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The obsession on colour is making for increased racism, resentment, and discrimination. Now, however, it’s just okay and even “good” to discriminate against whites, Jews, and Asians.

Amy Alkon

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  • APL

    “In her decision, Judge Burroughs defended the benefits of diversity, saying it was not yet time to look beyond race in college admissions. “Diversity,” she wrote, “will foster the tolerance☨, acceptance and understanding that will ultimately make race conscious admissions obsolete.”

    So in her judgement Burroughs acknowledged that discrimination in admissions is happening, but says it’s not illegal, ‘coz feelz.

    against whites, Jews, and Asians

    Spot the odd one out.

    ☨ Is that even true?

  • Fen Tiger

    Is that even true?

    It’s a pious hope, singularly unlikely even by the standards of pious hopes. I assume that, deep down, the judge knows how absurd it is; and also knows that her continued career and social status depend upon her saying it.

    Such cowardice and venality are our current ruling class’s chief characteristics.

  • against whites, Jews, and Asians

    The ability of those who call their enemies Hitler at the drop of a hat to channel Adolf’s favourite prejudice is my candidate for the most blatantly phoney bit of all PC.

    I fully concede it has a number of strong rivals for this ‘honour’.

    BTW, I observe Amy Alkon practices the Oxford comma. Has the Oxford comma not been denounced as the very quintessence of patriarchal, white, grammar is racist oppression?

  • bobby b

    “In her decision, Judge Burroughs defended the benefits of diversity, saying it was not yet time to look beyond race in college admissions. “Diversity,” she wrote, “will foster the tolerance, acceptance and understanding that will ultimately make race conscious admissions obsolete.”

    She’s actually following US Supreme Court precedent here.

    Back in 2003, Justice O’Connor, in Grutter v. Bollinger, 539 U.S. 306 (2003), wrote the opinion on a similar race-in-admissions case. In it, she said “race-conscious admissions policies must be limited in time,” adding that the “Court expects that 25 years from now, the use of racial preferences will no longer be necessary to further the interest approved today.

    So, the precedent is there. If Trump wins in November and appoints one more USSC Justice, the 25-year period will undoubtedly be declared over. If Biden wins, look for it to be extended. And extended. And . . .

  • AndrewZ

    Identity politics is the radical left’s divide-and-conquer strategy for destroying the West. It is intended to divide society into hostile factions based on race, gender, sexuality and anything else they can find to exploit, and then set them against each other. That means making hatred a virtue as long as it is directed at some group that they deem to be too powerful or too successful in mainstream society. Increased racism, resentment, and discrimination is exactly what they want.

  • Paul Marks

    Whatever one thinks of the 1964 Civil Rights Act at least it is clear.

    Racial discrimination is not lawful in the United States – even by private organisations.

    So how do Harvard and other elite institutions get away with systematic racial discrimination? How do they get away with discriminating in favour of blacks and against (for example) Asians?

    The answer to that question is brutally simple – the same reason that Joseph Biden and his family can take millions of Dollars in BRIBES and never get prosecuted, indeed to just suggest that the corruption be investigated brought President Trump to impeachment.


    If a body is on the left – such as Harvard, it can break the law. But a conservative university such as Hillsdale could not.

    Just as conservative Republicans are prosecuted for doing XYZ- but Democrats are not prosecuted when they do the same things.

    The corruption of the education system has few into the “justice system” including criminal law.

    If left and right fight on the streets of New York ad other Democrat cities, you do not need to be genius to know that it is the right wingers who are going to be prosecuted – even if it was the leftists who started the fight.

    Do not hold your breath waiting for equal justice to be applied to places such as Harvard and Yale.

  • APL

    “it’s just okay and even “good” to discriminate against whites, Jews, and Asians.”

    I don’t know who Amy Alkon is, nor what its politics may be.

    But I am curious, Niall’s comment not withstanding, about a couple of things in the excerpt.

