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A half hour video of the incident in Portland on 16th August 2020

If I have understood correctly, this video of the incident involving Adam Haner and Marquise Love, in connection with which Mr Love is being sought by Portland Police, was taken by a man called Drew Hernandez. Here is his twitter post directing viewers to the YouTube channel where the video is hosted.

This Daily Mail story includes a much shorter (1 minute 49 seconds) video of the same incident.

Obviously, both videos show scenes of violence.

I am a strong believer in the presumption of innocence, so I will say no more than “Watch for yourselves”.

Edit: “It’s a stain on the movement”: Portland Protest Organizers Condemn Truck Driver Assault, reports the Portland Mercury. However at the time of writing the Twitter account of the national (US) Black Lives Matter movement has said nothing about it.

13 comments to A half hour video of the incident in Portland on 16th August 2020

  • llamas

    I like to think that I’ve stood up for the presumption of innocence on the part of unpopular actors on these very pages more-often-than-most. See Chris Brown, Eric Scott, Katrina cops and All Like That.

    That being said, and speaking as a (hate that formulation, but in this case it fits perfectly) some-time copper, I have to say that I watched that video and I can find no possible exculpation for the acts of Mr Love. There is no way in which Mr Haner offers any credible, real or present threat to Mr Love, or to anybody else. There’s no immediate exchange of anything that might be read as ‘fighting words’.

    It is a premeditated (note the length of the run-up) murderous and sociopathic attack. Mr Love might do well to bear in mind that either Mr Haner, or a bystander, would have been well-within their rights under Oregon law to shoot him dead on the spot for carrying out such an attack. If apprehended, the correct charge right now is attempted murder, as Mr Haner is yet alive. And I don’t see what possible defence he could offer to the charge. The video makes it a slam-dunk – a well-dressed rhesus monkey could prosecute this case and be certain of winning it.

    If somebody doesn’t step up and take robust measures to restore law and order in these cities, very soon, we will see people being beaten to death on the street for no good reason. And then we will see ordinary citizens responding by shooting these sorts of attackers – justifiably. There is no way that this ends well.



  • Rob Fisher (Surrey)

    Llamas said everything I came here to say.

  • Anonymous Coward

    This Youtube comment is correct: “So he accidentally tries to start his truck while it is already running. It makes that clattering sound that a normal human is familiar with. So then they decide to attack him.”

    The mob then decides that he tried to run people over when this is not the case.

    Other lessons from this. Don’t attempt defensive violence when outnumbered (unless you are better armed). Don’t loiter about in these types of situations. Leave quickly and quietly.

  • Mr Ecks

    It makes me wish the late great doorman Gary Spiers was still with us–altho he would be getting on a bit by now.

    A couple of his punches would take these Antifa/Black-Scum-Matter-More-Than-You-Whitey fucker’s gums out never mind their teeth.

  • This kind of thing has been happening often enough that the US Small Business in Transportation Coalition is now suing the United States Department of Transportation to enforce the Hobbs Act (which forbids obstructing, delaying or affecting commerce by robbery or extortion or threatening physical violence to any person engaged in interstate commerce) because

    The demonstrations have led to multiple deaths and injuries as well as extended delays for motorists and truckers along those routes.

    Back at the start of July, Instapundit looked at the MSM’s silence/spin about BLMers blocking and then shooting a motorist. By late July, it seemed clear that it was a BLM tactic to block and alarm drivers, then treat their attempts to drive away from the situation as threatening, meriting ‘retaliation’ – with their social media and MSM friends helping the approved narrative and/or keeping quiet.

    (I have already posted on BLM’s willingness to kill an 8-year-old black girl for being in a car that approached one of their checkpoints. If Mr Haner remains alive, he can think himself lucky.)

    Of course, I recall in the 2016 election, BLM did this and twitter et al helped them. There seems to be more of it now.

  • Paul Marks

    Andy Ngo has produced hundreds of videos hundred of videos about what is happening in Portland Oregon.

