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Samizdata quote of the day

Media breaths a sigh of relief that a raccoon climbing Union Bank of Switzerland building in Minnesota distracts public from Trump’s diplomatic success with North Korea. Next: IRS audits raccoon & announces he has a Swiss bank account & ties to Vladimir Putin #MPRaccoon

Perry de Havilland

4 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Julie near Chicago

    Clearly this raccoon is a lackey of the Trump cabal, just as cats serve as agents of Mossad. So perhaps I should be a teeny bit selective in denouncing all raccoons everywhere* as being the evil incarnate that is far deeper in with Sauron than are the Ringwraiths, which are in comparison relatively harmless.

    *Vide several outraged remarks over the past decade referring to my battles with the raccoons, who were bent solely on the invasion and destruction of my home. 👿

  • Northern Light

    I liked the follow-up tweet even more 😆

    Indeed, yet so many tweets in that hashtag are political, it’s just hilarious. I am indifferent to Trump & care little who the POTUS is, but truth is Trump could cure cancer & media + twitterati would say “@realDonaldTrump cruelly makes research scientists unemployed!” 🤪

  • Julie near Chicago

    Yes, NL, good point.

  • Phil B

    is it any coincidence that the raccoon is pictured wearing a bandit type mask across its eyes? I don’t think so … >};o)

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