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“Remain cheated for decades”

The Remain die-hards are much excited by the news that the Leave donor Arron Banks faces a criminal inquiry over his financial support for the Brexit campaign. “MPs call for Brexit process to be paused as NCA investigates £2.9m spent by leave campaign”, says the strapline to that Guardian article, as if David Lammy calling for the Brexit process to be paused were a new development and not something he has been doing since 25 June 2016.

I do not always agree with Peter J North, but when that one was bowled in his direction he batted it away for six:

Remain cheated for decades

Arron Banks has been referred to the National Crime Agency in respect of his alleged dodgy financial dealings. I don’t care. I have never met the man, and exchanged few words, most of them derogatory. My decision to vote to leave the EU is based on a long standing democratic principle and I was never going to vote any other way.

This evening I tweeted “I think I speak for virtually all leavers when I say Tony Blair and John Major did a million times more to influence my #Brexit vote than Arron Banks or Vote Leave”. It has some 1200 likes so I think I am in the right ballpark here. Most had never heard of Arron Banks until the referendum. I certainly hadn’t and my perceptions of the EU have been forged over two decades.


From the outset the leave movement was up against the entirety of the establishment be it academic, industry bosses, the legal profession, the state broadcaster and the Westminster machine – all of whom have been plied with junkets, goodies and treasure over a number of decades to buy their loyalty to the EU. It has made many sectors of civil society hopelessly dependent on it and if we are talking about foreign interference in UK democracy then the EU of itself is a culprit and we don’t hear similar wailing about one George Soros who has almost single handedly bankrolled the legacy remain campaign.

It is actually painful to have to select paragraphs to quote, because I want them all. One more:

As much as Brexit is about ending the rule of Brussels it is as much a yank ion the leash of our politicians to remind them who is boss. We have corrected their mistake. They now warn us that if there is no deal then we see a cascade of failure and the termination of all of our foreign relations. This is because they and they alone put all of our external relations and regulatory constructs into a single treaty framework and handed over the keys to Brussels. They are the ones who created that vulnerability in the belief that it would be irreversible just so long as they continued to deny us a say.

15 comments to “Remain cheated for decades”

  • pete

    The government is still allowing the EU to pump out propaganda.

    After a recent visit to a DWP office for a conversation about his disability benefits my nephew, accompanied by me as his chaperone, was given several leaflets, including an official DWP one headed ‘How the European Social Fund is helping you’.

    It is emblazoned with the EU logo, and gives a website address for those wishing to find out more about the European Social Fund ‘in general’.

  • john in cheshire

    Well said, Pete North.

    And if there was any commonsense in government, Mrs May would be asking Pete’s father, Richard North, for some advice on how to Leave the EU as effectively as possible.

    But politicians always make everything about themselves. Psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists, the lot of them.

  • Stonyground

    “…all of whom have been plied with junkets, goodies and treasure over a number of decades to buy their loyalty to the EU.”

    Not to forget the promise of a cushy sinecure for every has been politician ever to leave Westminster.

  • staghounds

    Your Masters cannot permit a successful Brexit.

  • Paul Marks

    Staghounds is correct – the British establishment (of which Mrs May is a puppet) will not allow the independence of the United Kingdom, hence (for example) the use of the utterly meaningless term “Brexit” (“Brexit means Brexit” says Mrs May – i.e. a meaningless word, means a meaningless word) rather than the word INDEPENDENCE. A regime that does not even use the word independence is rather unlikely to follow a policy of independence.

    As for the latest establishment move – I see so it is legal to spend millions of Pounds of taxpayer money on pro European Union propaganda (as Cameron, Osborne and May did), but it is not legal to OPPOSE that propaganda. Thank you very much “Electoral Commission”.

    Like “Ofcom” (which makes sure the left have a monopoly of television in the United Kingdom) the members of the “Electoral Commission” do NOT see themselves as evil – “we are just following the rules” they say.

    However, when the “the rules” are themselves evil (which they are) those who “follow the rules” are also evil.

  • As much as Brexit is about ending the rule of Brussels it is as much a yank ion the leash of our politicians to remind them who is boss.

    As an American, I’m proud to think that my Yank Ions might have contributed to Brexit.

  • Runcie Baspune

    Don’t forget that American numpty coming over and telling us we’d all be “back of the queue”.

  • staghounds

    The result of the referendum is certainly showing everyone who is boss and whose chain was yanked- using the U. S. definition of the term.