    Antifa are savage (and they are mostly WHITE) – they have tried to kill Andy Ngo and he is a small Gay Asian man, about the most harmless person you could meet.

    But this is NOT just a matter of the Marxist thugs of “Antifa” or “Black Lives Matter” (founded by two Marxists in 2014 and totally controlled by Marxists – it has nothing to do with the late Mr George Floyd).

    The authorities in Portland are, at best, Fellow Travellers with the Marxists.

    The Democratic Party in many cities and States is part of the Marxist movement – produced in the same Marxist universities, as is the “mainstream” media which does not even show the looted and burned areas of city and covers up the MURDERS committed by the Marxists.

    To expect justice from a Democrat D.A. in a city or a Democrat Attorney General in a State is optimistic indeed.

    Vile creatures such as the Mayor of New York are on the side of the criminals who they privately regard (in line with Marxist doctrine) as Socially Friendly Elements.

    If Puppet Biden wins in November it will be “Game Over”.

    The First Amendment (already spat upon by “Woke” Big Business) will be totally destroyed – by the judges the Democrats will appoint.

    The Second Amendment will go to – and by the same method,”interpretation” by judges.

    If America falls the rest of the West can not stand. A Long Night will begin – a new Dark Age made more long lasting by the perversion of science and technology.

    If it is not Covid 19 and “systemic racism” the forces of Technocracy will find some other excuse for the imposition of totalitarianism.

  • Paul Marks

    As for Big Business – they FUND Marxist Black Lives Matter.

    People like Jeff Bezos (the richest man in the world) do NOT believe in Marxism (not at all) – he just sees BLM as a useful tool to burn small business competitors and he does not mind if a few store owners get burned alive (yes burned alive) with their stores.

    God damn him – Gad damn him and his Washington Post to Hell.

  • Paul Marks

    The vast majority of Big Business Corporations fund Marxist groups – they call doing so “Social Responsibility” and the Corporate Executives are taught to behave this way at their expensive schools and universities.

    By the way – “Chic-Fil-A” is the same as the rest, many people do not even seem to know that the Founder is dead and the son has let Corporate Managers take over and fund all the normal Marxist groups.

    Is our civilisation doomed? Perhaps it DESERVES to be doomed.

  • bobby b

    “And then we will see ordinary citizens responding by shooting these sorts of attackers – justifiably. There is no way that this ends well.”

    I guess the definition of “well” is in the eyes of the beholder.

    Go to some of the sketchier right-wing websites, and you’ll see people already talking about dragging out some of the old Matthew Bracken plans for counter-insurg tactics. A few small pickup trucks, planned fields of fire, no cops around . . .

    I still cannot imagine how the bosses in these cities see this violence as being advantageous for their chosen systems of government.

  • I still cannot imagine how the bosses in these cities see this violence as being advantageous for their chosen systems of government. (bobby b, August 19, 2020 at 8:05 pm)

    It may not be your imagination but theirs that is lacking, bobby. Long ago (it seems 🙂 ), while posting about something completely different, I wrote

    “you can’t say that” silences their ability to think more than our ability to speak

    You, bobby, can imagine yourself into their shoes. You can then imagine downsides for them in what is happening. Having got that far, you now have a hard time imagining sufficiently-compensating upsides for them.

    Right now, cancel-culture is obstructing the kind of discussions that might alert them. But it was narrowing their imaginations for a long time before they reached this point.

  • Fraser Orr

    @bobby, I think the answer to your question is fairly simple: it is that most people are absolutely clueless that we live in a federal system. It has been a continuous process of sucking all power up from the local to the central government with such insane things like the Department of Education and the Food and Drug Administration — things that could clearly and easily be done at a state, county or city level, as they constitution would surely expect.

    And so we have developed the situation where people don’t distinguish between the sovereigns. Everything that happens in America is the federal government’s responsibility. And this is true of the two most pressing issues in America today: police violence and response to Covid.

