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The problem with this article is it fails to note that becoming a Marxist because you’re young and unhappy is no more laudable than becoming a Nazi for the same reason.

– Samizdata Illuminatus

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  • Pat

    What austerity? Government expenditure has risen every year since 2010 even allowing for inflation.
    And.Why do we respect the views of.people who have at most one years experience of independent life and most likely none.

  • Julie near Chicago

    It’s quite tiresome and disgusting, but they’re young yet — positively gushing water behind the ears, so to speak. Many of the more intelligent libertarians and a bunches of conservatives too that we all know and love (though a lot of the time I’d like to throw pies at them *grin*) enjoyed outings with Marx in their youth, ranging from dalliances to full-throated activist anti-capitalist and anti-Western-mores-and-values-ist speeches and activities.

    (Let us forget the myriad counter-examples for the nonce. I dislike bouts of dyspepsia before breakfast.)

    We can at least hope that the kids of whom the Mighty Guardian writes will come to their senses before they bring the house down around themselves and all the rest of us.

  • terence patrick hewett

    If they cross the Tamar we do put them in pies and sell them to the grockles.

  • Seems quite reasonable to me, terence

  • Runcie Balspune

    the state has taken away benefits his parents and grandparents enjoyed, like low-cost housing and free education.

    “free” ?

    the state has lifted the extortion his parents and grandparents endured, like being forced to pay for someone else’s housing and education.

    Fixed that for yer.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Runcie: Quite. Yes indeed.

  • Marius

    I have some sympathy with the lad, not least because he’s young and we’re all fools of one sort or another then. Much less for the somewhat sinister public school pinko and that stupid girl who was on the TV. This ‘luxury communism’ is a fantasy, designed to beguile the unhappy (and innumerate).

    I know it’s the NYT but I still find it amazing that this sort of hand-wringing Guardian+ leftism exists in the USA…

  • Paul Marks

    Typical New York Times article – it pretends to support “free market capitalism” (to regret that people are turning away from it) whilst assuming-as-true all the arguments of the socialists.

    The New York Times is in formal alliance with the Guardian in Britain – but there is a difference.

    The Guardian openly states that it is a socialist newspaper – the New York Times is far less honest.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Yes, and they think I should pay to read their foul rag!


    Boy, even Samizdata has osmosed enough PC-ism to make me ultra-careful. (Or maybe it’s just me.) Wherefore: Let no one assume I mean that the NYT “ought” to give out articles for free. What I mean is, why would anyone waste good money on its maunderings. Except that I suppose a person might do it so the rest of us don’t have to read the thing….

  • AesopFan

    Julie: “Except that I suppose a person might do it so the rest of us don’t have to read the thing….”
    That’s what tip-jars are for; I would rather pay someone else to read it and let me know what’s worth discussing.
    The fewer people “up voting” the MSM with their money, the better.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Good to see you here! :>))