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To a background of Coldplay, Lomborg fisks Stiglitz

“Greta Thunberg’s message of doom is religion not reality”, writes Iain Martin in the Times:

Earlier this month, Thunberg set out in an open letter a list of demands that, if implemented, would make the economic effects of Covid-19 seem mild. Her co-signatories included assorted celebrities, activists and, inevitably, Coldplay. Climate catastrophists are clearly keen to get the alarmist show back on the road, perhaps because they have been eclipsed by the pandemic.

Martin then goes on to say that,

With intelligent use of technology and mitigation measures, mankind is more than capable of adapting to warmer conditions.

This is one of the points made in Bjorn Lomborg’s important new book False Alarm: How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet. Mr Lomborg is a long-standing environmentalist regarded as a heretic by hardliners in the movement because he is an optimist who says that humanity is not doomed. Global warming is happening, he says, but populations have been “scared witless” into thinking that it means the end of life on Earth. “The rhetoric on climate change has become ever more extreme and less moored to the actual science,” he says. “The science shows us that fears of a climate apocalypse are unfounded. Global warming is real, but it is not the end of the world. It is a manageable problem.”


For the sin of deviation from the apocalyptic consensus, The New York Times — woke bible and host of the Greta event at Davos in January — unleashed the eminent economist Joseph Stiglitz to lambast Mr Lomborg, who has since responded with an amusing line-by-line demolition of Mr Stiglitz’s claims.

And here it is:

The New York Times’​ stunningly false and deceptive hit piece to preserve climate alarmism.

I do love a good old fashioned fisking.

4 comments to To a background of Coldplay, Lomborg fisks Stiglitz

  • John

    I can never see the name Coldplay without remembering the £8m (or was it £12m) Chris Martin gave to Camila Batmanghelidjh. He clearly hasn’t learned his lesson.

  • Van_Patten

    Bjorn Lomborg is arguably the Peter Bauer of his time. Unerringly correct and yet doomed to be ‘a Cassandra’ – do worry given BLM whether he might be subject to cancellation in the near future….

  • This is the kind of claim one makes if one gets most of one’s climate information from news media.

    is how the article describes Stiglitz’ absurd ignorance of the fact that

    “estimates of the economic effects of greenhouse gas emissions have become less pessimistic over time.”

    in the AGW peer-reviewed literature of the last ten years.

    Take out the word ‘climate’ and it becomes a sentence with wider applications. 🙂

  • Paul Marks

    The fact that Stiglitz, a man totally ignorant of the most basic economics, got a “Nobel Prize for Economics” vindicates the judgement of Alfred Noble in NOT setting up such a prize.

    We have reached the stage where winning a major award is a sign of ignorance or dishonestly – or both. And not just in economics.

    The international academic and intellectual “elite” (including the media elite) is rotten to the core.