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Because why not…

6 comments to Because why not…

  • staghounds

    “100 blows of the whip, if you aren’t laughing out loud!”

  • Fraser Orr

    I think it is worth pointing out that although your translation is correct “morts de rire” which is kind of the French equivalent of LOL, literally means “die of laughing”. The subtlety is perhaps especially important in this context.

  • Stephen Sustad

    Well done. Thank you.

  • The real Mohammed had dancing girls killed for laughing at him – so, as Fraser Orr says, ‘die laughing’ is a good riff on the ‘die for laughing’ reality.

  • Paul Marks

    Niall Kilmartin – and an old blind poet for mocking him, and a pregnant women poet (who protested against the killing of the old blind poet). These incidents were recorded for the purpose of dealing with the “hard cases” defence – the idea that certain circumstances (being old and blind – or being a pregnant woman) meant that the sentence of death should not apply under the law – it is clear that it DOES apply even in “hard cases”.

    To pretend, as so many Western leaders do, that this is “Islamo Fascism” (Islam is NOT Fascist – it is the Western establishment elite who wants “Woke” “educated” Big Business and Big Government to get together to “plan society” by exterminating free competition, especially by small business, and the freedom of choice of ordinary people in all things – for Fascists to call non Fascists “Fascist” is bizarre), or “Radical Islam”, or “Islamism” (what is that?) is mistaken. It is just Islam – the teachings and practice of Muhammed.

    When Mr Biden (or rather the forces that control this puppet) win – he has made it clear that he will copy the insane “refugee” policy that France and other Western nations have followed, and in declaring “inshallah” at the first debate with President Trump, Mr Biden also made something else very clear.

    As with his video to Muslim voters – the lightly coded message is clear (and sincere).

    Mr Biden is NOT claiming to be a Muslim (he is not) – but he is hinting (indeed far more than hinting) that the Justices with which he will “pack” the Supreme Court will end what is left of Freedom of Speech in the United States – which means no more mocking of Muhammed.

    Of course the forces that control Puppet Biden want to “interpret” the 1st Amendment (and the 2nd Amendment – and all other fundamental liberties) out of existence for their own, “Build Back Better” “Sustainable Development”, “Stakeholder Capitalism”, “Great Reset” FASCIST reasons – but they are quite sincere in their implied promise that government and the Woke Corporations would crush all mocking of Muhammed.

  • Paul Marks

    Islam also has its positive (yes POSITIVE) side.

    Islam supports strong traditional families (no Frankfurt School of Marxism celebrating of the breakdown of the family and the collapse of society), strong independent small business enterprises, and ordinary people being prepared (and armed) to fight (if need be to the death) for their core beliefs.

    Certainly “Woke” Totalitarianism and Islam are in alliance in some places now – for example Minnesota with Congresswoman Omar and State Attorney General Ellison (the ex Vice Chairman of the Democratic National Committee – not just in Minnesota, but for all the United States), but it is an unnatural alliance – with fundamental contradictions within it.

    And some point Islam may will turn on the “Woke”. Islam has prospered for some 14 centuries, it is a powerful (profound) system of beliefs – the “Woke” think they can use it for their own, perverted, purposes – but, in the end, I suspect the “Woke” will get a nasty, and terminal, shock.