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“Haters are not going to hate here,” asserts a young lady speaking for Scotland in this Scottish government video called “Your hate is not welcome here, Yours Scotland”. “That’s why if we see anything we’re calling the police,” says another virtuously. The philosophy of the whole is explained by the young man at 0:46: “We believe in acceptance.”

16 comments to Acceptance

  • Sam Duncan

    The lack of self-awareness, the sheer brass neck after what that administration has done to public life in Scotland, is utterly staggering.

    But yes, “acceptance”, as long as you accept what you’re told to. Orangemen, Brexiteers, Tories, the Union Jack… not so much.

    “Your hate isn’t welcome here. We’ve got our own, thanks.”

  • Because nothing says “acceptance” like sending armed government enforcers to attack anyone who says something you don’t like.

  • K

    I’ve see similar posts and responses all over the lib/con netsphere for years. Yeah, it’s sort of ironic but not when you consider that the word “acceptance” being used by the SJWs is from their own newspeak dictionary. So you’re not going to generate any cognitive dissidence by pointing out that your use of the word is different from theirs. Just call them a race and gender obsessed communist hate cult and be done with it. Let them object to your usage of words for a change.

  • Nicholas (unlicensed joker) Gray

    Compulsory Tolerance! Why haven’t we ever tried this before? Let’s see what happens.

  • “Your hate isn’t welcome here. We’ve got our own, thanks.” (Sam Duncan, November 25, 2018 at 11:25 pm)

    Too true. The man who said

    “Are yu English? Then keep yer opinions tae yersel”

    to a polite half-English, half-Scots woman he heard expressing a non-natz opinion, has nothing to worry about. The natz have their own indeed.

  • Runcie Balspune

    To be honest, now I’ve seen it, I don’t actually think this should be considered a video aimed at non-Scottish folks.

    We don’t welcome you attacking people because of their religion …

    This _is_ Scotland we are talking about, home of the “Old Firm”, is it?

    “He shoud hae a hale powe that caws his neebour neetie nou.”

  • CaptDMO

    I seem to recall it didn’t go so well with collaborators and abbetors with the invading forces of France.

  • Sam Duncan

    “This _is_ Scotland we are talking about, home of the ‘Old Firm’, is it?”

    In light of the, thankfully now repealed, Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012), I imagine that’s actually what they’re getting at, rather than, say, muslims attacking Jews. Which never happens in Scotland obviously, and the suggestion that such a thing might be possible is no doubt considered by these idiots to be “hate” in itself.

  • bobby b

    Hate hate!

  • The nauseating piety is bad enough, but the really scary thing is that the folk who are pushing this kind of stuff can do so safe in the knowledge that they are -school by school, college by college, university by university, local authority by local authority- winning.

  • Regional

    But what will they win?

  • Raymond

    What will they win? The thing they’re always after: power.

  • staghounds

    They win the inability of others to express contrary thoughts.

    Who needs Newspeak when there’s smarm, forum control, and the power to arrest?

  • Rob Fisher

    “Comments are disabled for this video”. Of course they are.

  • Paul Marks

    These young people think they are being “anti Fascist” – they are, of course, being Fascists themselves.

    “Sargon” on Youtube made a good film on this – these young (and not so young) people really are following the philosophical position of the Fascist philosopher Gentile – the “Ethical State”. The idea being that the state (the police power) decides what opinions a person can and can not express.

    The cold eyes, the Puritanical attitudes, the threat to “call the police” if someone says something they do not agree with – the Scottish government is pushing FASCISM.