    Of ALL things the Federal government doesn’t control the police must surely be top of the list (along with schools.) Trump tried to fix the problem in Portland with Federal LEOs and people lost their minds. So the Feds aren’t allowed to do anything about it, but still it is their fault? In fact Trump went as far as the constitution allowed him to do (and arguably a bit further) to try to stamp out the violence in Portland, and he was pilloried for this. Yet still Portland violence and riots are his responsibility?

    Moreover, as has been pointed out many times local police could ban choke holds tomorrow if they wanted to. The Federal government has basically no role at all in that (except with the usual pretense of manipulating local policy through federal grants.) But still chokeholds are somehow the federal government’s problem?

    As to Covid, for forever, outbreaks of disease and quarantine have been the responsibility of county health authorities. If you remember, when this first broke Trump wanted to order stay at home orders in all states, and EVERYONE went nuts about states rights, and how he had no power to do that, it was the governors power. So he has no power to take any action yet he is blamed for a lack of a national plan?

    This is a problem that has been growing for decades. It really struck me the first time during Hurricane Katrina. Bush ordered $100 billion in federal aid. Why is this a federal problem? States are sovereign, it is their responsibility to provide disaster relief. If you are in Louisiana surely you must expect hurricanes fairly regularly. So you should surely prepare with a rainy day fund (literally!). But apparently not. Apparently disaster relief is now a federal issue, though I can’t seem to find that in the enumerated powers of the constitution.

    So that is what it is. Police brutality and dealing with infectious diseases has always been a state and county matter (the latter advised for sure by the CDC). But, like everything in America, it has been federalized, and somehow Trump, due to the federal system of states rights has little power to do anything — it being a state and local responsibility — is to blame for it all.

    Of course it is politics, but it is also all about the end of the idea of the federal system. The idea of competition between states. Like all big players the last thing they want is competition.

  • Paul Marks

    People who really can not understand why people in power would deliberately seek to make their city or State WORSE should look up the Cloward and Piven strategy of the 1960s.

    The more dependent people one can create the better – from the Marxist point of view, for thus the collapse of evil “capitalism” comes closer.

    But it is actually a tactic that non Marxists use as well – and not just “we will make everything as bad as possible – and then BLAME TRUMP”.

    In local government it is known as the “Curley Effect” named after Mayor Curely of Boston in the early 1900s.

    Mayor Curley was NOT a Marxist – but he tried to make things as bad as possible, driving employers out of Boston and pushing resentment of “the rich”.

    And it worked – the more dependent on City Government people he created, the more desperate voters he got.

    By any rational calculation the Democrats have made cities such as New York and Chicago Hell-on-Earth with massive poverty and vast numbers of MURDERS.

    And they have done so quite DELIBERATELY – actually hoping that the poverty rate would go up, and that pulling out the police would push up MURDERS (which it has).

    The calculation is that vast numbers of desperate and hungry people will be even more likely to vote Democrat.

    The Covid hysteria had the same aim.

  • Paul Marks

    By the way – for people who believe in the “the parties switched” story.

    Mayor Curely of Boston was a Democrat.

    So was Governor Bilbo down in Mississippi (one can not get more “Deep South” than Mississippi) who also in the 1900s was pushing policies of statism in order to increase the number of dependent voters.

    On the other hand – areas such as East Tennessee (First and Second District) have been Republican since the 1860s. A long line of mostly small government Republicans.

    When did the parties “switch”?

    How, for example, was Republican President Warren Haring (who dramatically cut the size and scope of government – the REAL reason the academics and court intellectuals hate him) a bigger government man that President “New Freedom” Wilson?

    The KKK was always a Big Government movement – not just a racialist movement.

    Yes indeed it is possible to think of Republicans in the KKK – but it was always overwhelmingly Democrat.

    There were indeed different factions of the Democratic Party – and there were indeed some Big Government Republicans.

    But “the parties switched” is wildly over the top.