t pay the BBC license fee, the funds will be extorted from your income.

  • Paul Marks


    And the other television stations are just as bad as the BBC – “Ofcom” sees to that.