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Some wonder if Philip Rutnam’s resignation has damaged Boris Johnson’s government. But a great swath of opinion outside the bubble takes this as a sign of something good happening & this chap’s squealing is music to their ears. They may be wrong to assume the swamp is being drained, but that is how this is playing to the normies.

– Perry de Havilland

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  • bobby b

    From the article:

    “But governments who want to get things done need an effective civil service to make things happen. A very public breakdown in trust like this does not help that cause.”

    But a Deep State that no longer serves the purposes of the democratically-elected government – one that in fact opposes those purposes – is no longer an “effective civil service.” It’s a coup.

    This is how a Deep State protects its power. It gives its Jack Nicholson “you can’t handle the truth” speech.

    “Son, we live in a progressive bureaucracy, and that progressivism has to be guarded by bureaucrats who think progressive thoughts! We have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom! I would rather you just said “thank you” and went on your way!

  • Clovis Sangrail

    I am delighted to discover that I am a normie. I gave a small cheer when I read this news.

  • “Sir” Philip Rutnam is trying to play the victim here, but the truth is that if he had played this vanishing act bullshit in anything other than a UK government department he would have been out on his ear without compo long since.

    These deluded unCivil Servants think they can gain sympathy from the general public for bullfuckery, they are sadly mistaken.

    One down, lots to go. Well done to the Home Secretary.

  • Even those so fooled as to think this is for real and not a blatant mandarin manoeuvre are aware that the whining civil servant’s only alternative would have been having to deal with Diane Abbott. Outside the bubble – perhaps even inside it – that obvious comparison may have people thinking he should rather have been counting his blessings. 🙂

  • only alternative would have been having to deal with Diane Abbott

    Not really. Outside her ability to throw accusations of racism further than an Olympic athletes javelin, Diane Abbot was/is/shall always be as dumb as a box of spanners. She might have been granted the Home Office in light of a labour “victory”, but she wouldn’t have held it long. Even in the eyes of the Commies, the Home Office is too important to be left to a demented imbecile.

  • She might have been granted the Home Office in light of a labour “victory”, but she wouldn’t have held it long. (John Galt, February 29, 2020 at 10:40 pm)

    She would only need to hold it for seven months to match Priti’s current duration – and arguably only for three, as Rutnam probably regarded August – November 2019 as endurable in the hope that Boris would lose the election.

    I also suggest you are way too kind to the soon-to-be-ex Labour leader in suggesting that your accurate perception of Abbott’s limitations was shared – or even perceptible to – Corbyn.

    (Way too kind to Corbyn – I’ll bet that’s not an accusation you get every day, Mr Galt. 🙂 )

  • Roué le Jour

    There is also the having one’s cake and eating it situation where the civil service demands the anonymity of a servant while in practice developing and promoting policy.

    Have you forgotten Jacqui Smith already?

  • Have you forgotten Jacqui Smith already?

    I remember she existed and claimed her hubbies porn on expenses, but that was about it. Home Secretary? Apparently she was, but I have no recollection of anything she achieved in that office.

  • mickc

    Regrettably, despite the PR about this man having been forced out etc, there is no chance whatsoever of there being a fundamental change in the Civil Service.

    It is Remainer throughout and therefore the UK will effectively Remain.

  • It is Remainer throughout and therefore the UK will effectively Remain.

    Despite the fact that we’ve already left… 🙄

    The unCivil Service needs a good clear out, certainly. I hope this is just a start of Dirty Dom’s firestorm.

  • John

    The bbc will be in a quandary over how to present this story.

    They may still be oblivious to the public disgust at presenters salaries and “equality” settlements so maybe they will actually believe there is support for a whining baldly knight over the representative of a newly elected government. More popcorn.

  • Itellyounothing

    Pour encourager les autres…..

  • Paul Marks

    The establishment elite seem to believe that (Hegalian?) rule by an unelected bureaucracy is correct – that elections should NOT have consequences, and that much the same line of basic policy should continue regardless of who wins the election.

    Even the creation of the Civil Service was squalid – it was based on a report written by Sir Charles Trevelyan. Yes – the same Charles Trevelyan who supported imposing CRUSHING taxation on Ireland (which destroyed the Irish economy in the late 1840s) and called this “freedom” – “laissez faire”, which text books have continued to do for 150 years, thus discrediting liberty by associating it with the mass death in Ireland in this period.

    The elected government should govern – not unelected people (Civil Servants) who are totally unaccountable to ordinary people.

    It should also be pointed out that the establishment elite (for example the “mainstream” media – the television stations) support the bureaucracy because they are “educated” in the same doctrines.

    The academic elite (including the forces behind ordinary teacher training) have nothing but hatred and contempt for BOTH democracy and individual liberty.

    This is the root of such things as their support for the European Union – many GOOD people support the European Union (because they, honestly but mistakenly, think it can be used to promote both democracy and individual liberty) – but the establishment elite have no illusions about the European Union, they support it BECAUSE it is terrible.

    This claim can be empirically tested.

    I have NOT researched the background of Sir Philip Rutnam (I know nothing about his political opinions) – but I am going to predict that he supported the rule of the European Union over the British people.

  • Zerren Yeoville

    Possibly one of the most delicious aspects of the Rutnam vs Patel conflict is that here we have a white, middle-aged, privately-educated man with a knighthood – the very embodiment of the concepts of ‘Establishment’, ‘privilege’ and ‘gammon’ – in a conflict with an immigrant, state-educated ‘woman of colour.’

    Now which one of the two will the PC, ‘woke’, #BelieveHer, ‘check your privilege’ Leftists be backing here?

    Somehow I don’t think anyone needs a second guess.

  • Marius

    @Zerren – I’m afraid British Indians have been gulled by them evil Tories and are now guilty of collective wrongthink, thus losing their BAME privileges.