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Samizdata comedy quote of the day

Clever Churchgoers Avoid Arrest By Disguising Themselves As Rioters

LOS ANGELES, CA—Religious people in Southern California have found a bold, creative solution for in-person meetings in spite of the continuing lockdown. This past weekend, several area churches attended church services disguised as righteously indignant rioters.

“We already have the righteous indignation thing down,” said one church elder. “Now, we’ve simply added black balaclavas, hoodies, Guy Fawkes masks, and baseball bats! We found that when we do this, we can meet in large groups without much interference from the local authorities. It’s been a delightful experience.”

It’s satire 🙂 – I think? 🙁

I feel like commenting that comment is needless – but don’t let that restrain you.

10 comments to Samizdata comedy quote of the day

  • Mr Ed

    Satire soon becomes reality these days. For added authenticity, they could affect Edwardian iconoclasm.

  • Paul Marks

    The Marxist “Democrats” have come out into the open.

    For months they have been saying that their restrictions were about a virus – Covid 19. Now they are pushing riots of looting and burning (including Marxist snipers covered by crowds of “protesters”) without any “social distancing” measures.

    It was always a lie – the virus is real (horribly real), but it was never the reason for what the Marxist Democrats were doing.

  • Runcie Balspune

    Well, there is a religious element

  • AndrewZ

    The failure of Democrat mayors and state governors to use all the powers at their disposal to suppress the riots may not just be due to weakness or ideological sympathy. They may be trying to force the President to take on this responsibility so that they can blame him for any deaths that then occur. If even one rioter dies, the media will gleefully portray Trump as a murderous tyrant. The awful truth may be that they are deliberately letting their cities burn in the hope of swinging the election.

  • If even one rioter dies, the media will gleefully portray Trump as a murderous tyrant. (AndrewZ, June 2, 2020 at 11:26 am)

    But his supporters may cheer him to the echo – all the more if the first death turns out to be a wealthy white trust-fund university student from out-of-state ‘helping’ some ‘oppressed’ black or muslim by burning the store they owned after looting a memento from it. The PC media should be (should long since have started being) careful what they wish for. And the governor whose daughter passed on to the rioters the information that the national guard would be delayed should worry what Trump might detain them for once he was in charge.

  • Patrick Crozier

    When Instapundit describes the Babylon Bee as the nation’s newspaper of record he’s only half joking.

  • Phil B

    The Babylon Bee is satire (just in case anyone is in doubt).

    About a month ago, they had an article saying that the Babylon Bee was folding because what was happening in the world was far more bizarre than anything they could dream up.

    However, they found a lifeline – they will simply publish what Joe Biden says and let it go at that:


    Definitely one for the “You couldn’t make it up” files.

  • bobby b

    They just keep getting better:

    “Episcopalians Confused By Strange Book Trump Brought To Church”


    (For context: Trump left the White House and walked (!?!) down to a nearby damaged church with his security entourage yesterday, where he made a quick speech while holding a Bible. Everyone liberal – i.e., all of DC – is having a stroke over this. The pastor of the church is screaming that he had no permission to carry a bible to her church.)

  • It’s satire 🙂 – I think? 🙁

    Apparently not.

    It is becoming hard to write satire.

    (h/t instapundit)