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That should fix the comments…

Looks like the technical glitch (caused by a rubbish WordPress update) that had borked the comments & removed much functionality has been fixed for now by adding moar Russian hamsters.

10 comments to That should fix the comments…

  • bobby b

    Well, yes and no.

    Try to adjust the volume on this vid. Go ahead. I dare you. 😛

  • My grateful thanks to the administrator (and the hard-working hamsters 🙂 ).

    Bobby, I had no difficulty adjusting my computer’s sound up or down during the video, to enjoy the commentary, the music, the occasional squeaking of the wheel (or was it the hamster?) and the ‘thunk’ as the sore loser butted the other out of the way. I guess I failed to see your joke – but enjoyed watching, so no complaints.

  • bobby b

    Niall, I just tried again. No controls on the video screen still. I can transfer over to Youtube and it works there just fine. Maybe it’s MY hamsters. They’ve gone on strike before.

  • Snorri Godhi

    Me too 🙂 I do not get any controls on the embedded video either. I had to go to YouTube to go back+forth in the video. But i suppose i could have used the computer’s sound settings to control the volume.

    WRT the video, what i found funniest was the alpha hamster going to eat after a satisfying workout on the treadmill, only to find that the beta hamster had eaten up everything.

  • Mike Solent

    Siberian Filigree Hamster!

  • bobby b

    Works now.

  • neonsnake

    Test to see which avatar comes up.

    (I’d like to see an American hamster running a wheel involving a lever hitting hanging animal carcasses, but maybe that’s because I’m quarantined with not much more than a Rocky box-set)


    WHY?? WHY DO I HAVE A MONOCLE??? ME? Of all people??

  • bobby b

    “WHY?? WHY DO I HAVE A MONOCLE??? ME? Of all people??”

    The new avatars are a hoot! I’m a pretty cheerful guy IRL, and look at my avatar frown.

  • Paul Marks

    These hamsters put me to shame.

    If I had exercised as they do, I would not be the fat lump I am now.

  • Kalashnikat

    they run much faster in competition because it’s a case of “predator take the hindmost!”

    Welcome to the Monacle club….