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How to hand in your resignation

I thought about putting this in The Great Realignment, but the link to politics is slight. This is more about fantasy fulfilment. Have you ever dreamed of telling a bad boss what you think of him? Have you ever dreamed of telling the world what you think of your bad boss, shortly before making him your ex-boss? Meet Gareth Arnold, who until today seems to have handled the Twitter account for Jared O’Mara MP, regarded by all sides as the most useless MP in Parliament today. Actually as of now (20:36 BST) Mr Arnold still is handling Mr O’Mara’s account but Mr O’Mara may not be entirely happy with that.

The first indication that something was up came at 8:03. A tweet allegedly from Mr O’Mara said,

Jared O’Mara

Comms Team signing off… forever: Jared, you are the most disgustingly morally bankrupt person I have ever had the displeasure of working with. You do not care about your constituents. You do not care about anyone but yourself.

Thick and fast they followed:

I cannot and will not defend you and your vile, inexcusable contempt for the people who voted you in. You selfish, degenerate prick.


My fear is that now (as I quit) the rest of the staff will leave and once again you will close your office and stop helping anyone but still take your wages until you have the decency to call a byelection.


Leaving constituents desperate for representation again. No matter if they are having their homes taken away, their liberaties disgraced or being deported because of your inaction.


Sheffield Hallam deserves so much better than you. You have wasted opportunities which people dare not to even dream of.


Consider this my resignation.


Gareth Arnold
– @garetharnolduk

“GnasherJew” has archived the thread to keep it for posterity.

P.S. In other news, Boris Johnson will be made PM tomorrow.

15 comments to How to hand in your resignation

  • Mr Ed

    You should always resign with dignity. Mr Omara got Nick Clegg out of Parliament and so did us a service. IIRC he got into trouble with his party for something, perhaps not being woke enough, and he is a DJ by trade, and he has a disability. I think he recently sacked a load of his staff just before they got the right to claim unfair dismissal, i.e. were unsackable without good cause after 2 years in the job, but the specifics of the issue escape me.

    Just because the sort of people who would work for Labour MPs appear to hate him doesn’t make him bad, but he did stand for Labour.

    A possible neutral factor, he is ginger.

  • Perry de Havilland

    Awesome. Now THAT is quitting in style 😆 😆 😆

  • bobby b

    Dishonorable in the extreme.

    Hate your boss? Want to resign nastily? Use your own damned Twitter account.

  • Rob Fisher

    Highly amusing and probably deserved, but I don’t think I would hire Mr Arnold.

  • Fred Z

    O’Mara may be bad, but his disgruntled employee, Mr. Arnold, is demonstrably worse, a thief of electronic services, a dishonorable and treacherous swine.

    Arnold was hired by a politician to issue political propaganda, who the fuck did he think he was working for, the second coming of Christ?

  • Stonyground

    I think that it is better to use very thoughtfully chosen words that make your point more cleverly but without being gratuitously insulting.

  • I would be cautious of trusting the judgement of the kind of person who chooses to work for a Labour MP, but I think the key point here is that Jared should himself have resigned some time ago – if that is, you believe MPs should do things rather than refrain from doing things, a point which samizdatans may wish to ponder (especially as regards a Labour MP). In Mr O’Mara’s own words,

    “I have a slipped disc in my back, a torn bicep in my left arm and Cerebral Palsy in my right arm. I am forced into wearing a vest and elasticated shorts. …If it were not for my kind parents and staff helping out I would not even be able to get up from a chair. The Parliamentary estate would not allow me dressed like this, even if I could travel. … I am not sure if this is public knowledge but the House of Commons does not have to abide by The Equality Act. They have no interest in allowing disabled individuals to remotely vote. Pleas to The Speakers Office and Procedures Committee have fallen on deaf ears. (This is from his website – noting, for caution, that it is presumably also managed by Gareth or a colleague.)

    This text reveals that Jared also has a split infinitive. Given the general trustworthiness of MPs, I suppose that disability is the only one we can be sure exists as fully and disablingly as represented, but it seems reasonable to assume, pending further information, that Mr O’Mara is not in the best of health.

