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A few weeks ago in central London, I watched a group of protestors holding aloft anarchist signs as they demanded greater government spending. They seemed almost as confused as the fellow who tweeted me his denunciations of globalisation the other day – using a mobile device made in Korea and software written in California.

Douglas Carswell, Rebel, page 295.

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  • James Strong

    No joke, this truly made me laugh out loud.

  • AlexB

    Made me giggle.

  • The left and self-awareness are like two passing ships, on different shipping lanes. On different oceans. On different nights…

  • NickM

    “Ten thousand women marched through the streets shouting, ‘We will not be dictated to,’ and went off and became stenographers”

    – G K Chesterton.

    This happened to me ’bout ten or so years back. I was by Grey’s monument in Newcastle. I was hanging around because my mother had “popped into” John Lewis. If you knew my mum…

    Anyway there was a very small and good natured protest pro Cuba and Venezuela. A young woman was waveing a large Venezuelan flag. Now said flag features an arch of stars (one for each province?) but she had it upside-down. With nothing better to do I went over and politely pointed out her mistake. She was very nice and said, “Oops thanks! I didn’t know and I just thought it looked like a nice smiley face this way”.

    I didn’t have the heart to tell her what flying a flag upside-down means.

  • K

    Someone needs to define what he means by “globalism”. Socially disruptive third world immigration and anglosphere culture liquidation is not equal to buying a lowest bidder cell phone.

  • Paul Marks

    Good post and good comments.

    Douglas Carswell is quite correct – but we must not let the SEEMING incredible ignorance of our enemies make us underestimate them. They are utterly ruthless – and sometimes have great tactical skills (in spite of being seemingly ignorant of what, to us, is utterly obvious), indeed their tactical skills are often vastly greater than our own.

    As for the “anarchists” – they understand what actually matters to them, smash-burn-kill. And as their objective is destroying “capitalism” (i.e. civilisation) they do not really care about the ideological inconsistency of “anarchists” demanding more government spending.

    Look at the matter in the following way…..

    Yet more government spending (on top of the already crushing government spending) may well destroy “capitalism” – and the destruction of “capitalist” is the objective of the “anarchists”.

    So are they really ignorant? Or is this not good, very good, tactics.

  • ‘Leftists pretending they’re anarchists’ has long been a favourite of mine. Even got a bit about it in my novel.

  • Dudekid

    I’ve seen multiple instances of people claiming that libertarians believe in slavery. So if anarchists can be all for increased state power then those who argue for individual self-ownership can support the idea of one man owning another. Pure strain bollocks

  • Regional

    An anarchist with a NHS card and collecting unemployment benefits?

  • Runcie Balspune

    Sadly this kind of attitude is pervasive even among “intellectuals”, check out the talk page for Lauren Southern on the discussion on whether she is “far right” or not, despite that fact that “far right” means “authoritarian tendancies” (by Wikipedia standards), and standing as a candidate for the Libertarian Party is about as distant as you can get from authoritarian, intelligent people are still prepared to argue the toss.

  • Did Mr Carswell take a picture and put it on the web?

    A picture of anarchists waving signs demanding (increased) state benefits would be a happy companion to that picture of a hippie protestor confronting a policeman, with the hippie labelled “Wants more government” and the policeman labelled “More government”. (This link is the one I found while writing this comment. I can imagine a better – e.g. less-crowded – picture using the same labels.)