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Don’t worry, their programming does not allow them to harm humans

Pelosi glitches out, randomly says “Good morning, Sunday morning” in middle of interview

‘It’s estimated that 200 million people have died — probably by the time I finish this talk,’ said Biden.

16 comments to Don’t worry, their programming does not allow them to harm humans

  • Snorri Godhi

    Once again: this is all due to the modern Western diet.

    People don’t realize this, partly because some people are more susceptible than others.

    American people who are more susceptible, tend to vote Democrat. Statistically speaking.

  • bobby b

    None of this matters to people who are going to vote for them.

    They’re voting ideology, not personality. If they could run the dead Justice Ginsburg, they would, and she would get as many, if not more, votes as Biden. They just need a face for Big Brother.

  • Phil B

    Is Alzheimer’s or dementia a necessary condition to be part of the Democratic Party hierarchy?

    Just asking. For a friend.

  • APL

    Snorri Godhi: “Once again: this is all due to the modern Western diet.”

    Pelosi was born in 1940, she is 80 years old, she’s suffering from mild dementia caused by a lifetime of Lefty cognitive dissonance.

    I’m not disagreeing that Western diet has a high proportion of artificial synthesized components, Margarine is famously, a waste byproduct repurposed. But Pelosi is just an old woman who’s mind is going. Really, the US democratic party increasingly resembles the Soviet Union politburo, ( I see Phil B has already suggested ).

  • None of this matters to people who are going to vote for them … They just need a face for big brother.
    (bobby b, September 21, 2020 at 10:49 pm)

    True (and I love the phrase about big brother), but it can matter a lot to the floaters, to the social strength of the “we’re smart and safe, Trump is crazy and dangerous” idea, and even, I think, to those dragooned into line by cancel culture when they are in the privacy of the polling booth.

    There was an effect when hale and hearty Reagan confronted the old and dying general secretaries of the USSR in the early 80s. A cartoon of that time showed a puzzled Reagan reading a newspaper article about 72-year-old Chernenko: “What do they mean, old?” asks 73-year-old Reagan. 🙂 I suspect these things contributed to the culture-upstream-of-politics atmosphere of those years.

  • Jon

    Partisanship aside, it does seem that remarkably few modern politicians can think and talk at the same time. It’s not like Trump is a Churchillian orator – he’s all about word salad too. Can Kamala Harris walk and chew gum at the same time maybe?

  • Itellyounothing

    It’s like Q is truthful and the supply of adenochrome has been cut off…..

    I would imagine though, the frailness of old age becomes more obvious under stress. Trump began as a one man war on the Democrat party and now a fair few Republicans are enjoying helping him.

  • Can Kamala Harris walk and chew gum at the same time maybe?

    Sure. Because she talks out of her arse.

  • DP

    Dear Miss Solent

    “‘It’s estimated that 200 million people have died — probably by the time I finish this talk,’ said Biden.”

    Of boredom perhaps?

    Meanwhile in other news, Prison England is set for up to 6 months (maybe more) of lockdown and double fines all round.

    How did we ever allow such a complete bunch of totalitarian thugs ever get into a position of power?

    How can we rid ourselves of them?


  • Douglas2

    I’ve seen it posited elsewhere that her earpiece intercom went silent, and this was the sort of “hello can you still hear me” response that we’ve all done on bad telephone connections.

    Was this not an interview with the (American) ABC News’ Sunday morning discussion program?

    I think “This week, are you still there?” might have been more appropriate, but when in front of the bright light I hope I might be excused for using the more generic descriptor

  • Snorri Godhi


    Pelosi was born in 1940, she is 80 years old, she’s suffering from mild dementia caused by a lifetime of Lefty cognitive dissonance.

    The fact is, there is increasing evidence that dementia is, to a possibly large extent, due to a poor diet.
    See this.
    And this.
    And this.

    It’s not just dementia: mood disorders, autistic-spectrum disorders, and ADHD also seem to be affected by diet. (My radical view is that they are almost entirely due to a poor diet.)

    And epilepsy, too. For epilepsy, it seems that the evidence is overwhelming. Although it falls under the rubric of ‘neurological’ disorders, it is clearly a brain disorder, just like dementia.

  • Snorri Godhi

    It’s been so long since the last time, i almost feel flattered.

  • Paul Marks

    Unfortunately their programming does allow them to harm humans.

    Indeed harming humans is what they are programmed to do.

    And the constant propaganda of the “mainstream media” (building on the indoctrination of the education system) is fanatically determined to get humans to vote for the likes of Pelosi and Biden, so that Pelosi and Biden (and so on) can harm them.

  • MadRocketSci

    So after this generation of geriatrics clinging to absolute power dies off, we’ll have entire nations of people who have spent their entire lives ground on the bottom of moribund zombified heirarchies, never having had the opportunity or mentorship to learn how to run effective organizations. (Institutions, businesses, universities, whatever.) This point is a far more general problem than our suicidal politics.

    There’s going to be quite a generation shock in the next 20 years. A great discontinuity from all the knowledge and experience that hasn’t been passed on and cultivated. Hopefully it won’t result in Maoism, but that seems to be the direction it’s going.

  • bobby b

    “There’s going to be quite a generation shock in the next 20 years. A great discontinuity from all the knowledge and experience that hasn’t been passed on and cultivated.”

    All of my kids are great shots, and can strip and clean pistols and long guns.

