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Longrider does not react awfully well to virtue signalling

Fuck off! Seriously, just fuck off. We are not responsible for what happened before we were born. My own family, for example, comes from a mix of poor Irish, French and Scottish stock. One died destitute in a workhouse. So, sure, we did well out of the transatlantic slave trade. I do not feel guilty, I will not feel guilty and I’ll be damned if I apologise or give money to people as a consequence of something that happened hundreds of years before my birth and for which I have no responsibility. Whitten can go fuck himself with a pineapple wrapped in razor-wire, the vile little creep.


25 comments to Longrider does not react awfully well to virtue signalling

  • By their own mad logic, should these people not be giving $10 to random whites, not receiving from them?

    Living people are compensated if they suffer loss from an event; they are not compensated if they themselves benefit from an event – that is ordinarily something you rather pay for than are paid for.

    The claim appears to be: there should be payment in regard to people who are today citizens of the US as a result of their distant enslaved African ancestors being amongst those offered for sale to English-speaking traders. If their distant ancestors had not been offered for sale centuries ago, they would today be citizens of Senegal or similar – assuming those ancestors had avoided the Dahoman murder spectacle, Bemban eye-gouging or other entertainments that were visited on a significant proportion of those who were not sold.

    If you offered to wave a magic wand and give one of these descendants the life they would have if the traders’ response to their ancestors had been “No thanks, not these ones” – and they believed your magic really worked – how much would they offer you not to wave it? More than $10, I think.

    There are of course other problems with the idea.

  • Brian Swisher

    Well, shoot, my ancestors were forced to flee France with the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685, and some of them were undoubtedly slaughtered on the Eve of St. Bartholomew a century earlier. And don’t forget what that Julius Cæsar guy did when he was rampaging around Gaul. I shall be applying to the French and Italian governments forthwith.

  • CharlieL

    Regarding the pineapple – I’d pay big bucks to watch that.

  • Mr Ecks

    White slavery=Est 11 million black slaves–mostly bought from their own chiefs and rulers. Generally brutal treatment of slaves.

    RoP slavery =Est 100 million+black slaves–some bought but many taken in violent expeditions, themselves a cause of extra death and misery. Still going on albeit on a much smaller scale. Also brutal treatment but with the additional factor of 80% castration of males–because the RoP know all about demographic takeover and weren’t risking it.

    A far higher death rate even before the slaves got to the destination.

    One million white slaves captured by RoP brigands raiding Europe’s coast up to the end of the 18th century when Western sea power became too much for the bastards.

    Vast numbers of Africans taken as slaves by other Africans from the dawn of Time/Man onwards.

    In short the cash-seekers/whingers can piss up their legs and play with the steam.

  • AKM


    Whatever turns you on, I guess. 😉

  • Regional

    No mention of the Africans enslaved by the French, Portuguese, Dutch and Spanish to toil in their plantations in the Caribbean and South America.

  • George Atkisson

    CharlieL, agreed. I’d pay extra if said razor wire wrapped pineapple was soaked in Ghost Peppers beforehand. Bet you could hear the screams on multiple continents 😜🤔👊

  • Those commenters above who expand on Longmire’s last sentence rather than his main point are making a lower form of the same mistake that lefties do who believe films where police shoot the gun out of a hostage-taker’s hand, then accuse real police of excessive force.

    When they are powerful enough to come for your money and your freedom, you will be glad to win the fight any way you can. Fantasising about what you would (not in fact) do to these frauds if you were all-powerful is worse than pointless. If we were all powerful, we’d use our unchallengeable freedom to laugh at their use of free speech to expose their idiocy.

  • Pat

    If compensation is due, half of it should come from West Africa, as it was West Africans enslaved people and profited from their sale.
    Compensation should be such as to restore people to the condition they would have enjoyed had they been left alone. It should therefore comprise moving them to West Africa, and leaving them to build a life there with the wealth of an average West African. The education they have received in America should be more than enough to compensate for the need for a new start.
    Any wealth they have in the US above this should of course remain there, as it represents a gain from the cumulative experience.
    Also West Africa should return the monies paid by UK as bribes to stop selling slaves, and also for the costs of maintaining naval patrols to stop slavery.
    This would of course leave both the US and the UK with piles of money, make black people poorer, and bankrupt West Africa.
    It is to be noted that when UK and the US offered their black residents the opportunity to move to West Africa 150 or so years ago there weren’t many takers- so the idea wasn’t that popular then, most blacks preferred to stay in the US or Caribbean.

  • @Pat

    We’ve already got a template for that in the form of Liberia, which can be most optimistically described as “a complete shithole”.

  • APL

    “We are not responsible for what happened before we were born.”

    Who is concocting these calumny’s ?

    Really, I could if I thought two minutes about it, harbour a severe grudge against the Italians – specifically the Romans – although the modern Romans are only a shadow of the people that invaded my land and slaughtered my kin.

    I could too, get really stroppy with the Normans. Cause they burst into my country uninvited and tore shit up killing maybe 10% of the population in the process.

    As far as Africa is concerned, as Cassius Clay is reputed to have said after visiting Africa, ‘thank god my ancestors were on that slave ship’.

    The West doesn’t have it’s foot on the neck of the third world. Yea, they’ve got shit we’d like, gold, diamonds, copper. But they weren’t doing ought with it, and we paid a living wage to get it.

    I’ll be interested as an academic matter, to hear in about a hundred years – what Africans think about Chinese colonialism?