  • James Strong

    Unfortunate;y the referendum result is not showing us or the politicians that the people are boss.
    On the contrary – there was a clear referendum result, then in the General Election more than 80% of votes were cast for parties promosing to respect the refendum result – the referendum when we were told that ‘Leave’ meant leave the Single Market and the Customs Union, and both major parties have effectively ditched those policies after putting them forward in the ekecion campaign.
    And their reasoning is that is OK because they say Parliament is sovereign.

    Their attitude and action throws light on a very serious problem.

    Now here is a question, I’m not clear on the precisely correct answer, but the answer is NOT ‘Never’

    When is it justified to kill politicians?

    I offer that as a serius question – an example – it was certainly justified to kill Ceausesceau.(spelling?)

  • Dominic Cummings, notes how the rules were biased towards those campaigning to remain in the EU. Some quotes:

    IN set the legal rules. VL [VoteLeave] faced a huge imbalance in how these worked. For example, Cameron even during the official campaign could do huge events at places like the British Museum and the IN campaign did not have to account for such events as part of their £7 million. Meanwhile VL was told by the Electoral Commission that if people we did not even know put up huge signs that appeared on TV we might get billed for them. There were many other consequences of the imbalance. E.g. the Government’s legal timetable meant we had to commit before the official start of the campaign to a load of activity that would occur after the official start of the campaign without knowing if we would be the official campaign and therefore legally entitled to spend this money. …

    IN had access to huge resources – financial, personnel etc. IN had the support of almost every entity with power in Britain, Europe, and the world from the senior civil service to the CBI to the big investment banks, to Obama and the world bureaucracy (G20, UN, IMF etc). Very few senior people were prepared to risk supporting us. Those who did mostly did so in a small way and on their own terms without getting involved in our campaign. … IN had the government at its heart including the Downing Street machine, the Cabinet Office, and Government departments and agencies all of which added up to thousands of people including hundreds of press officers. … IN had millions more than us before the campaign ever started and used this money for direct voter communication. We could not afford this.

    I have a suspicion that those from across the pond who have been following FISA warrants and related matters will understand the background to recent Leave-had-dodgy-finances claims, charges and the political use some try to make of them.

  • Paul Marks

    As others have pointed out above, the failure to carry out the vote for independence of June 2016 has exposed British “democracy” as a hollow sham. But I still believe the vote was valuable – if the truth is terrible (that “democracy” was a mask hiding the rule of an evil, deeply evil, establishment) then it is sill necessary to expose that truth – indeed it is more important than ever to reveal the truth if the truth is terrible.

    We must fight on, hope is not necessary to fight on – only the desire to do as much damage to the enemy as we can, to our last breath. We must, and we will, fight on to the bitter end – if bitter it must be.

    I must also formally express my apologies to those people (for example certain friends of Dr Sean Gabb) I mocked as recently as 2016 for saying that the establishment would never allow the independence of this country, regardless of the vote.

    I am very sorry indeed that I mocked you – I was WRONG and you were RIGHT.

  • Felipe Grey

    I may not have a quintessentially English sounding name, but was born in London in the early 60’s. I am British and proud to state as much wherever I go. Both of my Grandfathers fought in WWII on our side, on different Continents. I apologise if I am rsstating the obvious.

    I voted Leave and for me it was all about Independence from Europe. Nothing to do with immigration or race or xenophobia. The EU is run by France & Germany. Since when did we roll over and let Great Britain be run by them?

    I am truly appalled by the spinelessness of our political class. Rubber stamping diktats from Europe is not ‘governing’. It is Administration.

    Is there no one left that understands that 100 years after the end of the Great War, this is all about people being free to determine their own destiny, not to be dictated to by faceless and nameless others, but to be free in their thoughts and deeds, desires, aspirations and dreams? Free to do whatever, unless prohibited by law (and not to only be able to do what is permitted by law).

    George Orwell’s writing had a profound effect on my early development, my thinking, my persona. I am disgusted by attempts by the PC crowd to denigrate good and courageous people like Churchill and Thatcher. They had the best interests of the British at the forefront of their minds.

    All modern politicians should at the very least be sent back to school to re-learn Kipling’s ‘If’ and Orwells ‘1984’ and ‘Animal Farm’ at the very least and grow a pair.

    My guess is none of the above have been required reading at school for decades.

    /rant over.

  • Rykehaven

    I’ll say it again: Britain is not leaving the EU.

    I used to be flabbergasted that Brits don’t see why. But a couple of years ago after I talked with a few of my fellow countrymen who’ve more extensive experience in your country, he reminded me of the reality; you really are psychologically blind, and culturally programmed to avoid critisizing, let alone rebelling, against your own Royalty. It’s an even worse religious habit than American political correctness towards “minorities”.

