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Cry God for Harry, England, and Saint George!

Much beer will flow today…

17 comments to Cry God for Harry, England, and Saint George!

  • Johnathan Pearce (London)

    Glad you mentioned Harry. Meghan will be delighted.


  • Mr Ed

    That phantom usurper, England’s true patron saint is Saint Edmund, used by heathen Danes for archery practice in Suffolk.

    His martyrdom took place in 870 at Hoxne in Suffolk. After beating him with cudgels, the Danes tied him to a tree, and cruelly tore his flesh with whips. Throughout these tortures Edmund continued to call upon the name of Jesus, until at last, exasperated by his constancy, his enemies began to discharge arrows at him. This cruel sport was continued until his body had the appearance of a porcupine, when Hinguar commanded his head to be struck off.

    ‘Off with his ‘Ed’. as they used to say.

  • Continuing Mr Ed’s point (April 23, 2019 at 1:00 pm), it is one of the more interesting and surprising facts of English history that the very sons and daughters of the Danes that killed him made Saint Edward a martyr. The ancient chroniclers note that only a generation or two later, he was strongly venerated in that whole area by the Danes who settled there, and modern historians – Sir Charles Oman, for example – note it as one of several evidences of how the pagan Danes somewhat rapidly evolved into a distinctively English and Christian culture.

    It would have been understandable human nature if the converted Danes had chosen to make a loud noise about some saints killed by Roman emperors and gloss over an English king they themselves had killed. Instead, of their own choice (well before they were absorbed into the growing Wessex kingdom), they made Edmund the most famous saint in the area.

  • In more modern St George’s day news, it is reported in this morning’s Daily Telegraph that the chairman of the 1922 committee will today tell Mrs May that she must resign or be booted out on June 12th.

    I would have preferred a deadline of midday today (June 12th is when the rules change being made, shortening the time between leadership challenges from a year to six months, will allow her to be challenged) but as something to celebrate on St George’s day, her being told to name her exit day will have to do.

    It is reported she will specifically be told, “She cannot superglue herself to Downing Street like the eco-warriors.” 🙂

    (Perry was doubtless aware of this. I do not know whether any of the beer he referred to was to be particularly in honour of it. 🙂 )

  • mickc

    The Tories don’t have the guts to get rid of May.

  • The Tories don’t have the guts to get rid of May.

    I hope they don’t 😉

    I want her to still be PM until after the European parliamentary elections.

  • neonsnake

    I see your point, Perry de Havilland, but I’d still allow myself a school-night beer, even so.

    Happy St. George’s Day.

  • mickc

    Yes…but even then she won’t go…and they won’t get rid of her..

  • According to Tim Worstall, today isn’t actually St George’s day because it is superseded by Easter week

  • Sam Duncan

    “That phantom usurper, England’s true patron saint is Saint Edmund”

    What about St. Alban?

    Of course, the thing is that before (and for some time after) the Norman conquest, countries didn’t really have patron saints. Edmund and Alban were only two of several saintly cults in England at the time. Any one of them could have ended up as the official patron. Heck, if Bill the Conk had been seen off, Harold might have promoted a cult of Edward the Confessor.*

    But I always think Alban would have been nice, if only because it would have made the Union Jack a lot neater. His symbol (as seen on the coat of arms of the city of Saint Albans) is a gold saltire on a blue ground.

    But it’s not his day. Have a good one, what’s left of it.

    *Except he wouldn’t, because Edward wasn’t canonized until the 14th Century. But you get the idea.

  • Paul Marks

    The Constituency Chairmen of Conservative Associations (I am one of them) have demanded an Extraordinary General Meeting National Convention – to discuss the endless lies and betrayals of Mrs Theresa May.

    The establishment left often threaten Conservatives “on the right” (such as me) with expulsion for “bringing the party into disrepute” – but that is a sword with two edges, as repeatedly (over 100 times) LYING to Parliament and the British people about British independence from the European Union on March 29th 2019, is “bringing the party into disrepute”.

    Mrs May can not be leader of the Conservative Party is she has been expelled from the Conservative Party – i.e. is no longer a member.

    Still it may not come to that – as, if Mrs May has a shred of honour left, she will resign after losing a vote of confidence at the National Convention. IF Mrs May has a shred of honour – sadly that is a big IF.

    The despicable liar and betrayer Dominic Grieve refused to resign as a candidate for the next election after losing a vote of confidence at the AGM of his Constituency Conservative Association, and Mrs May PRAISED and SUPPORTED the despicable liar and betrayer Dominic Grieve even AFTER this behaviour. I fear that Mrs May will follow the dishonourable example of the despicable Dominic Grieve – and seek to stay on AFTER losing the vote.

  • mickc

    Paul Marks
    You assume that May will lose a vote of confidence at the National Convention, if the Convention or vote is even allowed.

    I very much doubt that she will lose; the vote will be rigged, probably by packing in May supporters….

  • I wish you good fortune, Paul. (Paul Marks, April 23, 2019 at 9:42 pm); every form of pressure helps.

    I quite understand – though with very mixed feelings – why Perry (Perry de Havilland (London), April 23, 2019 at 3:46 pm) thinks it could have net value were her departure delayed till after the European elections (a month away). I feel a very good case could be made for voting for the Brexit party in those elections even if May – hardly the only reason for wanting to send a message to Parliament and the EU – were gone.

    Meanwhile, I suggest we try on the pessimistic mickc that adage I am always pressing on you. 🙂

    For myself, I am an optimist; there does not seem much point in being anything else. (Sir Winston Churchill)

    Both the sentiment and the source seem appropriate to the day.

  • Paul Marks

    Thank you Niall.

    mickc – you may well be correct, but as a Constituency Association Chairman it is my duty to try.

    The MPs have failed – so now it is up to us.

  • mickc

    Indeed it is your duty..as an infantryman….but the officers have decided otherwise so the useless General remains… whilst you get slaughtered! How terribly English it all is! Guns to the right of them, guns to the left of them

  • mickc

    Neil Kilmartin
    I am only pessimistic in that the right side…”our side”…plays by the rules like good lower middles. The opponents don’t! How about a bit of positive non rule action? To continue your analogy of Churchill..SOE…not MI6…

  • mickc (April 24, 2019 at 8:47 pm), up to a point and for a time – we both hope it will be only that – you may be proved right. For example, I gather that by a small majority the 1922ers have wimped out of authorising a June 12th challenge to May. But our enemies, despite their organisational strength, have many weaknesses and I think there are rational arguments for encouraging Paul et al. – and every other effective way of attacking them.