    The moral of the story is: Don’t lose control of homeland.

    PS. I’m glad I’m not Belgian, ‘cos administration of Belgian possession in Africa really was pretty barbaric.

  • terence patrick hewett

    But that was in another country, and besides, the wench is dead.

  • As far as Africa is concerned, as Cassius Clay is reputed to have said after visiting Africa, ‘thank god my ancestors were on that slave ship’.

    It wasn’t Cassius Clay, it was a journalist who visited Idi Amin’s Uganda and saw bodies being eaten by crocodiles, IIRC.

  • lucklucky

    There is nothing worse than “white men” made to the world than the creation Marxism/Communism, it murdered millions of Asians and Africans besides millions Whites.

    Now i want to see the faces of those racial-Marxists that want power from apologies if someone apologizes for that…

  • lucklucky

    And should every “white men” get a racial-Marxist compensation for the “combustion engine” and all other technical/health advances?

  • Mr Ed

    I read a quote attributed to Cassius Clay, IIRC in a book written in 1984, The Africans by David Lamb, as being ‘Thank God my grand-daddy got aboard that ship’.

    If there are to be reparations, then legal principles would expect the following, after people are assessed as liable to pay them, presumably on the basis of having inherited wealth from slave trading:

    1. Proof of loss, so what loss can you point to?
    2. Contribution to be assessed, so if you are part-black and part-white, your contribution towards the compensation fund is reduced by your % black ancestry, and your % white ancestry means you contribute a pro rata amount. However, this may need a “Racial Classification Board‘ as existed under Apartheid in South Africa, where social workers (yes, it was them, who else) would apply various tests to people whose classification was in dispute, but without then having the benefit of DNA testing. I read that one test was sticking a pencil in someone’s hair to see if it stuck in the curls or not. The link appears to confirm that. They also used ‘perception’ as a basis for classification, so they have some common ground with today’s Left.

    The legislators realized that trying to classify people scientifically or by some set biological standards would never work. So instead they defined race in terms of two measures: appearance and public perception.

    According to the law, a person was white if they were “obviously…[or] generally accepted as White.” The definition of ‘native’ was even more revealing: “a person who in fact is or is generally accepted as a member of any aboriginal race or tribe of Africa.” People who could prove that they were ‘accepted’ as another race, could actually petition to change their racial classification. One day you could be ‘native’ and the next ‘coloured’. This was not about ‘fact’ but perception.

    So anyway, if you are 75% Black and 25% White, and the compensation is £4,000 per annum (is it a one-off or recurring thing, has anyone asked?), with a ‘charge’ of £500 per annum towards the reparations, your £4,000 credit is reduced by 25% to £3,000 and you pay £125 for being part-white, making a net £2,875.

    Perhaps this would all, in the US, be administered by the IRS with penalties for false or misleading declarations as to race.

    I wonder how far you could push this before Lefties realised they were being trolled? And what if they adopt it?

  • Cesare

    Is there any possibility of persuading Longrider to run for public office?

  • Cesare

    I regret to say that Longrider is a man of integrity. That would seem to disqualify him.

  • CaptDMO

    Mr. Ed
    “If there are to be reparations…”

    But there’s not,so…common sense dictates I no longer offer reparations of my valuable time “discussing”, or “debating” the matter.
    Sorry, the offer of passage to Liberia, by “our” ancestors, was a one-off.
    Non-transferable, no returns, no exchanges.
    If someone believes I owe others, or them. money because I’m a (ie)white, male , American, then their very next word to my face must be chosen with EXTREME care.

  • Perhaps the popular phrase should be updated to “Sod off, snowflake!”

  • Paul Marks

    If slave trading in the family is a bad thing – then why is Barack Obama (whose family in Africa included Muslim slave traders) not targeted for “Reparation” demands, and why is Donald Trump (whose family, neither the German side or the Scottish side, was involved in African slave trading) attacked?

    I suspect it is all RACISM – Donald Trump is white so he must be guilty, and Barack Obama is black so his family must be victims.

    The Frankfurt School of Marxism and French Post Modernism deny there can be anti white racism – but the Frankfurt School of Marxism and French Post Modernism (with their “exploitation” and “power structures”) are bovine excrement.

  • Thailover

    My father quit school in 7th grade because he was ashamed that his family was so poor that he and his older brother had one pair of shoes to share between themselves. His father walked six miles to work everyday, and then back at the end of the day. They couldn’t keep the cat out in the winter because there were holes in the floor of the house.

    Must be all the white privilige.

  • Thailover

    I’m fine with reparations in the U.S. Just before the civil war, the Democrats owned all the slaves, Republians owned zero. So Democrats should pay reparations. Why not?

  • Thailover (June 5, 2018 at 12:32 am) makes a fair point. If reparations are to be demanded from people who have something in common with the long-dead perpetrator from people who have something in common with the long-dead victim, why exactly should racial appearance, not party affiliation, be the ‘something in common’? After all, the latter is more a choice than the former.

    We can then demand all members of the communist party pay reparations for what Stalin and Mao got up to, and all who call themselves socialist can pay half of the crimes of the Nazis, the other half being paid by parties with ‘National’ in the name (there is a very suitable target in Scotland).

    It makes more sense. It makes very little sense, but it makes more than the idiocy that prompted the OP.

  • The potential for fun with that notion is just endless, Niall :mrgreen: 😆 😎