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Once again…

3 comments to Once again…

  • WindyPants


    “I am the Prophet, asshole!”

    “Shut up infidel!”

  • Nullius in Verba

    Can you extinguish the fuse?


    (Probably won’t stay up forever…)

  • Paul Marks

    According to Islamic law the penalty for mocking Muhammed is death. This penalty applies to Muslims and non Muslims. And it is in spite of Muhammed, in Islamic doctrine, being a man – NOT God.

    This is not “Islamo Fascism” (Muslims are NOT “Fascists” – and it is weird that Western leaders who themselves favour Big Business and “Woke” Big Government getting together to “plan society”, i.e. FASICSM, call other people “Fascists”), and it is not “Radical” Islam, it is following the Islamic texts and the example of Muhammed himself (who had people killed for mocking him – including a blind poet and a pregnant women – this were done to show that “hard cases” did not alter the principle of the law), and it is not “Islamism” – whatever that is supposed to be. It is Islam – the teachings and practice of Muhammed.

    The refusal of Western leaders, including President Macron, to understand this is NOT the fault of Muslims – they have explained the matter very clearly.

    When, for example, Mr Biden in the United States says he will copy the (utterly insane) “refugee” policy of France and other Western nations. And even says “Inshallah” at the first debate with President Trump. He, Mr Biden, is NOT declaring that he is a Muslim – far from it. What he is doing (as he more than hinted in the video he made for Muslim voters) is that the Justices he will appoint to “pack” the Supreme Court will “interpret” the 1st Amendment (Freedom of Speech) out of existence.

    Of course Mr Biden, or rather the forces that control this puppet, wants to get rid of what is left of Freedom of Speech for their own reasons – just as he-they want to get rid of all other fundamental liberties for their own (“Build Back Better” “Sustainable Development” “Stakeholder Capitalism”) reasons. But their “pitch” to Muslim voters is quite sincere.

    “Vote for Mr Biden and there will be no mocking of Muhammed, it will be illegal Hate Speech crushed by the government and the Woke Corporations” is the “pitch” to Muslim voters – and, again, it is sincere.