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Have a splendid New Year

2017 was a very good year for me, and I would like to wish our fractious community of contributors and readers a splendiferous 2018.

New Year’s Eve at Samizdata HQ with a La Bomba Daiquiri

24 comments to Have a splendid New Year

  • Julie near Chicago

    Perry, thanks for brightening 2017 with the wit, wisdom, and dignified discourse displayed by fractious Samizdatistas. May the party continue throughout 2018, and a

    Happy New Year to all!

  • RAB

    Yes, Happy New Year to you all. I’m not in the habit of predicting the future, but I fear it will be as duplicitous as the last.

  • David

    A Happy New Year to all.

    I know I should refrain but I just can’t help myself. That Trophy of Trophies, “The Ashes”, are in their rightful home again.

    😀 😀

  • Alisa

    Happy 2018 everyone (I emphasize the number, just because to me it is so mind-boggling…)

  • Tarrou

    Happy New year all! May your contributions remain as intelligent as they are insane!

  • the other rob

    A happy and prosperous New Year to all.

  • Michael Jennings

    The Ashes have indeed returned to their rightful place David, and I am grateful and happy. They have not been won in England since 2001 though, so there is still much to be done.

  • Snorri Godhi

    Happy 2018 from me too! (Although almost a day is already gone over here, and even more in places farther East.)

  • Clovis Sangrail

    Happy New Year to Perry and all samizdatistas!

  • Paul Marks

    Happy New Year.

  • Nicholas (Unlicenced Joker) Gray

    Happy New Year!
    I’ve often looked into Astrology, so here’s something that can be tested- this weekend will be the high point of share markets, and then they should slump. If any of you have shares, you have been warned. I am basing this on a rare conjunction of Pluto, the Sun, and Venus, with added input from Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio. This ends on the coming weekend. To non-share owners, this might also be a good time to start a new business, or enterprise.
    As I say, something that can be tested.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Nicholas, that’s great info. You are clearly the expert on this stuff. I think I’ll set up a new business right away, on your advice — the Feds won’t prosecute me for getting tips from you, right? I mean, I won’t be exchange-traded or anything. At least I hope not. Although you do say “share markets,” so maybe I can’t avoid the SEC. :>(( You will be VP for Information, namely as astrological and market-advice consultant. Deal? :mrgreen:

  • Nicholas (Unlicenced Joker) Gray

    Mazel Tov, Julie! Can I claim 99% of all your profits, or am I just expected to be a consultant, and do it for the sheer joy of the job?

  • bobby b

    Interesting party-related theme here:

    If you like gin and tonic you might be a psychopath.

    (If you enjoy bitter flavors, a study has shown meaningful correlation between that and “malevolent personality traits.”)

    Somewhat dismaying to me, as an orange juice without a splash of Campari seems a waste of good orange juice.

  • David

    If you like gin and tonic you might be a psychopath.

    Was high on the list of favourites in Ward Rooms I frequented so there may be some truth in the theory. Along with whisky, beer, Pymms and other beverages.


  • Laird

    bobby b, I like gin and tonics fine, and I also like brussels sprouts, kale, black coffee and scotch, all of which are somewhat bitter.

    You’d probably better not invite me to any of your parties; I might show up with a chain saw.

  • The Hat

    I might be a part time psychopath. How might an Amaretto Sour rate on the bitter psychopath chart? In any case, congratulations to Samizdata for all your good work in 2017 and all the years past. Now, I have one question that has pestered me for years…How is samizdata pronounced?

  • …and I also like brussels sprouts, kale, black coffee and scotch

    Yum, and add marmite, dark chocolate, chicory, endive, cardamom, campari… clearly Dexter was modelled on me 😈

    Oh and I love various forms of Negroni, which are typically gin and campari

  • bobby b

    “You’d probably better not invite me to any of your parties; I might show up with a chain saw.”

    You’d simply be one among many. I got a kick out of the study precisely because I, and so many of my friends, enjoy G&T’s, bitters, etc.

    Heck, I even cook with Campari.

    (And I have three chain saws. So perhaps there is something to this.)

  • Laird

    I have to say that I’ve never had marmite or, for that matter, Campari. Don’t bother much with mixed drinks, and as far as I can tell that’s all it’s used for.

    bobby b, you’ve got me there; I only have two chain saws. But then, I only have two hands.

  • Nicholas (Unlicenced Joker) Gray

    Next invention product- chain saws attached to boots! There’s a mass murdering market for them! Thanks for the inspiration, Laird!

  • Snorri Godhi

    Campari is actually too sweet for me, i seem to remember. I prefer Fernet Branca, added to coffee or tea, or just to plain water. A slightly milder alternative is Riga Black Balsam. Both Fernet Branca and Black Balsam are excellent aids to digestion. They seem to contain caffeine, though: having more than 1 shot in the evening is pretty much guaranteed to wake me up in the middle of the night.

    I used to like tonic water, also an aid to digestion; but now it, too, tastes too sweet for me.

  • bobby b

    One of my staples is a pork shoulder braised for ten hours in a quart of hot salsa verde and spices with one-third cup of Campari added towards the end for extra flavor. Rolled into a flour tortilla with cheeses and sour cream, like a pulled pork with some salsa-heat and tang. Yum! Probably not sanctioned by Gruppo Campari, though.

    Can’t say that it’s an aid to digestion. More like a fire.

    And a splash of Campari added to a sous vide bag of shrimp makes for a fine start to a scampi.