    Jared self-describes (‘identifies’, is, I suppose, the modern term) as unable to perform the ordinary duties of his office. Jared thinks the House of Common’s dress code, and requirement for attendance to vote, is unnecessary, even discriminatory. We think the same about much, if not all, of what Jared would be doing if he were more fit. The taxpayer’s money is ill-spent supplementing the disability payments and medical care Mr O’Mara doubtless receives but it might be worse-spent funding the politics of a fitter Labour MP.

    That the house of Commons is not bound by the equality act, and that Mr O’Mara fired much of his staff just before they reached the longevity threshold for being less fireable, offer opportunities for comment – which, alas, work compels me to leave to any other commenters who wish to expand on them. 🙂

  • Natalie Solent (Essex)

    I thought of adding some sort of rider to the effect that, er, hijacking your employer’s Twitter account is not a nice thing to do. But it would only have been adding hypocrisy and concern-trolling to the sin I was committing by laughing my head off at Jared O’Mara getting his comeuppance. When elected as a Labour MP (he was later suspended by Labour, then readmitted, then resigned from the party), his candidacy for the seat of Sheffield Hallam was backed by Momentum. For the information of overseas readers who may not be familiar with Momentum, it is a far-left entryist organisation within the Labour party. Mr O’Mara is thus a supporter on political grounds of the workers seizing control of their employers’ property and of people joining an organisation with the intention of drastically changing its character.

  • …that Mr O’Mara fired much of his staff just before they reached the longevity threshold for being less fireable, offer opportunities for comment

    *snigger* would probably be sufficient, but MP’s on all sides are commonly guilty of the same (or worse) hypocrisy than those they denounce from their bully pulpit. Unpaid internships, expenses fraud and nepotism in office being prime examples.

  • Stonyground

    If there hadn’t been a law in place that was intended to stop them being fired, they wouldn’t have had to be fired before it took effect.

  • neonsnake

    Dishonorable in the extreme.

    This is one of those instances (like Buzz Aldrin smacking that bloke) where I don’t tend to worry too much about it, and just wet myself laughing.

    O’Mara is something of a dislikeable person; I recognize that doesn’t make me right to laugh about it though.

  • Fraser Orr

    This is one of those instances (like Buzz Aldrin smacking that bloke) where I don’t tend to worry too much about it, and just wet myself laughing.

    Sure it is easy to laugh, just as it is easy to laugh at other people doing self destructive things. But Arnold’s tweets say a lot more about him than his boss. If his boss is such a terrible person what does it say about Arnold that he has continued to work for him for so long? If you are quitting but use facilities you no longer have a right to it isn’t much different than installing a destructive virus on a network before walking out the door or slashing your boss’s tyres because you were pissed.

    And perhaps most fundamentally, who the hell is ever going to hire Arnold for this kind of position again in the future? Not me, that is for sure.

    Quitting in this manner is just simply sophomoric idiocy. From what I hear O’Mara is a bad person, what irony that Arnold would use his exit to prove he himself is worse.

    BTW the comparison to Aldrin is not fair. He punched out some random dude who walked up and essentially called him a massive liar. Arnold worked for O’Mara and had a fiduciary and probably contractual obligation to him. The two things are not at all similar.

  • neonsnake

    He punched out some random dude who walked up and essentially called him a massive liar.

    In the black and white, I’d suspect that some libertarians would be unconvinced that punching someone who calls you a liar is a proportionate response.

    In the context of a 72 year gentleman being harassed by a fellow half his age, and twice his size, and (to my eyes, but debatable) is attempting to physically corral him and prevent him from walking into the building, I tend towards thinking that the guy earned the smack. Me thinking that way doesn’t make it right, though.

    This is similar.

    It’s idiotic, and no doubt will affect the chap’s ability to get a new job, and it wasn’t a moral or honourable thing to do, but honestly – who hasn’t fantasised about gloriously burning their bridges on their way out? I don’t think I’d have the nerve to do it myself.

    As I said, it’s not right that my immediate response was to burst out laughing – but some things are just funny.

  • Rob

    who the hell is ever going to hire Arnold for this kind of position again in the future?

    Another idiot. Modern life is full of them.

  • Now I cannot think of Boris without also thinking of that meme, ‘You’ve got ONE job…’