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Nigel Farage says ‘Say No to House Arrest’ – and a perspective on Red China

A video blog from Nigel, asking questions in his usual style about the lockdown and what it is for, police behaviour, and posing some questions about the UK’s relations with China. Then a China Uncensored video giving a view on the Red China ‘cure’ for coronavirus. He also has a good word for Stephen Kinnock going to see his Dad on his Old Man’s birthday.

A British politician calling for liberty, there is one.

And from China Uncensored, (a Taiwanese-backed channel I believe), a contrast on the American media’s soft touch on China with what has been going on.

5 comments to Nigel Farage says ‘Say No to House Arrest’ – and a perspective on Red China

  • Gary

    Given that the UK government is, disgustingly, gagging doctors and nurses from speaking out about the criminal lack of PPEs and testing, making Spaffer’s regime no better than Winnie the Pooh’s, and in fact worse, as at least Xi actually provided PPE to doctors and nurses, and ventilators to patients, bleating about China seems hypocritical when we treat our doctors and nurses like shit as well.
    Likewise, we learn that the Tories are fiddling the figures to try to make the death toll more acceptable.

    The odious worm called Michael Gove claimed there is a lack of chemicals for testing, only to be exposed as a scumbag liar as there is in fact plenty of re-agent.

    What South Korea did in one week, Britain’s government is so incompetent it can’t even do in two months.

    If we had followed South Korea’s excellent example, there would be no need for a lockdown. But British arrogance has bought us to this mess. “We know better than those silly South Koreans” claims Bungle, who is out of his depth and doing a sickle to evade accountability.

    The doctors and nurses are the lions in this war. The politicians, especually those who fail to provide healthcare workers with equipment, are the donkey’s.

  • James Strong

    @Gary, 1.45am

    Where is the re-agent that is needed for the testing?

    If you can either provide that information or tell us where we can find it then we would better understand the actions and statements of the government when they assert it is not available.

    I didn’t know that the UK government was gagging doctors and nurses. I’ve seen NHS staff on national and local TV, and the issue of testing and PPE has been on many news bulletins and has bewen discussed by many commentators.

    Neither did I know that the PM was pulling a sickie – I had heard and read that he had tested positive for Covid 19 and therefore has to stay in self-isolation for a bit. Are those reports, or the test result itself, fake?

  • Nullius in Verba

    “If you can either provide that information or tell us where we can find it then we would better understand the actions and statements of the government when they assert it is not available.”

    That appears to be a reference to this story. I’m guessing government incompetence, not asking industry to help, but we should wait for clarification. A lot of these stories get scrambled by misunderstandings and miscommunications and assumptions.

    I agree, I don’t see any evidence at all of ‘gagging’.

  • Mr Ecks

    Salvation by test is somewhat spoiled by false negs/pos at a very high rate. As has been pointed out the tests only show a few virus present–that does not demonstrate the presence of the many millions needed to infest and kill a host.

    Socialist scum like you created this problem and the deaths it has brought Gaza–so get off your sanctimonious high horse.

  • Paul Marks

    It is good to know that some people are still standing up for liberty and against the Communist Party Dictatorship in China.

    A Communist Party Dictatorship that is joined-at-the-hip with the “educated” “liberal” international establishment elite – including most of Big Business.

    Only a few years ago even I, someone who is deeply melancholic, would not have believed the current situation to be possible. The covering up for the People’s Republic of China and such things (over years now) as every major entertainment company (Disney, Viacom…… – basically all of them) pushing Frankfurt School “Critical Theory” (“the Diversity agenda”) under the cover of entertainment films, television shows, even comics…..would have stuck me as impossible.

    So when people call me paranoid I do not really mind – as I would have called this state of affairs impossible, only a few years ago.

    The education system (the schools and universities – since at least the 1960s) have had the effect of undermining the foundations (foundation beliefs and customs) of Western Civilisation. And the products of the education system (the “Good Students” the people who believe what is taught) have not just gone into the government bureaucracy – they have gone into the bureaucracies that are the Corporations.

    One example, of a legion of examples, Mastercard (one of the two main payment processors – the other being Visa) has a POLITICAL agenda.

    They (a payment processing company) support such things as Open Borders (open to mass immigration)and every other “Woke” policy position and, of course, the support the Communist Party Dictatorship in China – even though it would never dream of following “Woke” policies in CHINA itself (on the contrary it actually despises Woke policies).

    A payment processing company (one of two main ones) with an active political agenda – and an agenda that can be summed up as DEATH TO THE WEST.

    If someone had said that to me only a few years ago I to would have dismissed it as “paranoid”.

    Remember even the “Schools of Business” now teach “Social Responsibility” and that turns out to mean Frankfurt School stuff – SJW “Woke” stuff.

    CNBC (owned by Comcast) now has says that the responsibility of a corporation to serve the shareholders was “invented by Milton Friedman” (it was NOT – it is actually the basis of the law of trusts going back many centuries) and means “Greed is Good”.

    Yes – the largest business television station on the planet is pumping out Marxist propaganda (whether they know it or not).