    Or isn’t that what you mean?

    (State and local governments are full of experienced young people who have been learning the game for years, waiting for the old farts to get out of the way. Problem is, as the population ages, people seem to still like voting for national “leaders” who are older than themselves, and so our “leaders” get older and older just like we do.)

  • Paul Marks

    MadRocketSci – it is not 20 years, it is NOW.

    For example, Mr Redstone (CBS – Viacom) has already been ruled medially unfit by a court – he is OUT and has been for some time.

    But Mr Redstone had dominate the company for so long that when he became senile the company started to fall apart – even clinging on to obviously failed projects such as the Marxist version of “Star Trek”. The politics of of State Trek were always a bit on the left – but nothing like the Frankfurt School garbage of “STD” and the other new products.

    Many other Corporations are in the same boat – the men who create them are now too old to manage them, and the university trained managers (with their “Woke” Marxist ideas) are driving the Corporations into the ground.

    The Ancient Greeks had an answer to this – and it was not just “retirement” although that was part of it.

    Before handing on your estate to your son, a man would have his son work-with-him for many years – at first teaching his son the ways of the craft or the business, but eventually having the son take over (whilst the father was still alive) as the father made mistakes due to weakness of body or mind.

    Sons were not sent off to very expensive schools and universities to be taught that their own people were evil (guilty of “whiteness” or whatever) and should be exterminated or enslaved – on the contrary education was about reading the classics (such as the works of Homer) so that one walked in the tradition of one’s ancestors – AND being taught practical matters by one’s father so that one walked in his ways. This did NOT mean that a son could not improve things – but he understood the thing he was setting out to improve.

    When someone such as Woodrow Wilson (later President Woodrow Wilson) said that the purpose of modern education was to “make young men as unlike their fathers as possible” a massive Warning Flag was being raised.

    The parents should have never sent their children (their sons or their daughters) to schools and universities that were urinating and defecating on the core beliefs an principles of the parents.

    Woodrow Wilson was not a Marxist – but he might as well have been, as his attitude (even when he was an academic) was undermining Western Civilisation – in the name of the “Progressive Movement”.

    Mr Wilson’s long book “The State” and the book of his friend and “other self” Colonel House (“Philip Dru: Administrator”) show him to have been at least close to being a totalitarian. His opinions were totally at odds with the limited government Constitution of the United States – which he was sworn to defend, but really utterly despised.

    When the Democrats boast of being the party of the education system they are, for once, telling the truth. And it is precisely because they follow the political and cultural ideas that are pushed in most schools and universities that their influence is so utterly evil.

    By the way… although there were many people (in America and outside) who were much worse than Woodrow Wilson his hatred for American principles was lon standing.

    For example, his first piece of political writing seems to have been in 1876 – the 100 anniversary of the founding of the United States (which was in 1776 – not “1619” Marxist vermin of the New York Times please note) – the hatred for the Constitution of the United States was plain even in 1876, some have attributed it to his boyhood in Georgia during the Civil War.

    Seeing so much death and destruction, at such a young age, may have had a terrible mental effect on the young Woodrow – leading him to hate language that BOTH sides used (language about rights AGAINST the state and fundamental liberties), associating such language and principles with destruction and mass death.

    Be that as it may – he was not helped by his education, dominated by German political thought and by a horrible misinterpretation of Edmund Burke.

    Rather than understanding that Edmund Burke had core pro private property pro liberty opinions, by the late 19th century it had become fashionable to teach that Edmund Burke was in support of “reform” as long as the reform was gradual and peaceful – there was no longer an understanding that Burke was only in support of change if it was change in the DIRECTION he wanted (lower government spending, less taxation, getting rid of regulations that undermined liberty) – not just any old “change” in line with “organic growth” (some sort of misapplied Darwinism).

    With a Collectivist thinker such as Richard Ely (actually more important in academia than Wilson was) the Civil War stress theory does not work – this was “just” ideas, horrible bad ideas.

    Ideas that have come gradually to dominate the education system – the idea of “change” being EVER BIGGER AND MOST INTERVENTIONIST GOVERNMENT.

    Lastly although the ideas of these Collectivists came from Germany that did not mean they loved Germany – indeed often they wanted to destroy Germany so a “New” America (totally divorced from its founding principles) could take the place of Germany. The First World War was just (not unjust) the reasons for which Congress Declared War were correct (overwhelmingly so) – HOWEVER, President Wilson had an agenda and it was a very bad agenda.

    The Progressives even had a sort-of intellectual justification for this – although the ideas fashionable in Germany were good (according to the Progressives – including REPUBLICAN Progressives such as T. Roosevelt) these ideas were not fully applied in Germany due the weight of the old classes – the Kings, the Princes, the traditional land owners, the centuries of tradition…..

    America did not have these “defects” and, therefore, could apply German Collectivist ideas even further than Germany could – at least this was the theory of the Progressives.

    It turned out that, embodied by such men as Calvin Coolidge, America had traditions of its own that, at least in the short term, stopped the politics of tyranny (the politics of the Progressive movement) dead in its tracks.

    However, the terrible fear that Woodrow Wilson had of “Counter Revolution” in Mexico and the Soviet Union (in spite of NOT being a Marxist, he seemed to fear “reactionaries” more than Marxists – at least in a Russian context) led to him to prevent the crushing of “Progress” in these areas.

    And that led to very great evil – eventually in the United States itself, which is still going on.