    1. I thought with the obvious exception of the Falasha, Jews claim to be white? So, why the distinction between Jews and Whites?
    2. I have some sympathy with Ann Coulter’s perspective. In the USA, the civil rights movement was supposedly to correct certain wrongs suffered by the decedents of black Slaves. Where do Asians buy their ticket for the gravy train?
    3. In all of this, and usually ignored, in a Society largely built for the decedents of whites, by whites, why are whites obliged to share the fruits of their civilization with other races* at all?

    *’sharing’ is one thing, being continuously brow beaten, harangued and subject to ever greater demands, is quite another. And changes a cooperative relationship into a coercive relationship. To no one’s benefit.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    APL, I can help you. If you look to your left, in the Commentary, you will see Advice Goddess. Amy Alkon writes that column! Judge for yourself as to its’ politics.

  • Paul Marks

    APL – leftist “Jews” (not Jess generally – indeed certainly not Jews who actually believe in Judaism) play the leftist Frankfurt School of Marxism game -indeed people from once Jewish families INVENTED this game.

    However, it has been clear from at least the 1960s that other groups do NOT agree that wealthy people from once Jewish families are a “victim group” in the modern Marxist sense.

    Black Frankfurt School of Marxism types could not give a toss that people from once Jewish families invented these ideas – to them even a Marxist Jew is still a rich white person, to be a robbed and killed.

    Again this was clear even back in the 1960s – but some leftists from once Jewish families are really slow to understand this.

    It will become clear to them – when they are being tortured to death.

    But that is a bit late.

    There are also the Technocratic NON Marxist “Jewish” leftists – such as Michael Bloomberg.

    They are not Marxists – but they think they can USE the Marxists to gain power for themselves, total power over the lives of ordinary people (even over the details of what ordinary people eat and drink).

    Such individuals are often very clever – but deeply unwise.

    The people they are subsidising (such as BLM) will tear them to pieces.

    An added problem is fake Rabbis.

    If someone says they are an ORTHODOX Rabbi one can be fairly sure of certain things – such as that they believe in the existence of God.

    But the word “Rabbi” just means “teacher”.

    There is nothing, nothing at all, to stop a Marxist “Jew” (who does NOT believe in God or individual survival after death) calling themselves a “Rabbi”.

    No surprise that the “Rabbis” who the media and the education system love tend to be of this sort.

    Liberal and Reform Judaism were infiltrated by the Marxists long ago – most people who call themselves Liberal or Reform Jews are NOT Marxists, but some people in key positions are.

    But then Marxists are very good at this.

    For example, Southern Baptists are politically conservative right?

    Ordinary ones may be – but the LEADERSHIP of American Southern Baptists openly committed itself to Critical Theory Marxism last year.

    Yes – the Southern Baptist Convention is now a tool of the Marxists.

    And people wonder why I sometimes fall into dark moods.

  • Snorri Godhi

    Paul Marks decries:


    That is why, in 2016, i turned from despair to the hope that Trump would win. Even if he personally were no better than Hitlery, at least he is not above the Law.

    And that is also why i now distinguish between ruling class and hegemonic class: Trump is a member of the ruling class; but not of the hegemonic class. (The same holds for Reagan, after changing ‘is’ to ‘was’.)

    But, surprisingly, things are not as dire in the UK as in the US in this respect.

  • bobby b

    “But, surprisingly, things are not as dire in the UK as in the US in this respect.”

    Honestly, I wouldn’t characterize what’s happening in the US as dire.

    The center-left, moderate-left, and left have collapsed in abject fear of the extreme left. The extreme left, with their new-found power, are dragging the entire left over a cliff, and the people unwilling to fall with them are edging away.

    The active participants in the move to Marxism are actually a small group. They bring quite a few people along with them because it’s cool and fashionable. But that’s not enough to bring them all the way to suicide. Hence, there’s a huge enthusiasm gap.

    Kurt Schlichter, in one of his Townhall columns, pointed out that the voter who chose Trump in 2016 but will choose Biden today doesn’t exist. That comports with my observations. What voter who chose Trump over Hillary would now choose Antifa and BLM over Trump? I don’t see movement away from Trump to the left, but I do see it the other way. Trump drives people away by simply being Trump, but he’s done nothing in his four years in office to drive more voters away.

