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Samizdata quote of the day

“The country’s myriad cancelers emit the odor not of sanctity but of sanctimony, and of something more ominous: the whiff of a society decomposing.”

Lance Morrow, in the Wall Street Journal ($), writing about McCarthyism, and parallels (and differences) with the situation today.

3 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Mr Ecks

    Allow Marxist shite to worm in everywhere what do you expect?

  • CaptDMO

    Worthless link to a “Please register” data mining gate.
    Too bad. Now I have no choice but to make assumptions concerning a Senate page boy’s (typically a young teenage son of big campaign donors) insights.
    Any such short “teaser” blurbs that do not include
    ” Mr. McCarthy was vindicated by history of course”, and/or discriminate between his, and HUAC
    goals, RIGHT off the bat, is worthless for further intellectual pursuit to me.
    I’ll keep that in mind when faced with “social” issues in WSJ links in the future.

  • Paul Marks

    As M. Stanton Evans pointed out years ago in “Blacklisted by History” – Senator Joseph McCarthy was normally CORRECT. The people he thought were TRAITORS normally WERE TRAITORS.

    Even when Senator McCarthy was wrong, as over General Marshall, he had good reasons for believing what he believed – after all in relation to CHINA General Marshall acted as-if he was a Communist agent, this was really because his advisers and staff (not Marshall himself) were Communist agents.

    As the Communists, in relation to China, could control everything that Marshall got to see and hear – they could control him (without him being one of them).

    It is because for almost 70 years anyone opposing Marxist influence in the universities and other institutions has been attacked as a “McCarthyite” that we are in the mess we are in. Even though it was the House Committee (not McCarthy in the Senate) who were interested in institutions outside of government.

    Virtually every institution in the Western world is dominated by Marxist ideas. Including, as I know to my personal cost, Conservative Central Office. They are NOT Marxists themselves (any more than General Marshall was) – but the intellectual world they inhabit is dominated by Frankfurt School “Cancel Culture” Marxist ideas.

    As Mr Ecks rightly says “Allow Marxist shite to worm in everywhere and what do you expect?”