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That’s a movement I want no part of. Or, as I like to put it—because I’m neither a feminist nor much of a lady: Count me the fuck out.

If you’re a woman, I encourage you to join me—count yourself the fuck out of what feminism has become.

Amy Alkon

I have been fortunate enough to met Amy, and she is quite simply marvellous.

Added bonus from Alice Smith on twitter.

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  • CaptDMO

    …and IF YOU don’t ENJOIN OUR PETITION, and HASH TAG CAMPAIGN, CRITICAL OF Ms. Alkon, you’re a racist, sexist, pedophile, queerphobic, NAZI, domestic violence, Title IX rapist, low-information, deplorable,
    5hitholephobic, WHORE!!!!!
    Let the SWATing complaints to the censors of Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, your employer, the IRS, MSNBC,
    CNN, Comedy Central, WA/Huff Po, DCS, and N.O.W. , BEGIN!!!!!!

    I’d LIKE to include a {/sarc}, even a {/sard} but, well…..you know…..History.

  • Alisa

    Of course, it helps that I am not a feminist. I instead call myself a humanist, and yes, I know that term has some meanings hitched to it already. However, I use it to explain that I’m for individual rights—meaning the rights of all people, not just people with vaginas.

    Finally, someone who totally gets it.

  • Yeah Amy is terrifyingly sensible and has low tolerance for crap. She is also more of a lady than she would have you believe 😉

  • Janine P.

    Yeah, Alkon seems like a hoot! I’m going to start watching her blog & maybe even pick up her books!

  • Alisa

    She is also more of a lady than she would have you believe

    I have no doubt about that.

  • Cervantes said it best – “A lady who is determined to make herself respected can do so, even in the midst of an army of soldiers”

  • Of course I’m 5hitholephobic. Why do you think I’ve never come to your parties?

  • Paul Marks

    Good post.

  • John Galt III

    Rush Limbaugh labeled Feminists “Femi-Nazis” 20 years ago. A few women are finally waking up. Nice to see.

  • Thailover

    I used to think that feminism in it’s current loony flavor is the product of insane stupidity. That is, it’s assertions are not only contradictory (like the gender wage gap nonsense), but the product of vast ignorance as well, and requires blind faith in all it’s negative context to maintain the narrative. Indeed, ALL Leftist positions seem to possess these qualities.

    However, I’ve come to realize that, yes, the “footsoldiers” are indeed cult-like and non-thinking, but in the rarefied tip top of the Lefty pyramid resides pure evil, “men behind curtains”, those who orchestrate an attempt to destroy American-ism, and indeed “western values” including “western democracy”. I suspect that they really don’t care what those particular values are, but they want them destroyed nonetheless.


    Because in the relentless push for government with absolute power and globalism, America is the 800lbs gorilla standing in the way. Kill the grassroots and the nutrient rich topsoil quickly erodes away, leaving desolation. It’s the roots that hold a nation and it’s culture together. American institutions and values under attack are, family-marriage, child rearing, home schooling, Christianity, freedom of mind/expression/speech, freedom to defend oneself and one’s family from violence (2nd amendment), freedom of religion, and the freedom to choose whom to do business with or not (Capitalism).

    (Realize that I say this as someone who is a single, childless Ayn Rand Objectivist “rabid” atheist who is no fan of actual literal biblical christianity).

    OR, you can believe instead that the Left value diversity, women’s rights, equality and gay rights, and so they push to import “refugees” who hate diversity (especially Jews), consider women abject chattel and who favor hanging gays from cranes and killing people who “draw the prophet” and who have increased Sweden’s rape rate 1,400% over the past few years.

    It’s all rather confusing…ONLY if you take their self-negating propaganda at face value.
    The TRUTH however is that “feminists” don’t give a rats ass about women or their rights (or they would be championing Iranian women right now) rather than pretending that the hijab is a symbol of freedom.

    “Hollywood” is more concerned with virtue signalling at award shows than actually helping prevent monstrous atrocities on the century old casting couch. Even Saint Oprah has the gall to tell impressive lies with a straight face, using all the sanctioned buzz words and phrases…and pretending that Trump is evil incarnate despite the evidence to the contrary.

    The demographic most in favor of small government is white men. Next in line, i.e. showing small favor for growing the government is white women, then next in line is married women, then single women, then hispanics then blacks, etc. It isn’t a coincidence that this is the “pecking order” of the Left. The Left most favor those who want larger government the most and dehumanize those who want larger government the least.

    Do the Left care about “refugees”? OR is it sufficient that these people are least likely to assimilate, acquire gainful employment and vote for small government? They should’t be voting at all, but you know….the Left have ways around that. What do you think the objection to “the wall” is about? Are Leftists pressing to help these people gain legal immigration? Nope, not that I’m aware of. “Sanctuary cities” is not about empathy, it’s about voter fraud.

  • Thailover

    Er uh…why is my post “disappeared”?

    (editor: not sure why smitebot ‘smited’ you. I smacked it around until it unsmited you)

  • Julie near Chicago

    Perhaps you dug the hole too wide, or didn’t fill in around the post enough. Perhaps the hole wasn’t deep enough in the first place. It’s often a good idea to fill in around the post with something that will be quite dense and cohesive, such as concrete, if possible. And try to keep the sides of the hole straight (not flaring out toward the top.)

    [ No offense … couldn’t resist. ;>) ]

  • Thailover

    Julie, it could be automatically triggered requiring the sanctioning of a Samizdata-ite to make it to the board,
    OR it could be George Soros’ 18 billion being used by the Illuminati to keep the truth from the people.
    I blame Soros. Always blame the Nazis.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Thai, of course you blame Soros. It’s the right thing to do. ;>)

    . . .
    . . .

    “I do not see,” she said fretfully, “how the Editor managed to take a photograph of my true self. Nor do I think it civil to have published the thing here, so that the entire world is apprised of my innermost nature.”

    Fortunately for said Editor, I am in love with the Samizdata Smite-cats, and of them all the one depicted is my favorite, so always happy (despite the above) when it makes an appearance. Perhaps we are soul-mates? 😥

  • the other rob

    …but in the rarefied tip top of the Lefty pyramid resides pure evil…

    I reluctantly came to that view some years ago. I didn’t want to and I came to it kicking and screaming, but come to it I did.

    I spent a lifetime telling myself that the movers and shakers on the left, the shot callers, if you will, were just like the rank and file. Misguided, but not evil.

    But how many Venezuelas, how many Holomodors can you watch happen in real time before you reluctantly conclude that the people orchestrating them are just plain evil?

    I leave the proportionate response (with a tip of the hat to Israel) as an exercise for the reader.

  • Thailover

    Rob, who in their right mind could have thought that the fevered mind of Alex Jones could have been on the right track? You know…in. between reports of Potbelly goblins and lizard people? Lol