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Life is short

Tehran, Iran. January 2017

Barcelona, Catalonia. January 2017

Palermo, Italy. January 2017
Helsinki, Finland. February 2017
Riga, Latvia. February 2017
A Coruña, Galicia. March 2017
Istanbul, Turkey. March 2017Jodhpur, India. March 2017
Lumbasumba Pass, Nepal. April 2017
Dubai. May 2017
Wuppertal, Germany. May 2017
Oslo, Norway. June 2017.
 Afsluitdijk, Netherlands. July 2017
Berlin, Germany. July 2017
Madras, Oregon. August 2017

Puget Sound. August 2017
Victoria, British Columbia. August 2017
Los Angeles, California. August 2017
Milan, Italy.September 2017
Zürich, Switzerland. September 2017
Stonehaven, Scotland. September 2017
Oradea, Romania. September 2017
Santorini, Greece. September 2017
Queensferry, Scotland. October 2017
Bilbao, Basque Country. October 2017
Walden Pond, Massaschusetts. November 2017
Edinburgh, Scotland. November 2017
Gullfoss, Iceland. November 2017
Guanajuato, Mexico. December 2017
Teotihuacán. December 2017

14 comments to Life is short

  • Bulldog Drumond

    You’ve, um, been a bit busy! Blimey, you must have more air miles than Santa!

  • Alisa

    That building still looks grim 🙁

  • Paul Marks

    You have been busy. Mostly good – not quite all good (for example the capital of Sicily, or at least this bit of it, a clearly seen better days) but mostly good.

  • Rob Fisher

    Comes to something when you’re reduced to camping next to your private jet! 😀

  • Bruce

    Rob: Another version of “Glamping”, as we call it here in Oz.

    Any fool can sleep in muddy field; and some of them do.

  • Michael Jennings (London)

    Accommodation in Madras for the night before the eclipse had sold out three years earlier. It didn’t matter if you had your own jet – you still weren’t getting a hotel room. I showed up in a rental car and pitched a tent. People who arrived by jet did the same. We then all used the same portaloos and purchased breakfast from the same food trucks. It was rather egalitarian.

  • Laird

    I notice that you refer to Barcelona as being in “Catalonia” and Bilbao as being in “Basque Country”. Is there a political statement buried in there somewhere?

    And as to the eclipse, you could have stopped over in South Carolina; we were in the 100% totality zone and it went directly over my house. I’d have even given you a bed!

  • Michael Jennings (London)

    Well, I also refer just to “California”, “Scotland”, “British Columbia”, and “Dubai”, amongst others. It’s probably also not practical for Teotihuacán to secede from Mexico and become an independent Aztec state, either. Yes, I am being a little provocative, but I’m also deliberately vague about what/if I might be endorsing. (I attempted to use the most extreme terminology of every side when describing the Middle East a few years back in the hope that I might offend everyone, but I don’t think anyone noticed).

    I have many friends on the West Coast, and I managed to combine the eclipse with visits to a few of them. Also, eastern Oregon had the best prognosis for good weather of anywhere on the path of totality. As it happened, pretty much everywhere that had totality ended up having good weather, but it would have been really annoying to have flown in from London and not seen anything because of clouds.

  • Laird

    Next time!

  • John K

    My rule of thumb is that if a country has giant posters of its Dear Leader everywhere, it is a despotic shithole. On that basis, Turkey is fucked.

  • Julie near Chicago


    Thanks, as always, for your photographs showing us where you’ve been and what you’ve seen there.

    I must say you appear to visit many fascinating places. :mrgreen:

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Tremendous collection of photos. That’s a lot of air miles. And I thought that I did a lot of travelling, but going to private banking conferences in Zurich, Singapore or Manhattan isn’t quite the same.

  • Michael Jennings

    John K: Alas, yes. Istannbul felt a sad and depressed place last year, and had changed enormously since my previous visit in 2015

  • Afsluitdijk, Netherlands… is that someone mooning the North Sea? 😀