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Christmas greetings

Wishing our readers a splendid Christmas…

Duck with skin turned to quackling, stuffed with pheasant & wood pigeon. Beware of shot. Crispy roast potatoes coated with polenta. More off-camera!

22 comments to Christmas greetings

  • the other rob

    Merry Christmas, Perry and all the Samizdatistas.

    We’re having goose, with roast parsnips and more, washed down with a wine named for the 19 crimes that could get you transported and the mandatory Islay malt.

  • Paul Marks

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – to all here.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Happy Christmas

  • Laird

    Looks delicious! I tried to get my wife to allow me to cook a goose, or at least a duck, but no such luck. So it’s ham and cheesy scalloped potatoes this year.

    Merry Christmas to you and all the Samizdatistas!

  • John Galt III

    Merry Christmas to all.

    In Calgary,AB this week where it will be -14C to -30C

  • Julie near Chicago

    Merry Christmas to the all the wonderful folks aboard the good ship Samizdata!

    I love roast duck, Perry. Eat a special portion in my name, please. other rob, I’m sure you’ll be delighted to contribute some of your parsnips to my feast. Laird, next year come up here to roast the goose.

    And may the Great Frog bless us, every one!

  • Snorri Godhi

    Merry Christmas!

  • the other rob

    Would you like some roast sprouts, potatoes, radishes or carrots to go with the parsnips, Julie?

    We had given up on finding a goose, as none of the stores that we tried had or could get one and had bought a duck as plan B. Then we went to the Natural Grocers, for something else and found that they had three left. Better, with less that two days until Christmas they were marked down 50%, to just $3.99 a pound. Result!

    So there’s a spare duck in Texas, Laird, if the Mrs changes her mind. Though Elon Musk may be the only man who could get it to you in time…

  • Clovis Sangrail

    And the same good wishes to you and yours, Perry.

  • Julie near Chicago

    The sprouts, taters, and carrots would all be most welcome, o.r. As long as there is plenty of butter for them. :>)))

    After I left home, having spent 18 of The Best Years of My Life weeding radishes in our 800-acre family garden (oh, it MUST have been at least 800 acres! Especially when you are 5 years old and can’t even see the road from the far end of the garden), I’ve skipped the Glorious Radish. Although I will say that (red) radishes are quite a pretty veg, if that matters. :>))

    And if you really can’t use that duck ….

  • Texas Pete

    Jalapeños. Everything is better with Jalapeños.

  • tossed

    Julie. Good call on the radishes. They were far from good and got tossed, even as their vegetable brethren were being refrigerated.

    As to the spare duck, we’ll be happy to roast it for you, whenever you feel like flying down here.

  • the other rob

    I’m not sure how my handle got replaced by a random word from my post. Something to do with stupid cellphones, I’m sure and nothing at all to do with the Laphroaig.

    If this doesn’t make sense, have no fear. It will once the comment that’s awaiting moderation appears.

  • bobby b

    “If this doesn’t make sense, have no fear. It will once the comment that’s awaiting moderation appears.”

    If I had to choose a personal motto, I doubt I could do better than this two-sentence blurb.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Never mind, o.r. I’m sure the Laphroaig was worth it. 😀

    (How the heck do you pernonce that? “La-Frog”? Never mind. Have another. It’s still Christmas in Texas. :mrgreen: )

  • Edward

    Perry, may you and all Samizdatistas have a very Merry Christmas!

    We’re having Pheasant Smetana here. Been our regular Christmas dish for nearly fifty years.

  • I see no comment awaiting moderation. Just how much Laphroaig are we talking about? 😆🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃

  • the other rob

    Very good, Perry! Not that much, sadly, as I have to work today.

  • While duck is not to my taste, the idea of using it with a leaner (dryer) meat may offset my reluctance of eating waterfowl, to wit, their nasty greasy nature. However, it does look quite tasty, Mr. De Havilland. Perhaps my distaste of duck and other waterfowl meats has more to do with improper preparation than the animal in question.

    As for the shot, well, that is part of the preparation of the game, be it waterfowl in the pond or deer in the woods.

    I will look down at my sous-vide then grilled flank steak, my favorite cut, and contemplate the whisky and peppercorn sauce as a condiment that is perhaps too strident for my steak, but delicious nonetheless. The side is fingerling potatoes, salted and buttered, along with peas-a-la-refrigerator, radiated in the microwave until tender, said peas being not in season but kept timeless by that miracle of science.

    And for refreshment, rum, with tropical punch, as rum is not associated with egg in my house. Again to each his own – I cast no dispersion on those that like their egg nogged, or some such. I merely keep with Naval tradition that rum is for punch, or for sipping neat in the more extravagant varieties.

    Merry Christmas to all, and a… whatever the greeting is… Boxing Day to those in the Commonwealth countries.

  • bobby b

    For my part, we did several venison tenderloins in the sous vide for 15 hours and then seared them on the grill, four drambuie pheasants, a couple of C-geese (just the breasts, seared in slices, with apples), and the obligatory turkey.

    I suppose I should have invited company . . .