    Even the savvier British subjects are really just that: SUBJECTS.

    I used to think the American Left was bad.

    But they’re nothing compared to British Loyalists; the “right-wing” in your country is completely emasculated, by being programmed by British “traditional values” to obey their “betters” – who are no “better” than glorified hereditary communist scam-artists. Your British “left-wing” are small-time communists compared to them. Small wonder that your “right and left” is actually “left and more-left” – and the “more-left” is inhabited by your Queen, the Head of your Church. I’m told any of the truly devout that are left in Britain STILL believe the Queen is Head of Church as ordained by God, which means she STILL bequeaths them their natural rights – which again emasculates what would be a strong anti-Communist man of faith in America – as it the American philosophy flipped the original British philosophy on its head. So despite the “official, secular” arrangement that removed the Queen as the Head of Church, the still-religious in the UK perversely don’t follow the “official, secular” church structure, and STILL worship the Queen.

    Does it really have to be spelled out?

    (A) The British Isles will continue to be subject to the laws (especially economic regulations) as passed by the Royalty through the EU.

    (B) Your Queen would rather give her subjects the facade of “democracy” by keeping you in the EU so you can “vote” (meaninglessly) while she steers the country financially. But in the worst case, you will “Leave” and have no votes in the EU, and the business regulations and laws the EU passes will STILL apply to the British Isles. Basically the Queen’s subjects would be humiliated, not that any of you would be wise enough (or courageous enough) to hold her accountable her for it.

    Your Royalty is the most powerful corporation in Britain that is the City of London. And your Queen has learned – like others before it – that it is better to wield unaccountable power – invisible and risk-free. Her parents did much the same, letting Chamberlain take the blame for their disastrous policies to unite the Continent in the 1930s. And there is no better way to remain invisible than to hide in front of the blind, who will not see – who refuse to see, the willfully ignorant.

    So get used to disappointment and frustration like good Loyalists.

    Unless you identify who your real enemies are, you’ll continue flailing aimlessly, like American Leftists railing at white supremacists as the reality of minorities committing crimes, on a horrific scale and rate, stares them in the face.

  • Derek Buxton

    I have to say that I find the whole attitude of our so called democracy, the first chance we get, we won, I think, but are now cheated by the overpaid politicians. And now others are entering the fray, Lawyers for goodness sake, verily Shakespear had it correct when he wrote “First kill all the Lawyers”. I do not know how to vote at the next election, having always voted for the Conservative Party, as I did at the last election but feel challenged by the sheer stupidity that has come out of this neo socilalist set of three parties with a singel idea. We certainly neede a change, our Democracy is under threat big style and has been for some time.

  • Paul Marks

    Actually the Queen expressed pro independence sentiments (or what were seen as pro independence sentiments) in the run up to the 2016 referendum Rykehaven.

    As for the idea that the Queen has any influence at all on the bureaucracy that controls this country, such as Ofcom (which ensures that all television stations are on the left) and the Electoral Commission (which persecutes anyone who challenges the establishment in a vote) – you are simply mistaken Rykehaven. Queen Elizabeth II has no power over the bureaucracy – none at all.

    Sadly neither to the elected politicians – I recently attended a talk by the M.P. for Hitchin and he described how he had tried to enquire how noise from Luton airport could be reduced. He actually lost count of the number of bureaucratic bodies he was referred to – in a circle. None of these bodies had any interest in the opinions of a Member of Parliament, or even in the view of ministers.

    Modern Britain (not Britain in the past – modern Britain) is an example of the thinking of the philosophers Hegel (German) and Jeremey Bentham (English). The bureaucracy rules – the departments and agencies, these are the new establishment (warned of as long ago as 1929 by the Chief Justice Hewart in his book “The New Despotism”).

    And, as you know Rykehaven, the United States has been going the same way for a very long time (indeed since the creation of the Civil Service in the late 19th century). Blaming it on “the Queen” is just wrong.

    The British bureaucracy has common cause with the European Union bureaucracy – they all have the same “liberal” left principles, and your own bureaucracy in the United States is just the same. This is why I SUPPORT President Donald Trump’s fight against that bureaucracy – indeed I wish he did much more (Prime Minister May in this country is utterly part of the bureaucratic mindset – she is part of the problem, not the solution).

    This is the REAL “Deep State” – they do not shoot people on street corners, they strangle people with Red Tape.