    The law remains the same for everyone, mostly. What differs lies in who is choosing when to enforce those laws. Over the last eight years, Soros’ group brilliantly decided to finance downstream elections – secretaries of state, mayors, prosecutors, etc – and so we now see a handful of partisan rogues bastardizing their offices and bending the application decisions their way.

    But, like BLM and antifa, they’ve overplayed their hand, and are losing support. When Trump wins and the Republicans regain the House, (I’m feeling optimistic today), the people who elected Soros’ minions are going to feel the cold of being frozen out of federal funding until they choose better local people. So this selective law enforcement won’t last. BLM and antifa are no longer going to be protected classes. And the backlash is going to be awesome.

  • Snorri Godhi

    Bobby: it is possible to agree with all what you wrote and still retain my original position.

    The reason i characterized the situation as ‘dire’, is that i cannot imagine Hitlery getting more than a few percent of the vote in the Nordic countries. The Nordics tend to apply stricter standards to the ruling class than to themselves. I believe that the Brits are closer to the Nordics than to the Americans in this respect — and that is not out of enthusiasm for modern-day Brits!

    But if my using the word ‘dire’ suggested that i fear things will get worse, let me reassure you that i am sanguine about the future of the US. And of the world, for that matter.

  • Snorri Godhi

    Incidentally, bobby, you write:

    Trump drives people away by simply being Trump

    But i suspect that Trump drives many, many more people to him just by fighting verbally* for them; instead of having them fight for him, as supporters of the Bushes, McCain, and Romney had to do.

    * and when Trump fights verbally, he fights like a wolverine.

  • Fraser Orr

    @bobby b
    But, like BLM and antifa, they’ve overplayed their hand, and are losing support. When Trump wins and the Republicans regain the House

    Although I agree with your analysis bobby, the source of my lack of optimism is not in the winning of a fair fight, but in the loss of a dirty fight. The biggest concern I have is the zillions of ballots being sent out with potential fraud, and the strong possibility of a dirty election with voter intimidation, criminal activities in polling places and a whole slew of other things. What I think is going to happen (and I could be wrong) is that Trump will win closely, but then all of a sudden all these “uncounted” ballots will appear by the truckload, and it will degenerate into a legal nightmare that makes the 2000 election look like a parking ticket trial.

    I foresee the election day itself as terrifying. Gangs of thugs outside polling booths. Polling booths being forced to stay open to “ensure the black vote”. Election judges getting the same treatment as restaurant diners. Large blocks of stolen mail in ballots. Ballot trucks hijacked. Polling places in “republican parts of town” burned to the ground, or access denied due to rioting. The BLM crowd think it just fine to break into stores and steal things, destroy businesses and even shoot people in cold blood. How easy would it be for them to do all these relatively benign things?

    It seems to me that the left have absolutely no scruples. They see it as a moral imperative to win, and there are no sins so great as the sin of another four years of Trump. And they have their stormtroopers to enforce their will, and an totally emasculated police force unable to enforce the law. I think November and December are going to be the stuff of nightmares.

    And the flip side — the right going out there to ensure their right to vote with their AR-15s, while legitimate in one sense, is a spiraling escalation of disastrous proportion.

    I mean seriously, we should probably ask Russia to send an international team to ensure a fair election.

    However, I definitely hope your optimism is right and my pessimism is wrong. Otherwise it is time to learn to speak Mandarin.

  • bobby b

    Fraser Orr:

    One point that causes me to retain my optimism:

    There are states that have moved to mail voting. They are going to game that system to the utmost. It will be shameless. The votes that will roll in from the dead and the nonexistent will be huge. They will cause great tempest in the counting of the popular vote.

    But we don’t elect based on popular vote. The states that are adopting mailed voting are mostly states that were going to deliver their electoral votes to Biden anyway. The net result will be a fogging of things due to the popular vote being gamed, but an electoral vote count in Trump’s favor.

    It means four more years of “he’s illegitimate!”, but we’ll get that anyway.

  • Fraser Orr

    Interesting article @Bobby, thanks for sharing.