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I must withdraw one of my charges against Jeremy Corbyn

When Corbynites say how their leader’s apparent chumminess with Hezbollah and Hamas or the IRA only arose because to make peace one must talk to those one does not like, I have long been in the habit of asking, “So why did he never meet with the equivalents on the side the left wingers don’t like? When did he arrange to meet with ‘price tag’ Israeli terrorists, or with Loyalist paramilitaries in Northern Ireland? Why did he never have similar dialogue with fascists and racists?”

I must eat my words. He did.

Via a post on the “UK politics” subreddit by “Tophattingson”, I learned that in March 2015, Corbyn spoke for a conference organized by the fascist cult “LaRouche Movement”.

13 comments to I must withdraw one of my charges against Jeremy Corbyn

  • Nonsense – Lyndon LaRouche was a Democrat!

    OK, I do not say he was only a Democrat or that he was always a Democrat or he was never weird even for a Democrat.

    I also do not say that I know more about LaRouche than I can get from vaguely remembering episodes from “Bloom County Babylon” – and a querulous Bernard Levin piece offering a reward for anyone who could explain a story he received over the wire about a follower of LaRouche (something about her handing a bishop a piece of steak to protest the bishop’s support of the International Monetary Fund IIRC).

    But I’m not going to let that affect my view of Corbyn – unless of course I can regard his meeting LaRouche as a new low even for him.


  • 😆 Just when I thought Corbyn could not get any more bizarre…

  • Eric

    The LaRouchies aren’t fascists. They’re sort of a cross between Scientology, moon landing skepticism, the John Birch Society, and “The auto companies suppressed this carburetor which gives your Ford Falcon 300 miles to the gallon” people.

  • bobby b

    “Why did he never have similar dialogue with fascists and racists?”

    Since when are Hezbollah and Hamas and the IRA not fascists and racists?

    He just has an affinity for all those who want to see the world burn.

  • Mr Ed

    😆 Just when I thought Corbyn could not get any more bizarre…

    Indeed, but will he get any more than last time’s c.12,500,000 votes next time? Voters making a virtue out of insanity.

  • Mr Ecks

    LaLoon and his crew have a conspiracy theory hatred for the Royal family.

    It is more of Agent COB’s desire to kiss the arse of anyone who is any sort of enemy to the UK.

    The clown is empowered only be the FFC. Any real leader of the Tories could see the entire pack of fuckwits off in a week Esp now that the cretin has sold out to the EU. A good Brexit from the Tories could still bring them victory. Instead we have that vile cow.

  • Biffa Bacon

    You’re a bit late to the party. COB actually did side with Latin American fascists 1982

  • Biffa Bacon

    Oops, in 1982

  • Biffa Bacon (March 23, 2018 at 1:52 pm), I speculated about that in a recent comment but had no actual reference. If you do, by all means add details here.

  • Daniel Boone

    Fiddling while Rome is burning nonsense.

  • Fiddling while Rome is burning nonsense.

    I have no idea what point you are trying to make.

  • Paul Marks

    Mr Corbyn was being entirely consistent. The “Jewish exploiters” tend to have higher incomes than other people – this must because they steal income and wealth from “the workers”, there being no other possible way to have a higher income or more wealth than other people. Social Justice doctrine makes this quite plain – surely no would argue with Social Justice doctrine?

    By the way the radical “liberal” Hobson “proved” a century ago that the British Empire was a conspiracy of “Jewish capitalists” – in private Mr Corbyn would be in firm agreement, but with the following proviso….

    Non Jewish “capitalists” must also be destroyed – crushing “the Jews” must not distract “Progressive” opinion from
    destroying ALL “the exploiters” (i.e. anyone with more income or wealth than the average person).

    For example, “Perry de Havilland” does not sound Jewish – so Jeremy Corbyn would point out that the “noble” enterprise of destroying “the Jewish capitalists” must not distract the leaders of “the masses” from also crushing Perry de Havilland and others.

    Yes it is all horribly evil – but it is internally consistent.

    “But Paul – those people who vote for Mr Corbyn do not really know what he stands for”.

    Sadly – yes-they-do.

  • Paul Marks

    I long for the day when Mr Corbyn’s party is finally totally “up front”.

    “This is a Party Election Broadcast by the Evil Chaos Mutant Party. Our main policy is to Eat The Rich (ETR for short), and we define “the rich” as anyone with more income and wealth than the average person – apart from the Progressive Leaders of the masses, who must bear the burden of having more income and wealth than other people. There are also people who are very poor who must be eaten as well, because we do not like these persons. These poor people we call “henchmen of the capitalists”, or (today) “henchpersons of the capitalists” – they must be eaten, for otherwise the whole cause of Social Justice will be undermined”.

    I think such a campaign would get about a third of the national vote.