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In North Korea they jail entire families because of one person’s alleged crime. Outside of North Korea we simply mob people with problematic parents on social media and get them fired.

Damian Penny

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  • Paul Marks

    “Your mother is a THOUGHT CRIMINAL – you must be PUNISHED”.

    And this from people who say they stand for “diversity” and “tolerance” and “creative freedom”.

    Damn the left, including the Corporate Cowards in business, damn them to Hell.

    And this sick, conformist, culture will be on display at the 90th Oscar ceremony on Sunday. But it controls everything – from Hollywood to Harvard. It is hard to have any real hope. Even the right to keep and bear arms is under attack – by the education system and the mainstream media (and, of course, from the Corporate Cowards with their university educated managers). Remember it was the disarmed nature of the civilian population of both the Persian and Byzantine Empire that allowed them to be conquered in the 7th century, and allowed the conquest of Visigothic Spain in the early 8th century.

  • Mila s

    Pamela geller is a bit unhinged, to put it charitably. But ‘sins of the mother’ and all that.

  • bobby b

    Pam Geller shares sentiments about Islam that have been expressed here many times by many commenters.

    She just serves those sentiments with the level of fanaticism that is needed to turn a political philosophy into a paying business.

  • There is a problem with Islam. The problem is: we can’t talk about it. (Pam Geller)

    That’s not even fanatical, let alone unhinged – but will be treated so by the PC, as the sad story that prompted the OP makes clear. In the circumstances, I would hardly be surprised if she sometimes chose to be hung for a sheep instead of a lamb. Sometimes the haters of free speech create a situation where you can think: use it loudly or lose it.

  • John Galt III

    Pamela Geller, like Robert Spencer and Michael Savage are not allowed into Britain because the country is about 75% snowflakes, fellow travelers and dumb ass elites. The US is at least somewhat better. These three Americans say nothing that Tommy Robinson, Paul Weston and other Brits with functioning brains and guts have said many times. Spew Koranic filth about killing Jews and a Muslim will have no trouble in the UK or Western Europe either remaining or being let ib. Say something truthful about Islam and you are persona non grata. That’s wrong – real wrong and very deadly.

  • Rxc

    Shaming is the modern leftist secular equivalent to stoning. No one individual throws the lethal stone, but the result is the same. A person is effectively sentenced to a public death.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Niall: Thumbs up. :>)



    bobby: First sentence: Quite so.


    There is a problem with Islam. The problem is: we can’t talk about it. (Pam Geller)

    Interesting to note that the problem Miss Geller cites is not in fact with Islam, but with what we are not allowed to do about it. Namely, to recognize and to discuss it publically.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Well, “not allowed” by the bien-pensant. So far, we still have a legal right to discuss the issues. At least in the U.S. … in most venues.

  • john in cheshire

    muslims also have a tendency to violently punish entire families, even entire villages, of non-muslims if one person is perceived to have upset a muslim.
    All, tyrannies seem to have the same methods of crushing dissent; even our own, pacé Tommy Robinson.

  • Mr Ecks

    John Galt 3–The “leadership” of the UK are as you describe them–except to nearly 95% rather than 75%.

    What can ordinary folk practically do however? Violence –even violence to counter that of the imports–will bring immediate and severe confrontation with the state’s costumed thugs and massive abuse/attack from the media.

    Contrast that with the state’s virtual inaction on migrant crime. In Dublin and Melbourne–right across the planet–imported African thugs are doing as they please while the bluebottles pollute fresh air with their bad breath on the topic of what they are doing about the problem. Which adds up to nothing. You may be sure that those same monkey-suited guardians of the public order are watching very carefully for the slightest sign of any native person or group who might try to step up to do what the police refuse to. Should any such thing happen–ie resistance to migrant terrorism (small scale terrorism perhaps but rule by terror is what is being attempted) you will then witness a colossal deployment of BluSpew resources against white “racists”.

  • Alisa

    My past impression with Pam Geller and the reason I am not following her, was that rather than fanatical or unhinged, she is hysterical specifically about Islam. I too take that is Islam very seriously, and I too think that we do need to speak about openly despite the attempts to silence any criticism directed at it – but still, there needs to be a sense of proportion which Geller and some other critics seem to lack. I could be wrong, and their perspective may be more realistic than mine, but to me they don’t seem to be doing the optimal service to the cause I certainly share with them. In other words, even though the wolf is lurking and is occasionally attacking, they tend to cry ‘wolf!’ even when it is asleep.

  • staghounds

    This isn’t punishment for her daughters, it’s punishment for Geller and a warning for everyone.

    “See what you did to your daughters?”

  • Alisa

    Is The Morning Breath even political?

  • Sonny Wayze

    “Is The Morning Breath even political?”

    It is now…