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Unwitting Comedy Quote of the Day

Local Anarchists Miffed By Trump’s Designation Of NYC As Anarchist Jurisdiction

… The Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council, an active NYC-based anarchist group, condemned the move … The group … said NYC had a long way to go before it could claim the mantel of full anarchism. (h/t instapundit)

I sure hope they are right about that.

I guess they might concede that New York City has less far to go now than, say, the year before de Blasio became its mayor.

I suppose anarchism is like socialism: in hindsight (but never in foresight), the kind that happened was never the ‘real’ kind – unlike the death and destruction it left behind.

(I appreciate that for any reader in New York, the comedy of this may be a bit on the grim side.)

13 comments to Unwitting Comedy Quote of the Day

  • APL

    ” The Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council ”

    ?? 🙂

  • AFT

    Wolf Hall alone can claim ‘the mantel of full anarchism’.

  • llamas

    APL wrote:

    ‘” The Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council ”
    ?? ”

    Directly descended from the Tooting Popular Front.



  • Patrick

    Anarchism means literally ‘without control’ or ‘without co-ordination’. These jokers are therefore seeking to co-ordinate the lack of co-ordination. The mind boggles.

  • Paul Marks

    Communal Anarchism (the Black Flag types) shares with Marxism a hatred for private property in the means of production.

    Meanwhile billionaire New York Progressives such as Mr Bloomberg (Mayor before the present pro Marxist Mayor) want to KEEP large scale private property (their own), but control every aspect of human life – a sort of Saint-Simon style Collectivism (very popular with Credit Bubble bankers and other such) – as their chant goes “We Must Follow The Science” – with “science” being a sort of secular priesthood of Sir Francis “The New Atlantis” Bacon types, who use the word “science” as a sort of magic spell to justify (yes – again) the Collectivist control by the state of every aspect of human life.

    Mr Bloomberg himself is busy paying the fines and court costs of thousands of criminals so they can vote for Mr Biden (no I am not making this up) – the Biden family having for many years taken vast amounts of money in bribes from the Ukraine and the People’s Republic of China, for Hunter Biden to spend on crack cocaine, and to spend with Human Trafficking organisations. The money was not paid out of any love for Hunter Biden (people such as the government of the People’s Republic of China have little love for drug addicts and so on) – it was paid to buy Joseph Biden.

    The “mainstream” media specialise in covering up such things.

    Who will win?

    The Communal “Anarchists”? The Marxists of the education system and “mainstream” media (including the entertainment media)? Or the Saint-Simon style billionaire financial industry elite who wish to control every aspect of human life in the name of “science”?

    Does it matter which of these groups of Democrats wins?

    I think we can all agree that, on balance, it would be best for all the Democrats to lose – all of them.

  • Penseivat

    I’m just waiting for the first anarchist to be assaulted and then demand the Police do something about it, though I doubt if these morons understand irony.

  • Jussi

    And still, according to the FT, 3 main reasons New Yorkers move to Florida are sun, space and lower taxes.

  • Confucious

    To be fair, the The Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council is correct. Under full Anarchy the people of New York could shoot rioters, looters and arsonists without then getting arrest, charged, etc by some Social Justice Warrior DA. Likewise, if afterwards journalists would crow about how they are Evil Reactionary NaziFascists for defending themselves, they could shoot those reporters as well.

  • Penseivat
    September 24, 2020 at 3:55 pm

    I’m just waiting for the first anarchist to be assaulted and then demand the Police do something about it, though I doubt if these morons understand irony.

    It happened in Kenosha, but only one of the anarchists lived to complain. And when they’re blocking traffic and a car tries to get through, they always complain the driver tried to run them over. (There were videos of both on YouTube, but most of them have gone away or cannot be found. YouTube won’t play the ones that aren’t politically correct, even if you find them, but you can download them if you have the right app.)

    One of the purposes of these riots is to create martyrs so they can have more riots. Most protestors who are even slightly inconvenienced shriek to the heavens above, and to their friends who are filming, that so-and-so tried to kill them.

  • Phil B

    Anna Key? A lovely girl with nice hair and a wonderful personality, I’m sure … 🙄

  • Most protesters who are even slightly inconvenienced shriek to the heavens above, and to their friends who are filming, that so-and-so tried to kill them.

    The usual refrain when Antifi/BLM when their intimidation tactics cause drivers to fear for their safety and run over the Anarchists is to scream “Oh My God! Oh My God! Call the police!”.

    Maybe this is post-ironic commentary (or even comedy) from the Burn Loot Murder crowd. If so the humour is a bit too sophisticated for my taste.

  • Mr Ed

    When I think of these ‘anarchists’, I think of something that I heard about the Spanish Civil War, when a bunch of Anarchists were fighting the Nationalist rebels (yes, Anarchists seeking to suppress rebels) in alliance with the Stalinists in the Republican Government. The Stalinists gave the Anarchists blank ammo to fight with as the Nationalists attacked; realising that they were being shafted by the Marxists, the Anarchists nonetheless carried on facing the Nationalists knowing that they could do nothing to harm them, preferring to make a stand straight out of the Life of Brian, rather than face the fact that the Marxists had outwitted and outfought them, and to retreat into the infantile disorder that Lenin deprecated.

    Essentially, these Anarchists are particularly useful idiot Marxists, most likely preferring to be ‘cool’ with their attendant personal hygiene and time preference issues.